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February 15, 2010


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COME ON NO RELIGION IS PERFECT, How can all Jews become enemy of this guy for the alledge crimes.

The Torah says that we should ahava yisrael, even if they are criminals, thanks to Hashem there was no blogs or internet in Moses time. Him himself being a murderer!


Ohh come on the Rabbi knew him, they dislike what he was doing see this article about this man:


They knew him, he had a radio program and use to buy his meat from chabad.

Why they did not denounce him?

Mr. Apikorus

Actually, Shama Lama Ding Dong, the article says quite the opposite: To the extent it mentions Puello's "Jewishness," it says the Santa Domingo Jewish community barely knew of him.

*Not to be confused with Rama Lama Ding Dong


chabad has to give fake jews like him the benefit of the doubt. It is to their credit if they let him participate in their programs in the DR.
This guy is a just a rogue Papi Jewlo. I dont think any rabbinical Jewish organization, religous or non-religous is to blame for this guys actions.


Gee, and we wonder how McCarthy got started.

Yonkel DoDo

Sad but that area is known for trafficking humans threw around the world.

Yes Chabad says they did not know him but none asked the Rabbi the the question by his Jewish name?

Anyway the right people know the truth if Chabad knew him and donations?

Chabad is so innocent worldwide only to a fool. Many have been that.


i heard the guy was honest until he converted to judaism. as soon as he put on the yarmulke, he got this weird impulse to traffic in humans, to claim he was a lawyer and to start ponzi schemes.




If only we could get this guy's "conversion" nullified....

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