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Comment by Simple Jew on “U.S. v. Gorodetsky (And Rabkin)

B"H smile! No it is not possible. The feds destroyed Agri by bankrupting the going business. ...

Comment by . on “Runge Pleads Guilty

From A Message from Wendy Thursday February 17, 2011 9:10 AM By Wendy Runge My dear...

Comment by Isa on “Wendy Weiner Runge's Supporters Say Her Crime Was A "Clerical Error"

Shymara: """"But unlike Rubashkin, Runge is not rich and she does not have an entire hasidic mov...

Comment by Isa on “Journalist Arrested For Child Porn, Seducing Minors Online

Here is another example of an idiot who does not know about I.P. addressing. The trolls here who...
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