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Comment by Shmarya on “Video: Rebbetzin Chaya Mussia Schneerson's Court Deposition

Dear Shmarya, I am surprised that you quote from Bryan Mark Rigg's book without indicating a bre...

Comment by rebeljew on “The Truth About Yud Beis Tammuz”

The last line requires clarity: "As Bryan Mark Rigg has shown, the Rayatz tried very hard to save...

Comment by Fleishike Kishke on “"He Was A Moral Failure" – The 6th Lubavitcher Rebbe And The Holocaust”

I've read Bryan Mark Rigg's book two times. He went to extreme lengths to let Lubavitch make thei...

Comment by Shmarya on “Chabad Disrupts Sharon NYC Speech – Sharon "False Messiah","Asshole" – "Shame On You Sharon"”

Try actually reading the referenced posts. As historian Bryan Mark Rigg as shown, the Frierdiker ...
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