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Comment by Ban Ami on “Ami Magazine Uses Nazi Imagery Implying Obama, US Government Are Antisemitic

It's high time the general Jewish community expressed its outrage at these unethical sophists. ...

Comment by disillusioned on “Claim: Eidah Charedis Behind Offensive Pro-Extremist Demonstration And Endorses Violence

In May, 2011 Ami magazine wrote a cover story about a man named Chanoch Wisner, a former navy sea...

Comment by Deremes on “Jewish Newspaper Proposes Obama's Assassination

++We should all certainly strongly condemn Adler's column and Ami Magazine, and we should certain...

Comment by moshy on “Oorah Loses

ami magazine photo shops the white house with nazi swastika flags it might be illegal here is the...

Comment by moshy on “Publisher Of Ami Magazine Lies About Photo Manipulation On National Radio

Who is Ami Magazine i never heard of them i heard of Mishpacha and binah but never saw or heard o...

Comment by jewishwhistleblower on “Unmolested

>he then called a meeting with the >leaders of Agudath Israel, the leading >ultra-Orthodox organi...

Comment by Jeff on “Publisher Of Ami Magazine Lies About Photo Manipulation On National Radio

He said this with his wife, Ami Magazine's editor, by his side live on national radio. Good thi...

Comment by moshy on “UPDATED: The Skvere Rebbe Speaks Again – But Is He Telling The Truth?

How can vin say that they will have the inerbiew 'exclusively' on Sunday when it will already be ...
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