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August 24, 2015: How The Ancient Hebrews Viewed The Universe
Comments: 58 | Categories: History , Religion, Religion & State , Torah & Science
“And God said, Let there be a firmament in the midst of the waters, and let it divide the waters from the waters. And God made the firmament, and divided the waters which were under the firmament from the waters...

May 20, 2015: Is This The Real Reason Many Jews And Muslims Don't Eat Pork?
Comments: 19 | Categories: History , Religion, Religion & State , Science , Torah & Science
The chicken…provided Middle Eastern populations with a more efficient protein resource [than pork]. Pigs became a redundant animal in the subsistence system, but they were not entirely replaced. “Indeed, contrary to expectations based on the religious prohibition of the pig,...

April 1, 2015: Haredi City Councilman Makes Sure Jerusalem Water Is…Kosher For Passover
Comments: 22 | Categories: Haredim , Israel , Kosher Scandal , Religion, Religion & State , Torah & Science
Haredim believe Jerusalem’s regular water supply, which comes from Israel’s national water carrier, has hametz (leavened bread or other leavened ingredients) in it. Haredi City Councilman Makes Sure Jerusalem Water Is…Kosher For Passover Shmarya Rosenberg • FailedMessiah.com Ashkenazi haredi Jerusalem...

March 20, 2015: Prehistoric Stone Tools Found In Israel Bear 500,000-Year-Old Animal Residue
Comments: 12 | Categories: History , Israel , Science , Torah & Science
Sound faintly biblically familiar? Some 2.5 million years ago, early humans survived on a paltry diet of plants. As the human brain expanded, however, it required more substantial nourishment — namely fat and meat — to sustain it. This drove...

March 14, 2015: Nearly 70% Of Evangelicals Do Not View Religion, Science As Being In Conflict, New Study Finds – But What About Haredim?
Comments: 6 | Categories: Haredim , Religion, Religion & State , Science , Torah & Science
However, Jews taken as a unified group (42%), Muslims, Buddhists and Hindus (52% together as a group) and the nonreligious (47%) are more interested in new scientific discoveries than evangelicals (22%) are. But what would happen if haredim – or...

February 26, 2015: She's Baaaack!
Comments: 30 | Categories: Haredim , Religion, Religion & State , Torah & Science
Want an evil eye removed? Hoping for some medieval lead poring to scope out your future? Jerusalem-based haredi Rebeitzin Aidel Miller is back in New York seeking to do incantations and the like for you – at very modern prices,...

February 6, 2015: The Real Truth Behind Animal Sacrifice And Kosher Slaughter
Comments: 3 | Categories: History , Religion, Religion & State , Science , Torah & Science
The ancient Israelites believed that an animal's life-force was contained in its blood and that offering that blood to God was necessary if the animal was to sacrificed and eaten. But many other cultures have similar types of ancient beliefs...

February 5, 2015: In New York State, Religious Schools – Mostly Haredi Yeshivas – Lead In Vaccine Opt-Outs, Endangering Thousands
Comments: 16 | Categories: Haredim , Med-Ethics, Public Health , Religion, Religion & State , Science , Torah & Science
All schoolchildren must be immunized against measles in New York, unless they have a religious or medical exemption. Vaccination compliance is generally quite high — New York City estimates that on average the immunization rate is 97 percent — but...

February 1, 2015: Video: Scientists Offer To Subsidize Religious Seminaries' Science Education; 90% Reportedly Reject Offer
Comments: 23 | Categories: Science , Skepticism , Torah & Science
The American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) is offering two-year grants to ten religious seminaries that have agreed to incorporate more science into the teaching of theology and religious studies. 250 seminaries were approached with the offer. 225...

January 2, 2015: When Torah Clashes With Science And Truth
Comments: 44 | Categories: Haredim , Science , Torah & Science
What happens when a haredi magazine makes what should have been an innocent joke, but that joke is based on scientific fact – not haredi myth? This:

October 26, 2014: Don't Worry About Climate Change, Agudath Israel's Spokesman Says, Study Torah And Do Mitzvos And Everything Will Be Just Fine
Comments: 30 | Categories: Haredim , Religion, Religion & State , Torah & Science
"…Enviro-zealots are convinced that the current climate change signals the end of the world (or, at least, the destruction of the world as we know it), and that humanity is at fault for the impending doom (and has the power...

October 21, 2014: Haredi Rabbi Threatens To Void Conversion Done By Modern Orthodox Rabbi Unless Modern Orthodox Rabbi Swears Universe Is Only 5,775 Years Old
Comments: 65 | Categories: Haredim , MO & Chardal , Torah & Science
"…A good friend of mine (an upstanding Orthodox rabbi of an Orthodox congregation) was recently informed by a charedi rabbi that a conversion he had performed several decades ago was to be invalidated unless he would declare under oath that...

June 2, 2014: “We Decided Not To Be Afraid Of Doing What’s Right” – Israel’s Public Middle Schools Will Finally Teach Evolution
Comments: 53 | Categories: Israel , MO & Chardal , Religion, Religion & State , Science , Torah & Science
“It’s true that some people try to put religious belief and scientific belief in opposition to each other, but I don’t think there’s any reason for them to be in competition or to undermine each other. I don’t think the...

March 31, 2014: England Will Not Allow Haredi Schools To Censor Out Test Questions On Evolution
Comments: 11 | Categories: Crime, Litigation, etc. , Haredim , Religion, Religion & State , Science , Torah & Science
Great Britain’s school testing overseer has ruled that schools – even haredi yeshivas – will not be allowed to screen out exam questions which contradict their religious beliefs. Rabbi Avrohom Pinter of the Yesody HaTorah girls school, London England Will...

February 15, 2014: Does It Matter That The Torah Told Stories That Are Apparently Not True?
Comments: 83 | Categories: History , Israel , Torah & Science
"Camels are mentioned as pack animals in the biblical stories of Abraham, Joseph, and Jacob. But archaeologists have shown that camels were not domesticated in the Land of Israel until centuries after the Age of the Patriarchs (2000-1500 BCE). In...

February 5, 2014: Video: Creationism v. Science, The Debate
Comments: 17 | Categories: Science , Torah & Science
Bill Nye ("The Science Guy") debates creationist Ken Ham (founder of the Creation Museum). If you believe your rabbis and want to continue believing them, don't watch this video. This is a video made of the complete live stream of...

January 25, 2014: Ancient Tablet Says ‘Noah’s Ark’ Was Round
Comments: 19 | Categories: History , Torah & Science
The tablet’s ark is a huge circular coracle or round boat, 38,750 square feet in dimension and was supposed to be made “like a giant rope basket strengthened with wooden ribs, and waterproofed with bitumen inside and out” – a...

December 29, 2013: Haredi Museum Will To Close Due To Lack Of Funds, Rabbi-Owner Says
Comments: 27 | Categories: Haredim , History , Torah & Science
Borough Park’s Torah Animal World museum, which claims to have a stuffed version of every animal mentioned in the Torah – except one – is closing due to financial problems. Haredi Museum Will To Close Due To Lack Of Funds,...

October 14, 2013: Another Nobel Prize To Jews Due To The Merit Of Torah Study, Zionist Orthodox Nobel Prize Winner Mistakenly Claims
Comments: 7 | Categories: MO & Chardal , Religion, Religion & State , Torah & Science
“Torah study is an intellectual pursuit and honoring this ultimate value transfers to other pursuits as well. King Chizkiyahu and the Jewish People were saved from Sanchariv only because of limud Torah. Jewish homes are full of seforim while other...

October 8, 2013: Your Female Ancestors Were Almost Certainly Non-Jews, New Study Finds
Comments: 29 | Categories: History , Science , Torah & Science
“Thus the great majority of Ashkenazi maternal lineages were not brought from the Levant, as commonly supposed,” Dr. Richards and colleagues conclude in their paper. Overall, at least 80 percent of Ashkenazi maternal ancestry comes from women indigenous to Europe,...

September 17, 2013: The Jewish Genome Challenge
Comments: 11 | Categories: History , Science , Torah & Science
Controversial geneticist Eran Elhaik has challenged other scientists to a "Jewish Genome Challenge" meant to show that claims made by these other scientists of identifiable Jewish genetic ancestry stretching back to early biblical times are false. Eran Elhaik, Ph.D. writes:...

May 7, 2013: Did YU's Harry Ostrer Cook The Genetic Books To Support False Findings Of Ashkenazi Jews Origins?
Comments: 95 | Categories: History , MO & Chardal , Science , Torah & Science
An Israeli researcher alleges that a Yeshiva University professor manipulated data to reach the “false” conclusion that Ashkenazi Jews have a predominantly Middle Eastern genetic origin when in fact their genetic signature is predominantly from the Caucus region of northeast...

March 5, 2013: Religious Schools Cannot Fire Single Teachers Who Are Pregnant Through In Vitro Fertilization, Israeli Labor Court Rules
Comments: 6 | Categories: Israel , MO & Chardal , Religion, Religion & State , Torah & Science , Women & Judaism
“When the values of the defendant and its desire to preserve these values are pitted against a teacher who is not committing an act of protest but simply wants to realize her right to parenthood, the desire of the teacher...

February 25, 2013: When A Rebbe Banned Modern Medicine, Science, Secular Education And Zionism
Comments: 77 | Categories: Chabad & Holocaust , Chabad Anti-Zionism , Haredim , History , Religion, Religion & State , Torah & Science
The pre-WW2 Munkatcher Rebbe vehemently opposed any secular education for Jews. He also opposed modern medicine and science and, along with the fifth and sixth Lubavticher Rebbes and the Stamar Rebbe, were the leading anti-Zionists of their era. (Lubavitch, Muncatch...

January 17, 2013: New Genetic Study Reportedly Proves Khazar Ancestry For Ashkenazi Jews
Comments: 76 | Categories: History , Science , Torah & Science
Ashkenazi Jews are a mix of genetic ancestries, far more of which than previously thought originating in tribes from the Caucasus – a region that sits in between Eastern Europe and Asia between the Black and the Caspian seas. Those...

December 30, 2012: New Study Shows YU Researcher, Others Appear To Have Cooked The Genetic Books To ‘Prove' Middle Eastern Origin Of The Jewish People When One May Not Really Exist
Comments: 154 | Categories: History , Science , Torah & Science
"The various groups of Jews in the world today do not share a common genetic origin. We are talking here about groups that are very heterogeneous and which are connected solely by religion…[the] genome of European Jews is a mosaic...

August 21, 2012: Haredi Mayor To Block Non-Haredi Visits To Archaeological Site In Bid To Prevent Haredim From Hearing “False Opinions”
Comments: 25 | Categories: Bans & Censorship , Haredim , Israel , Torah & Science
Modi'in Ilit's Mayor Yaakov Gutterman told the haredi newspaper Yated Ne’eman last week that the site, which is believed to be an agricultural village from the Second Temple period, "will operate according to the doctrines of our forefathers, according to...

May 30, 2012: Haredim Following Medieval Islam Into The Abyss
Comments: 44 | Categories: Bans & Censorship , Haredim , Torah & Science , Web/Tech
700 years ago, Islam was a dominant global force. It had conquered parts of Europe. It had scientific knowledge more advanced than Europe and a literacy rate that was higher than Europe. But then something changed. What was it, what...

May 29, 2012: Haredim Allegedly Destroy 1,600 Year Old Synagogue Mosaic Floor
Comments: 72 | Categories: Crime, Litigation, etc. , Haredim , Israel , Torah & Science
Vandals seriously damaged a rare 1,600-year-old synagogue mosaic floor in Tiberias, smashing parts to rubble and scrawling graffiti, Israel Antiquities Authority officials said tody. Experts suspect extremist haredim who object, sometimes violently, to excavations they claim involve ancient grave sites...

May 7, 2012: Zimbabwe's Black Jews
Comments: 16 | Categories: History , Torah & Science
DNA evidence has proven that parts of the Lemba tribe came from the Middle East to Zimbabwe thousands of years ago, where some members still observe Jewish traditions. They are Jews by genes and culture – but they are still...

November 2, 2011: Rabbi Natan Slifkin: The Making Of Post-Haredism
Comments: 139 | Categories: Bans & Censorship , Haredim , MO & Chardal , Religion, Religion & State , Torah & Science
"Seven years ago, three of my books were banned by three dozen leading rabbis from the haredi rabbinic establishment in Israel and the US. This was due to my Maimonidean approach to resolving conflicts between Torah and science – that...

October 11, 2011: Haredim Should Study Science, Renegade Haredi Rabbi Says
Comments: 24 | Categories: Haredim , Israel , Sefardim , Torah & Science
Generations upon generations proved that we can have it both ways. The greatest rabbis in history mastered the sciences as well and made a great impression on the world. There is no shortage of examples: Rabbi Levi Ben Gershon (Gersonides),...

October 10, 2011: Haredi Fringe Group Works Borough Park
Comments: 63 | Categories: Haredim , Homophobia and its Discontents , Torah & Science
The haredi fringe group JPAC puts its signs in sukkas in Borough Park. The JPAC people have created at least one unwelcoming sukka in Borough Park. Note the sign that says homosexuality is worse than murder. That moronic statement is...

October 7, 2011: Haredi Fringe Group Protests In Crown Heights
Comments: 21 | Categories: Chabad , Haredim , Kosher Scandal , Torah & Science
JPAC brought its homophobia and right wing politics to Crown Heights, where it protested anti-kapparot protesters with signs accusing "white liberals" of supporting the "murder of black babies". Keith writes: At the Crown Heights Kaparot protest earlier tonight, I finally...

October 3, 2011: It Only Gets Worse
Comments: 92 | Categories: Haredim , Homophobia and its Discontents , Kosher Scandal , Religion, Religion & State , Torah & Science
Fringe haredi group: "SHAME ON WHITE LIBERALS WHO OPPOSE HUMANS WHO EAT MEAT YET SUPPORT THE MURDER OF BLACK BABIES THROUGH ABORTIONS." A previous JPAC demonstration The fringe haredi group JPAC sent me the following email yesterday, all bold and...

September 27, 2011: Haredi Anti-Evolution, Anti-Gay Protesters
Comments: 59 | Categories: Haredim , Homophobia and its Discontents , Outreach , Torah & Science
Haredi anti-evolution and anti-gay protesters staged another offensive demonstration on Manhattan's Upper West Side today. JPAC, a small haredi organization that specializes in idiotic and offensive demonstrations staged another one today on Manhattan's Upper West Side, angering residents, drawing police...

September 21, 2011: Anti-Evolution Haredim On 76th And Broadway
Comments: 42 | Categories: Haredim , Torah & Science
"As I was walking by west 76 st and Broadway on the upper west side of manhattan, I noticed this wacky site. Black hatted guys standing around discussing evolution with non jews telling them how its a fraud. On top...

September 20, 2011: "Haredi" Anti-Evolution "Exhibit" Opens Tomorrow On NYC's Upper West Side
Comments: 112 | Categories: Haredim , Religion, Religion & State , Torah & Science
"Wednesday afternoon on the upper westside on Manhattan,home to New yorks largest secular Jewish community will witness a scene never seen anywhere before. Young Chareidi activists will display stuffed animals with their babys and cubs to proove evolution is a...

September 9, 2011: Haredi Torah Archaeology Conference "Shatters" "Taboo"
Comments: 21 | Categories: Haredim , History , Israel , Torah & Science
In the heart of ultra-Orthodox Jerusalem two weeks ago, an unwritten taboo was shattered in broad daylight: The first haredi conference on "Torah archaeology" - having been boldly advertised in the Haredi daily Hamodia, and approved by several leading rabbis...

July 17, 2011: A Post About Evolution And Religion
Comments: 129 | Categories: Religion, Religion & State , Science , Torah & Science
An Austrian court granted an atheist the right to declare himself a "pastafarian" who belongs to the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster and have his drivers license photo taken while wearing a pasta strainer on head. The story, and...

July 11, 2011: Annals of Hasidic Folly
Comments: 22 | Categories: Haredim , Med-Ethics, Public Health , Torah & Science
The story of how a hasidic rebbe's anti-modernity animus caused the deaths of many of his followers – and of himself. From YIVO's Encyclopedia of Jews in Eastern Europe: …The maskilim [followers of the Enlightenment], who supported religious modernization and...

July 7, 2011: Orthodox Warn Australia Of Massive Earthquake If Anti-Ritual Slaughter Measures Passed
Comments: 28 | Categories: Chabad , Haredim , MO & Chardal , Religion, Religion & State , Torah & Science
Only 9 days after the Sunday Age gave front-page coverage to an ignorant and biased anti-Shechita campaign, most of the city and environs felt a 'heavenly jolt' which they claim is a forewarning of what may happen if anti-Shechita laws...

June 29, 2011: Who Wrote The Bible?
Comments: 88 | Categories: History , Israel , Religion, Religion & State , Science , Torah & Science
Stunning new Israeli software, part of the sub-field of artificial intelligence, analyzes style and word choices to distinguish parts of a single text written by different authors, and when applied to the Bible its algorithm teased out distinct writerly voices...

June 24, 2011: An Ultra-Orthodox Foray Into Genetics
Comments: 20 | Categories: Bigotry & Racism , Haredim , Israel , Jewish Leadership , MO & Chardal , Religion, Religion & State , Science , Sefardim , Torah & Science , Xenophobia
In the seemingly never-ending battle over who can and who can not perform conversions to Judaism the State of Israel will recognize, an Sefardic ultra-Orthodox government minister ventures to genetics to explain why ultra-Orthodox Jewish law must determine conversion issues....

May 8, 2011: Forgetting We Were Once Fish
Comments: 71 | Categories: Science , Torah & Science
It may seem strange that humans have evolved from fish, but the evidence can be found not just in fossils but also within our own bodies – especially our faces. Anatomical clues to human evolution from fish Dr Michael Mosley...

November 16, 2010: Chief Rabbis Call Day Of Fasting And Prayer For Rain
Comments: 30 | Categories: Haredim , Israel , Torah & Science
Israel’s chief rabbis are calling on the public to pray for rain, and declared this Thursday a special day of fasting and prayer to atone for the sins they believe are preventing the direly needed rainfall. Chief rabbis call for...

November 5, 2010: Despite Objections, Government Funds Torah And Science Classes
Comments: 4 | Categories: Israel , MO & Chardal , Torah & Science
The program, funded by the Science and Technology Ministry, is drawing fire from academic quarters for not being science based. Israel funds courses on ties between Jewish law and science Program, funded by the Science and Technology Ministry, is drawing...

October 23, 2010: Letter from Colorado: Haredim Are Wrong – Science Is Relevant To Judaism
Comments: 26 | Categories: Haredim , Torah & Science
Instead of seeing challenges or modern scientific and technological advances as something that can be used for its own advantage, the haredi community tries to shut out any modern thinking. Don’t lie: Science is relevant to Judaism Instead of seeing...

October 5, 2010: We Need Morality Without God, Scientist Says
Comments: 25 | Categories: Pedophilia & Related Crimes , Science , Torah & Science
Author Sam Harris says morality can be better achieved through science than through religion, and uses the epidemic of religious child sexual abuse as an example of what goes wrong when religion, rather than science, dominates a society. The Daily...

October 5, 2010: Orthodox Scientist Fired Because Of His Remarks On Evolution And Climate Change
Comments: 110 | Categories: Israel , MO & Chardal , Religion, Religion & State , Torah & Science
"If textbooks state explicitly that human beings' origins are to be found with monkeys, I would want students to pursue and grapple with other opinions. There are many people who don't believe the evolutionary account is correct." Chief scientist who...



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