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October 23, 2014: Haredi Soldier Attacked By Haredi Mob In Jerusalem Synagogue, Police Take 15 Minutes To Respond
Comments: 19 | Categories: Crime, etc. , Haredim , Israel , Religion
Haredi rioters broke a window of the synagogue in an attempt to break in, beat up the haredi soldier and drag him outside as the soldier and his friends waited inside for police, who took 15 minutes to come. Above:...

October 23, 2014: British Government Threatens To Close Dirty, Dangerous Satmar Hasidic School
Comments: 14 | Categories: Child Safety , Crime, etc. , Haredim , Religion
The British government has threatened to close the Satmar hasidic movement’s Talmud Torah Yetev Lev, one of the largest hasidic schools in London. Above: Satmar school children in Monroe, NY (file photo) British Government Threatens To Close Dirty, Dangerous Satmar...

October 23, 2014: Ouote Of The Day: Israel's Selfish, Self-Serving Prime Minister And Haredim
Comments: 2 | Categories: Haredim , Israel , MO & Chardal , Religion
“When the haredim are in the coalition the kashrut system continues to be corrupt, and Shabbat is what it is now, and there’s religious coercion, and marriage and divorce are in their current state. But when that the same situation...

October 21, 2014: Again: Haredim Refuse To Sit Next To People Of Opposite Gender, Delay Delta Airlines Flight By More Than One Hour
Comments: 49 | Categories: Haredim , Israel , Religion , Women & Judaism
Because their baggage then had to be located and then removed from the plane’s cargo hold, departure had to be delayed by approximately 75 minutes. Haredim Refuse To Sit Next To People Of Opposite Gender, Delay Delta Airlines Flight By...

October 21, 2014: Jerusalem Has New Chief Rabbis After 11-Year Gap
Comments: 3 | Categories: Haredim , Israel , MO & Chardal , Religion
The results of yesterday’s elections for the two chief rabbis of Jerusalem are in. And one of the new chief rabbis is not haredi. Jerusalem Has New Chief Rabbis After 11-Year Gap Shmarya Rosenberg • FailedMessiah.com The results of yesterday’s...

October 21, 2014: Israel's Chief Rabbis Say Voyeur Rabbi's Conversions Still Valid
Comments: 92 | Categories: Crime, etc. , Haredim , MO & Chardal , Pedophilia & Related Crimes , Religion , Women & Judaism
"After a thorough review of the halacha, the Chief Rabbinate of Israel now announces that all past conversions of rabbi Freundel will not be affected by recent events. They are acknowledged as Jews. Conversions that will be conducted by Freundel...

October 20, 2014: Prime Minister Kills Conversion Reform To Appease Haredim
Comments: 3 | Categories: Haredim , Israel , Religion
In another attempt to try to bring haredi political parties into his coalition government and force out centrist parties, Israel’s right of center Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu told coalition members today that he will not allow conversion reform to go...

October 20, 2014: Haredim Riot, Attack Egged Buses, Smash Windows, Puncture Tires, Enraged Over Women Of The Wall Ads
Comments: 7 | Categories: Crime, etc. , Haredim , Israel , Religion , Women & Judaism
The haredi rioters targeted Women of the Wall ads on the buses, enraged because some of the 12-year-old girls in those ads were wearing yarmulkes (skullcaps) and because female faces were being publicly shown. Haredim Riot, Attack Egged Buses, Smash...

October 20, 2014: Israel’s Chief Rabbis May Rule Rabbi Barry Freundel’s Conversions Invalid
Comments: 37 | Categories: Crime, etc. , Haredim , MO & Chardal , Pedophilia & Related Crimes , Religion , Women & Judaism
“We are appalled by the accusations against Rabbi Barry Freundel and wish to stress that the acts attributed to him are atrocious and strictly against Jewish law. We offer our deepest sympathy to any victims. The Chief Rabbinate of Israel...

October 20, 2014: We Can’t Live With You Any More: Non-Haredi Politicians Demand Beit Shemesh Be Divided Into Two Separate Municipalities, One Haredi, One Not
Comments: 33 | Categories: Haredim , Israel , MO & Chardal , Religion , Turf Disputes
Haredim are staunchly opposed to dividing the city because the vast majority of taxpayers in the city are not haredi, and a haredi-only city carved out of Beit Shemesh would be impoverished. Since their population grew to the point where...

October 14, 2014: More French Jews Allegedly Join Islamic Terror Group
Comments: 12 | Categories: Israel , Religion , Terrorism
A small number of Jews have left France to join ISIS in Syria, a French government official reportedly told Israel’s Channel 2 News today based on French intelligence reports. Many appear to be Jewish converts to Islam. More French Jews...

October 14, 2014: WoW’s Bat Mitzvah Bus Ads Are An Unwanted Provocation, Kotel Rabbi Says
Comments: 10 | Categories: Haredim , Israel , Religion , Women & Judaism
"I regret that there are still those who wish to fan the flames of controversy, and put on an aggressive media campaign. And to our sorrow, the Women of the Wall group is responsible for putting forth an attempt via...

October 14, 2014: Wave Of Anti-Arab Hate Crimes Near Settlement Linked To Extremist Rabbi
Comments: 17 | Categories: Bigotry & Racism , Crime, etc. , Israel , MO & Chardal , Religion , Xenophobia
A mosque was burned and Arab olive trees destroyed in attacks that appear to have been carried out by followers of the late extremist Rabbi Meir Kahane. Above: File photo Wave Of Anti-Arab Hate Crimes Near Settlement Linked To Extremist...

October 14, 2014: A Simchat Torah Warning: You Are What You Drink – Especially If You Are Religious, Study Shows
Comments: 9 | Categories: Crime, etc. , Religion , Science
520 people ranging in age from 21 to 35 received an alcohol or non-alcohol beverage. The more spiritual a person was, the less violent they were – but only when they were given a non-alcoholic drink. But when the subjects...

October 13, 2014: First Jerusalem Public Bus Ads In Years Depicting Women Spark Haredi Outrage And Vandalism
Comments: 10 | Categories: Crime, etc. , Haredim , Israel , Religion , Women & Judaism
Ads depicting women from two organizations haredim love to hate – Women of the Wall and Yerushalmim – have begun to run on public buses in Jerusalem, and haredim have already begun to fight back. Above: The Yerushalmim ad First...

October 13, 2014: Anti-Mikva Video Sparks Outrage
Comments: 9 | Categories: Haredim , Israel , Religion , Women & Judaism
An Israeli nonprofit that works to achieve civil marriage in Israel sparked a wildfire of criticism after it posted a video against state rabbinic control of mikvas (ritual baths) and forced mikva use on its Facebook page. Anti-Mikva Video Sparks...

October 12, 2014: Woman Allegedly Made Homeless By Chabad Charity Allegedly Sexually Assaulted In Chabad’s Main Synagogue – Where She Was Sleeping
Comments: 36 | Categories: Chabad , Crime, etc. , Haredim , Hessed , Pedophilia & Related Crimes , Poverty & Homelessness , Religion , Women & Judaism
A Chabad-Lubavitch organization meant to house and feed hasidim, primarily from Israel and France, who come to Crown Heights, Brooklyn for the month of Tishrei to spend the High Holidays, Sukkot and Shemini Atzeret “with” Chabad’s long-dead rebbe, Rabbi Menachem...

October 12, 2014: Jewish Law Was Cited As A Defense During President Clinton’s Lewinsky Scandal
Comments: 63 | Categories: Halakha , History , Rabbis & Sex , Religion
An email sent to Hillary Clinton’s domestic-policy adviser Ruby Shamir during the Monica Lewinsky scandal in 1999 cites Jewish law as a defense for Clinton’s husband’s sexual encounter with Lewinsky in the Oval Office of the White House. Above: Monica...

October 11, 2014: Study Shows Haredi Community Would Likely Be Almost Extinct – If Not For The Holocaust
Comments: 90 | Categories: Haredim , History , Outreach , Religion
Dr. Michal Shaul found that the haredi community was rapidly shrinking in the decades before the Holocaust and likely would be virtually nonexistent today if the Holocaust had not spurred a rebuilding effort by a few haredi Holocaust survivors who...

October 11, 2014: Haredim Publish Poster Depicting A Haredi IDF Soldier As A Pig, Hamas Puts Poster On Its Twitter Page
Comments: 9 | Categories: Haredim , Israel , Religion
A cartoon poster depicting a haredi IDF solider as a pig holding a volume of the Babylonian Talmud and attempting to lure other haredim into IDF service was posted in haredi neighborhoods of Jerusalem during Sukkot. Updated 12:44 am CDT...

October 8, 2014: Did King David Have An Etrog?
Comments: 43 | Categories: History , Israel , Religion , Science
Did King David wave an etrog on the holiday of Sukkot? Did he ever hold an etrog, see an etrog or even know that a fruit we call "citron" in English even existed? Did King David Have An Etrog? Shmarya...

October 6, 2014: Haredi Cult Allegedly Purchased A 14-Year-Old Girl And Married Her To A Cult Member
Comments: 13 | Categories: Crime, etc. , Extreme Sniut , Haredim , Religion
A 14-year-old girl was allegedly purchased from a matchmaker outside the cult. A newly religious member of the haredi community, she was hired as an au pair by a haredi family in Brooklyn. She was encouraged by that family to...

October 5, 2014: Video: Bill Maher, Atheist Sam Harris, Actor Ben Affleck, The NY Times' Nicholas Kristof, And Former RNC Head Michael Steele Debate Islam And Fundamentalism
Comments: 8 | Categories: Religion
The specific issues Maher, Harris, Affleck, Kristof and Steele argue about have to do with Islam, but the wider issues – especially the tension between fundamentalists (like haredim and many Zionist Orthodox West Bank settlers and their supporters) and non-fundamentalists...

October 5, 2014: Haredim Attack IDF Soldiers In Bnei Brak, Sparking Melee
Comments: 11 | Categories: Crime, etc. , Haredim , Israel , Religion
"About 20 soldiers – including haredi, secular and female officers – passed by the synagogue, probably as part of a [security] tour. Some young people, probably from [Rabbi Shmuel Auerbach’s non-hasidic haredi rebel] Jerusalem faction, began shouting at them 'Hardakim!...

October 5, 2014: How Chabad Really Treats Abuse Victims, Part 2
Comments: 65 | Categories: Chabad , Crime, etc. , Haredim , Pedophilia & Related Crimes , Religion
"I don't defend the Grand Most High Pooh-bah Rebbetzin in any way but I do believe that this was a private email to Lord High Executioner waks [sic], which he chose to publicize. They [child sex abuse victims fighting for...

October 5, 2014: New Square Rabbis: If You're Not A Skvere Hasid, Don't Move Within 1 Mile Of New Square
Comments: 37 | Categories: Bigotry & Racism , Haredim , Religion , Turf Disputes
The rabbis of New Square's beit din (religious court) and the village board issued a public statement in Monsey, New York's local haredi shopper, Community Connections, asking all haredim not to move within one mile of the Village of New...

October 4, 2014: Israel's Prime Minister Deceives About African Asylum Seekers
Comments: 30 | Categories: Bigotry & Racism , Israel , Refugees , Religion
“There is no asylum-seeker problem in Israel – they are illegal job immigrants,” Netanyahu said, adding that Israel has the right to protect its borders. “We don’t have to open our doors to be swamped by the way other people...

October 3, 2014: Video: Live Chicken Kapparot In Israeli Hospital Nursery
Comments: 24 | Categories: Child Safety , Haredim , MO & Chardal , Religion
An actual live chicken was brought intio an Israeli hospital nursery and kapparot was done for one of the babies. Neonates have very immature immune systems, and this unnecessarily exposed babies to disease.

October 2, 2014: Haredim Defy Government Ban, Slaughter Chickens On Public Streets
Comments: 16 | Categories: Crime, etc. , Haredim , Israel , Kosher Scandal , Religion
Hundreds of haredim have taken to the streets of Jerusalem for the kapparot ritual involving the slaughter of chickens, defying a government ban on practicing it in public. The AFP reports: Hundreds of ultra-Orthodox Jews have taken to the streets...

October 2, 2014: Large Traditional Sefardi Families, Illiteracy, Shocked Former Israeli PM
Comments: 10 | Categories: Bigotry & Racism , Israel , Religion , Sefardim
“There’s another truth that’s not pleasant to mention…And though I didn’t ask them, I’d bet my head they can’t read or write. They’re at an age where they could have another 10 children…The man said to me, ‘You see, we...

October 1, 2014: Haredi Rabbi Becomes So Agitated Over Kosher Food Turf Dispute, He Needed Medical Attention
Comments: 13 | Categories: Haredim , Israel , Kosher Business? , Kosher Scandal , Religion , Sefardim
A Sefardi haredi chief rabbi in an Israeli city reportedly became so agitated and upset today at his Ashkenazi haredi counterpart and at staffers that staff had to call for medical help to calm him down and prevent violence. Yeshiva...

September 29, 2014: Tense Vote Scheduled For Tuesday In Bloomingburg
Comments: 7 | Categories: Haredim , MO & Chardal , Religion , Turf Disputes
The tiny Village of Bloomingburg in eastern Sullivan County, New York will vote tomorrow on a referendum to dissolve and merge the 420-person village with the adjoining Town of Mamakating, allegedly to prevent a Satmar hasidic takeover. Tense Vote Scheduled...

September 29, 2014: Israel Farmers Association Threatens To Refuse To Sell To IDF Over Haredi Shmita Accommodation
Comments: 7 | Categories: Haredim , Israel , Religion
The Israel Farmers Association threatened to refuse to sell produce to the IDF until the IDF clearly explains its new policy on observance of shmita, the biblically ordained sabbatical year in which all land in Israel is supposed to law...

September 28, 2014: Government Tries To Use Coalition Changes To Force Liberal Jewish Movements To Cede More To Haredim
Comments: 10 | Categories: Haredim , Israel , MO & Chardal , Religion , Women & Judaism
The Government of Israel is using Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s effort to bring haredi political parties into the ruling coalition while forcing out the centrist and largely secular Yesh Atid Party to pressure liberal Jewish religious leaders to accept slightly...

September 28, 2014: Hasidic IDF Soldier From Extremist Yeshiva Arrested For Telling Border Police To Disobey Orders
Comments: 5 | Categories: Bigotry & Racism , Chabad , Crime, etc. , Israel , MO & Chardal , Religion
Ariel Zilber told Border Police to disobey their orders and leave the extremist Od Yosef Chai Yeshiva. He was videoed doing this and, once the IDF saw the video, Zilber was arrested – as he tried to leave the country...

September 28, 2014: Haredi Anti-Cult And Missionary Org Allegedly Refuses To Help Secular Israelis Lured Into Haredi Cults
Comments: 3 | Categories: Chabad , Haredim , Religion , Women & Judaism
If it's haredi, does this mean it cannot be a cult? Yad L'Achim was started by a Chabad-Lubavitch hasid, Rabbi Sholom Ber Lifshitz, who studied in non-haredi yeshivas and who was close to Chabad's rebbe and to non-haredi leaders. Now...

September 27, 2014: Breslov Rabbis: Stay Away From Uman Immodest Women!
Comments: 51 | Categories: Haredim , Religion , Women & Judaism
An association of Breslov hasidic rabbis and the “Uman Holiness Guard,” Beslov’s modesty patrol in Uman, Ukraine, issued an announcement before Rosh Hashana asking all women to stay away from the grave of Rabbi Nachman of Breslov. Breslov Rabbis: Stay...

September 24, 2014: Anti-Zionist Haredi Leader Lists “Evil Decrees” Haredim Must Fight To Please God
Comments: 17 | Categories: Haredim , Israel , Religion
On the first night Ashkenazim begin to say the slichot (penitential) prayers that statrt being recited the week before Rosh Hashana, the #2 rabbi in the virulently anti-Zionist haredi umbrella organization Edah Hareidit, Rabbi Moshe Sternbuch, spoke to haredi yeshiva...

September 23, 2014: Lev Tahor Girls Flee Foster Family, Escape Canada For The US
Comments: 3 | Categories: Child Safety , Crime, etc. , Haredim , Religion
The Lev Tahor haredi cult allegedly helped two of its children remanded to foster care to flee Canada for the US – and New York State is allegedly allowing the girls to live with their father in New York. Above:...

September 23, 2014: By A Large Majority, Israelis Fed Up With State-Mandated Religion
Comments: 3 | Categories: Haredim , Israel , MO & Chardal , Religion
The 2014 Religion and State Index demonstrates growing public support for freedom of religion and equality in Israel. In addition to surveying Israeli public opinion on core issues surrounding Israel's religion and state conflict, (marriage, conversion, equality in sharing the...

September 22, 2014: High Court Rules Israel’s Detention Of African Asylum Seekers Is Illegal And Must Stop
Comments: 18 | Categories: Bigotry & Racism , Israel , Religion , Xenophobia
Israel’s High Court of Justice ordered government to close the Holot detention facility for African asylum-seekers within 90 days and it voided an amendment to Israel’s Anti-Infiltration Law, passed by the Knesset nine months ago. That amendment allowed Israel to...

September 22, 2014: Bloomingburg: Modern Orthodox Developer’s Proxies File Federal Civil Rights Lawsuit Against Tiny Village, Claiming Anti-Semitism
Comments: 5 | Categories: Antisemitism , Crime, etc. , Haredim , Religion , Turf Disputes
Shalom Lamm-affiliated businesses, organizations and individuals have filed a $25 million federal lawsuit against the Village of Bloomingburg, the adjoining Town of Mamakating, Bloomingburg Mayor Frank Gerardi, Mamakating Supervisor Bill Herrmann, and Holly Roche of the Rural Community Coalition. The...

September 21, 2014: 2 Lev Tahor Girls Leave Foster Care
Comments: 8 | Categories: Crime, etc. , Haredim , Pedophilia & Related Crimes , Religion
Police refused to provide any further details, other than to say the two girls are safe and refer questions to Chatham-Kent Children's Services for any further comment. All but a handful of cult members have already fled Canada for Guatemala...

September 21, 2014: Government Ups Cost Of Hotels’ Kosher Supervision 30%
Comments: 7 | Categories: Israel , Kosher Scandal , MO & Chardal , Religion
Regulations signed by Religious Services Minister Naftali Bennett of the right-wing Zionist Orthodox HaBayit HaYehudi Party increase by 30% the price each hotel in the country must pay for kosher supervision – despite that fact that tourism slumped due to...

September 20, 2014: Haredim Reportedly Run Roughshod Over Hapless Judge’s Ruling
Comments: 3 | Categories: Haredim , Israel , Religion , Turf Disputes
The wall illegally erected by the haredi-controlled government of the City of Beit Shemesh to divide the secular Languages ​​and Cultures School in two may be gone, but the separation it was meant to enforce – and that judge thought...

September 19, 2014: Prime Minister Tables Conversion Reform Bill To Please Haredim
Comments: 5 | Categories: Haredim , Israel , Religion
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has given in to haredi pressure and tabled the Stern Bill that would have decentralized conversions to Judaism, taking them out of the exclusive province of the haredi-controlled chief rabbinate. Above: Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu Prime...

September 18, 2014: Dozens Of Hasidic Kids Not Enrolled In School Because Rabbis Are Blocking Yeshiva Placements To Hurt Parents, Activist Alleges
Comments: 13 | Categories: Crime, etc. , Haredim , Pedophilia & Related Crimes , Religion
There are allegedly at least 40 hasidic kids between the ages of six and 12 living in Williamsburg and Borough Park, Brooklyn who don't have a yeshiva to go to because rabbis are using yeshiva placement as a club to...

September 18, 2014: Think Eating Apples Dipped In Honey On Rosh Hashana An Ancient Jewish Custom? Think Again.
Comments: 22 | Categories: History , Religion
It turns out most of those 'ancient' Jewish customs most of practice on Rosh Hashana aren't really all that ancient. Here's a brief breakdown of the top few, including when they were first started and what they morphed into. Think...

September 18, 2014: This Day In History: Famous Controversial Rabbi Dies
Comments: 13 | Categories: Haredim , History , Religion
Rabbi Jonathan Eybeschutz fought against the rampant rabbinic corruption of his time, including the sale of rabbinical positions to the highest bidder, and at the same time, he also fought against the Enlightenment, which was taking ever increasing numbers of...

September 18, 2014: Zionist Orthodox Lay Leader Resigns Over Money "Tainted" By – Christians
Comments: 12 | Categories: Bigotry & Racism , Haredim , Israel , MO & Chardal , Poverty & Homelessness , Religion
It’s a canard that refuses to die, a canard illustrates the high level of anti-Christian prejudice still common in the haredi and the right-wing Israeli Zionist Orthodox communities, despite the fact that believing Christians are some of the closest allies...


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