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October 15, 2015: Video: Matisyahu Talks About Leaving Haredi Judaism
Comments: 32 | Categories: Chabad , Haredim , Music , Religion, Religion & State , Skepticism & Former Haredim
He left Chabad in 2007 and the haredi and Orthodox world several years later. Now Matisyahu calls the decision to leave “one of the hardest things I had to go through.”

August 28, 2015: Video: Ladies, Don't Shave Your Heads
Comments: 67 | Categories: Haredim , Music , Women & Judaism
Jewish music superstar Lipa Schmeltzer has a word for women who shave their heads and for the men who rule they must do so. [Hat Tip: Burich.]

August 21, 2015: Matisyahu Will Perform At Festival That Banned Him
Comments: 12 | Categories: Antisemitism , Matisyahu , Music
Matisyahu's appearance at the Rototom SunSplash festival was cancelled early this week after the Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions Movement (BDS) threatened to disrupt the festival if Matisyahu – who is not Israeli – was allowed to perform without first issuing...

August 19, 2015: Music Festival Removes Apparently Anti-Semitic Matisyahu Ban, Re-Invites Jewish Reggae Singer
Comments: 12 | Categories: Antisemitism , Israel , Music , Religion, Religion & State , Skepticism & Former Haredim
A publicly funded Spanish music festival that banned Matisyahu after he refused to comply with a demand from the festival to issue a public statement in support of a Palestinian state has recanted and re-invited the Jewish reggae singer to...

August 17, 2015: Matisyahu Makes Public Statement On Music Festival BDS-Forced Ban
Comments: 37 | Categories: Antisemitism , Israel , Music , Religion, Religion & State , Skepticism & Former Haredim
"The festival organizers contacted me because they were getting pressure from the BDS movement. They wanted me to write a letter, or make a video, stating my positions on Zionism and the Israeli-Palestinian conflict to pacify the BDS people..…it was...

August 16, 2015: Matisyahu Appearance Cancelled After Jewish Singer Refuses To Endorse Palestinian State
Comments: 36 | Categories: Bans & Censorship , Israel , Music , Religion, Religion & State , Skepticism & Former Haredim
The ex-hasidic reggae singer was supposed to perform at the Rototom Sunsplash Reggae Festival on August 22. But his show was cancelled after he refused to release a public statement backing a Palestinian state. Under extreme pressure from the BDS...

August 6, 2015: Video: 16-Year-Old Killed By Haredi Terrorist At Gay Pride Parade Was Talented Classical Pianist
Comments: 20 | Categories: Bigotry & Racism , Crime, Litigation, etc. , Haredim , Homophobia and its Discontents , Israel , Music , Religion, Religion & State , Terrorism
Shira Banki was a student at a prestigious music school in Jerusalem. Here's a video of her performing at a recital in 2009 when she was only 10-years-old.

June 19, 2015: Lipa Schmeltzer Finds Reason In Brain Science For Rabbis' Ban On His Music
Comments: 66 | Categories: Bans & Censorship , Haredim , Music , Religion, Religion & State
"[Brain science has] helped me understand that opposition to my music is not necessarily a religious opinion but a brain condition." Above: Lipa Schmeltzer Lipa Schmeltzer writes in the Jewish Press about the 2008 ban against his music signed by...

March 10, 2015: Matisyahu Talks About His Religious Practice – And Lack Thereof
Comments: 21 | Categories: BTs , Chabad , Haredim , Music , Religion, Religion & State , Skepticism & Former Haredim
Matisyahu was once a Chabad-Lubavitch ba'al teshuva known worldwide as a hasidic reggae singer. Today, Matisyahu is no longer completely frum, as he explains in this new interview. Above: Matisyahu as a Chabad-Lubavitch ba'al teshuva, left; Matisyahu Purim 2015 City...

February 18, 2015: Lipa Schmeltzer Explains Why He Decided To Get Married – And Why He Later Decided To Go To College Without Permission From His Rabbis
Comments: 34 | Categories: Bans & Censorship , Haredim , Music
“When it was time to get married, it was an arranged marriage, took twenty minutes to meet my wife,” he explained. “I had no idea what marriage was all about. All I wanted was a car, and you couldn’t drive...

February 17, 2015: A Musical Interlude
Comments: 13 | Categories: History , Music
Today is Mardis Gras and it's also Black History Month. Jews played a large role in Jazz – the quintessential Black American music form invented in New Orleans just before 1900, from the Jewish family who gave the young teenaged...

December 23, 2014: Joe Cocker Dead At 70
Comments: 13 | Categories: Music
Joe Cocker, the blackest white British soul and rock singer in history, has died of cancer at age 70. Here are videos of some of his most iconic songs, including some from the early years with Leon Russell from the...

December 19, 2014: Flash!!! Free Matisyahu Tickets
Comments: 6 | Categories: Music
Flash! 've got a pair of Matisyahu – Festival of Lights concert tickets to give away for Sunday's show! But you have to respond by 3:30 Eastern Time today for a chance to win. Here's how: To have a chance...

September 13, 2014: City Of Jerusalem Blots Out Lady Gaga Concert Posters
Comments: 21 | Categories: Bans & Censorship , Haredim , Israel , Music , Women & Judaism
Billboards promoting tonight’s Lady Gaga concert in Tel Aviv were plastered over last week with large white stickers in Jerusalem after a city councilman from the Sefardi haredi Shas Party, Nati Lasri, complained the billboards were " abominations" and “immodest.”...

September 12, 2014: Ancient Egyptian Swamp Creature Had Lips Like Mick Jagger
Comments: 6 | Categories: History , Music , Science
Mick Jagger has a new animal named after him. Scientists have named an extinct swamp-dwelling creature that lived 19 million years ago in Africa after the Rolling Stones frontman, in honor of a trait they both share -- their supersized...

August 10, 2014: Husband Of Member Of All-Girl Hasidic Rock Band Longs To See Wife Perform, But Can't
Comments: 11 | Categories: Chabad , Haredim , Music , Women & Judaism
Chanan Maister has gone two years without ever seeing his wife Elisheva, the cellist for the band Bulletproof Stockings, perform live. "It would be really cool to see her perform in front of packed crowds and whatnot…[but] I guess it...

June 29, 2014: Video: Guns N' Roses Lead Guitarist Plays HaTikva
Comments: 6 | Categories: Israel , Music
Ron "Bumblefoot" Thal, the lead guitarist for Guns N' Roses, plays HaTikva, the song that became Israel's national anthem, backstage in Las Vegas earlier this month.

December 4, 2013: Free Matisyahu Tickets – Flash Ticket Giveaway!
Comments: 15 | Categories: Music
I have a pair of Matisyahu tickets to give away. Here's how you can win: I have a pair of tickets to Sunday's Matisyahu's Festival of Light with Kosha Dillz at Webster Hall in NYC. Do you want them? Act...

November 14, 2013: 2 Israeli Singers Investigated For Allegedly Having Sex With Minors
Comments: 7 | Categories: Crime, Litigation, etc. , Israel , Music
Police in Tel Aviv are reportedly investigating an unnamed well-known Israeli singer who has allegedly had sexual relations with a 15-year-old girl several times recently at parties organized by a PR representative. Another singer also allegedly had sex with the...

October 13, 2013: Rabbi Shlomo Carlebach Musical Closes On Broadway After Brief Run
Comments: 8 | Categories: Music
Soul Doctor came to Broadway following engagements in New Orleans and Florida. It began Broadway previews July 17 and officially opened Aug. 15. On closing, Soul Doctor will have played 32 previews and 66 regular performances. Rabbi Shlomo Carlebach Playbill...

May 30, 2013: Rare Video: Seminal Jazz Singer Nina Simone Sings “Eretz Zavat Halav”
Comments: 8 | Categories: Music
Kol Isha alert. The seminal non-Jewish Jazz singer Nina Simone (1933-2003) sings the seminal Israeli folk song Eretz Zavat Halav in the early 1960s – a song she probably learned from Rabbi Shlomo Carlebach, who had performed on the same...

May 29, 2013: Shlomo Carlebach Musical To Open On Broadway
Comments: 17 | Categories: Music
Soul Doctor, the musical about the real-life unconventional Rabbi Shlomo Carlebach, will arrive on Broadway July 17 at Circle in the Square, producers announced today. The late Rabbi Shlomo Carlebach The venerable Broadway theater publication Playbill reports: Soul Doctor, the...

February 14, 2013: Video: Hasidic All-Woman Rock Band Bulletproof Stockings Gets National Exposure
Comments: 10 | Categories: Chabad , Haredim , Music , Women & Judaism
The Chabad hasidic all-woman rock band bulletproof stockings was featured on AOL earlier this week. Unfortunately, to meet the modesty requirements they follow, you don't really get to hear any music. You've Got Bulletproof Stockings If you want to hear...

February 3, 2013: Free Tickets To Matisyahu Concert
Comments: 19 | Categories: Music
I've got a pair of tickets to give away for the Huntington, NY show that is part of Matisyahu's Spark Seeker Acoustic Tour. Here's how you can win. Answer the following question correctly in the comments below by 5 pm...

December 28, 2012: Lipa Schmeltzer Goes To College – And He Wants You To Go, Too
Comments: 72 | Categories: Haredim , Music
“I never got an education other than biblical stuff,” reported Schmeltzer. “I called up someone in New Square and he got me a paper saying I had graduated high school.” Not surprisingly, the registrar at Rockland Community College, a two-year...

December 26, 2012: Matisyahu Talks About Crown Heights, Cutting His Beard, And How Being Hasidic Helped sell His Music
Comments: 19 | Categories: BTs , Chabad , Haredim , Music
"I had moved out of Crown Heights (neighborhood of Brooklyn). I didn't want to confront the people over there. I think that most Hasidic people that I know, that I am actually friends with or that are acquaintances, all say...

December 10, 2012: Video: Y-Love Releases Pro-LGBT Video – In Yiddish
Comments: 27 | Categories: Homophobia and its Discontents , Music
"Since coming out this May, one of the major things that I have felt is an overwhelming sense of wanting to give back to the LGBT community in general and the Jewish LGBT community in particular. Spending most of my...

December 9, 2012: More Free Matisyahu Tickets
Comments: 10 | Categories: Music
I have two more free tickets to Matisyahu's December 15th New York City show. Here's how you can win… Answer the following question correctly. Before 9 pm Eastern Time Sunday December 9th, post your answer as a comment to this...

December 4, 2012: Free Matisyahu Tickets
Comments: 34 | Categories: Music
I have two free tickets to Matisyahu's Port Chester, NY show to give away. Here's how you can win… Originally published on 12-3-2012 at 2:53 pm The oldest known images of the Temple menorah found look most like which picture:...

October 22, 2012: Bulletproof Stockings
Comments: 18 | Categories: Chabad , Haredim , Music
Wolfe wears shear stockings and stiletto heels when she performs, and the duo met with opposition after a suggestive photo of the women posing in front of the Lubavitch World Chabad headquarters at 770 Eastern Parkway in Brooklyn was posted...

September 1, 2012: Video: Haredi Remedial Music Education
Comments: 17 | Categories: Music
Did you grow up in Williamsburg, Crown Heights, Borough Park or Monsey thinking the music your parents let you buy in Eichler's was the be all and end all of great music? If so, have I got a video for...

July 24, 2012: Matisyahu To Perform During Tisha B'Av Fast
Comments: 76 | Categories: BTs , Chabad , Music , Skepticism & Former Haredim
Matisyahu has a scheduled performance in New York City Sunday, during the Tisha B'Av fast commemorating the destruction of the 1st and 2nd Jerusalem Temples. Tisha B'Av is actually Saturday, but the fast is pushed off until Sunday because of...

July 16, 2012: Video: Springsteen And McCartney London Jam Session Abruptly Shut Down By Time Police – A Jerusalem Story Retold
Comments: 18 | Categories: Israel , Music
Bruce Springsteen finished his concert in London's Hyde Park Saturday night with a surprise jam session with former Beatle Sir Paul McCartney. But before the jam session could finish, London authorities shut off the sound, allegedly because the concert had...

June 1, 2012: Haredi Rabbis Lash Out At Madonna
Comments: 26 | Categories: Haredim , Israel , Music
Madonna’s concerts in Israel are “disgraceful,” and she "desecrates" Israel's holy sites, the Israeli haredi publication HaEdah claimed this week. Haredi Rabbis Lash Out At Madonna Shmarya Rosenberg • FailedMessiah.com Madonna’s concerts in Israel are “disgraceful,” the Israeli haredi publication...

May 4, 2012: Leaving The Rebbe For Music
Comments: 18 | Categories: Chabad , Music , Sefardim , Skepticism & Former Haredim
The music duo Wolf ‏+ Lamb duo talk about leaving Orthodoxy and finding their groove. Leaving the Rebbe for a global music career Growing up in religiously observant homes in New York, Zev Eisenberg and Gadi Mizrahi were not exactly...

May 1, 2012: Ex-Hasid Death Metal Band Flourishes – In Crown Heights
Comments: 27 | Categories: Chabad , Haredim , Music , Skepticism & Former Haredim
It was Saturday afternoon, and all through Crown Heights, sleepy heads were nodding. But deep in the basement of a foreclosed row house on Empire Boulevard, a stone’s throw from the seat of the Chabad-Lubavitch sect of Hasidic Judaism from...

March 8, 2012: Matisyahu Goes Blonde
Comments: 37 | Categories: Chabad , Haredim , Music
Matisyahu, the hasidic rapper with bushy beard and sidelocks who shocked fans by shaving it all off last year, has surfaced in Jerusalem with a new bottle-blonde hairdo. Matisyahu before going blonde Jewish rapper Matisyahu goes bottle blonde JERUSALEM (AFP)...

December 14, 2011: Video: Matisyahu Talks About Beard Removal On WNYC
Comments: 29 | Categories: BTs , Chabad , Haredim , Music
Matisyahu explains why he shvaed his beard, and talks about his current feelings about Judaism and about hasidism.

December 8, 2011: The John Lennon Murder In The Eyes Of A Haredi Gadol
Comments: 147 | Categories: Crime, Litigation, etc. , Haredim , Music
Today is the 31st yartzeit (anniversary of the murder) of John Lennon, the former Beatle who, with songwriting partner Paul McCartney, changed the face of rock and pop music. Lennon was murdered in NYC 31 years ago today, and a...

December 3, 2011: New Rubashkin Music Video
Comments: 50 | Categories: Chabad , Crime, Litigation, etc. , Haredim , Kosher Business? , Kosher Scandal , Music
The music video, Yedid Nefesh, features an original composition by Danny Finkelman performed by Bentzi Marcus of 8th Day and Dovid Dachs and shows exclusive footage from the upcoming documentary/promotional film “Rubashkin’s Game Plan” on the Rubashkin case and the...

November 17, 2011: Haredi Hip Hop Group Rocks Tel Aviv
Comments: 9 | Categories: Haredim , Israel , Music
The mostly secular crowd at Mike’s Place in Tel Aviv had a religious experience Wednesday night when the 5 piece Haredi Hip Hop band Shtar took to the stage, traditional wardrobe intact. It wasn’t long before the crowed began to...

August 24, 2011: Amy Winehouse Did Not O.D.
Comments: 16 | Categories: Music
The Winehouse family says toxicology tests given to them by authorities show no illegal drugs in Winehouse's system. Her cause of death is still a mystery. Alcohol was found in the singer's system but it is not known of that...

August 15, 2011: Song Helps Me Cope With Leiby's Death, Nachman Kletzky Says
Comments: 29 | Categories: Crime, Litigation, etc. , Haredim , Music
Leiby Kletzky's dad says that a new memorial song about his slain son is helping him cope with the boy's horrifying death. "Every time I hear this song, every time I see this, it brings me back memories," Nachman Kletzky...

August 14, 2011: Audio: Leiby Kletzky's Father And Lipa Schmeltzer
Comments: 49 | Categories: Crime, Litigation, etc. , Haredim , Music
The father of the murdered and dismembered 8-year-old hasidic boy, Leiby Kletzky, and Lipa Schmeltzer, the opportunist Jewish music superstar, make a joint radio appearance. From last night's Talkline radio show with Zev Brenner. The audio runs 9:24. Please click...

August 11, 2011: Chabad Rabbis Ban Avraham Fried Concert
Comments: 27 | Categories: Bans & Censorship , Chabad , Music
Slamming Avraham Fried's concerts which lack gender segregated seating, Chabad rabbis from northern Israel ban an upcoming Fried concert as immodest. Fried is himself a Chabad hasid, and is the brother of Chabad's English language modesty expert, Rabbi Manis Friedman....

August 3, 2011: Baba Elazar Murdered Because Of "Improper" Singers, Songs, Rabbi Amnon Yitzhak Says
Comments: 48 | Categories: Bans & Censorship , Crime, Litigation, etc. , Haredim , Israel , Music , Sefardim
The Yemenite kiruv rabbi behind attempts to ban popular haredi music and haredi singers, blames the murder of Rabbi Elazar Abuhatzeira on "improper" haredi singers and songs. Rabbis Amnon Yitzhak (left) and Elazar Abuhatzeira (right). Never one adverse to exploting...

July 23, 2011: Amy Winehouse Dead
Comments: 76 | Categories: Music
Troubled singer Amy Winehouse, who was struggling with her drug addiction, was Saturday found dead in her North London home. Amy Winehouse found dead at London home Zee News London: Troubled singer Amy Winehouse, who was struggling with her drug...

July 15, 2011: Child Killer Levi Aron Sings
Comments: 8 | Categories: Crime, Litigation, etc. , Haredim , Music , Pedophilia & Related Crimes
Levi Aron perfoming "No Air" with Hinarae Matsuyoshi, known as isledancer on singsnap.com, a karaoke website. She lives in Hawaii. [Hat Tip: Here Levi Aron sing.]

July 8, 2011: A New Lipa Schmeltzer Ban
Comments: 24 | Categories: Bans & Censorship , Haredim , Music
Hasidic superstar singer Lipa Schmeltzer is supposed to sing for a Breslov group in Uman, but leading Breslov rabbis banned him. Schmeltzer was previously banned in the spring of 2008 by a large group of ultra-Orthodox rabbis. The ban: [Hat...

June 23, 2011: Clarence Clemons – A Memorial
Comments: 12 | Categories: Music
I've wanted to post something appropriate since I heard Sunday that Clarence Clemons, AKA The Big Man, the great sax player who was an integral part of Bruce Springsteen's E Street band for about 40 years, passed away from complications...



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