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October 24, 2014: IDF To Allow Female Kosher Food Inspectors
Comments: 4 | Categories: Haredim , Israel , Kosher Scandal , MO & Chardal , Women & Judaism
The Chief Rabbinate of the Israel Defense Forces has finally agreed to allow female soldiers to serve as kosher food inspectors in IDF kitchens. IDF To Allow Female Kosher Food Inspectors Shmarya Rosenberg • FailedMessiah.com The Chief Rabbinate of the...

October 23, 2014: Government Files Suit Against Kiryas Joel Slaughterhouse
Comments: 15 | Categories: Crime, etc. , Haredim , Kosher Business? , Kosher Scandal
Preet Bharara, the United States Attorney for the Southern District of New York, and Judith Enck, Regional Administrator of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (“EPA”), announced today that the United States has filed and simultaneously entered into a consent decree...

October 23, 2014: Pro-Shechita Organization Lies About Jewish Ritual Slaughter – Again
Comments: 22 | Categories: Haredim , Kosher Scandal , MO & Chardal
Shechita UK, the British Jewish community's haredi-dominated pro-Jewish ritual slaughter organization, has a long history of lying about the humaneness shechita. Now it's scientific adviser – Dr. Stuart Rosen, a haredi cardiologist – has written a deceptive article on the...

October 22, 2014: Inhumane Slaughter, Illegal Child Labor At Kosher And Hallal Slaughterhouse
Comments: 9 | Categories: Crime, etc. , Kosher Scandal
Along with child labor, the plant ran into other trouble with federal regulators last year after being cited for numerous violations of humane slaughtering rules, that caused the government to suspended the plant’s production four times. Suspensions are uncommon, and...

October 19, 2014: Frankfurt Kosher Butchers Sold Treife Meat To Unsuspecting Jews For At Least Two Years, Owners Now On Trial For Fraud
Comments: 17 | Categories: Kosher Business? , Kosher Scandal
A Frankfurt, Germany kosher butcher with close ties to the Orthodox Jewish community sold more than 88,000 pounds of non-kosher meat to Orthodox Jews for at least two years until the fraud was uncovered. Frankfurt Kosher Butchers Sold Treife Meat...

October 6, 2014: Class Action Lawsuit Against Hebrew National Dismissed
Comments: 1 | Categories: Kosher Scandal
The class action lawsuit against Hebrew National/Con Agra by consumers alleging Hebrew National products are not strictly kosher has been tossed out of court with prejudice – meaning the case had no merit at all. And for those of you...

October 3, 2014: Kapparot: Photo Essay Shows Leading Haredi Rabbis Do Not Understand Proper Animal Handling
Comments: 17 | Categories: Haredim , Kosher Scandal
A series of photos of hasidic rebbes and non-hasidic haredi rabbis doing the kapparot ritual with live chickens shows rebbe aftrer rebbe holding a chicken improperly in a way that causes the chicken pain and can even break bones or...

October 2, 2014: Haredim Defy Government Ban, Slaughter Chickens On Public Streets
Comments: 16 | Categories: Crime, etc. , Haredim , Israel , Kosher Scandal , Religion
Hundreds of haredim have taken to the streets of Jerusalem for the kapparot ritual involving the slaughter of chickens, defying a government ban on practicing it in public. The AFP reports: Hundreds of ultra-Orthodox Jews have taken to the streets...

October 2, 2014: Improperly Done Chicken Kapparot – A Photo Essay
Comments: 7 | Categories: Haredim , Israel , Kosher Scandal
Here's a photo essay showing haredim mishandling kapparot chickens. Ynet has a kapparot photo essay, and most of the photos show haredim improperly holding chickens during the rite, which involves "waving" a live chicken over one's head while reciting verses...

October 1, 2014: Haredi Rabbi Becomes So Agitated Over Kosher Food Turf Dispute, He Needed Medical Attention
Comments: 13 | Categories: Haredim , Israel , Kosher Business? , Kosher Scandal , Religion , Sefardim
A Sefardi haredi chief rabbi in an Israeli city reportedly became so agitated and upset today at his Ashkenazi haredi counterpart and at staffers that staff had to call for medical help to calm him down and prevent violence. Yeshiva...

September 30, 2014: Video: Dozens Of Dead, Unused Chickens Found At Hasidic Kapparot Center
Comments: 20 | Categories: Haredim , Kosher Scandal
Dozens of unused dead kapparot chickens found in cages in Borough Park. The cages were left out in the hot sun and the chickens had no water or food. The incident happened at a pop-up kapparot center across the street...

September 29, 2014: Moderate Zionist Orthodox Rabbis Come Out Against Chicken Kapparot
Comments: 32 | Categories: Haredim , Israel , Kosher Scandal , MO & Chardal
Tzohar, the Israeli moderate Zionist Orthodox rabbinical association, has issued a statement opposing using live chickens for the kapparot (atonement) ritual done by many Orthodox and almost all haredi Jews before Yom Kippur, the Jewish day of atonement which begins...

September 24, 2014: Anti-Kapparot Protests In Brooklyn
Comments: 16 | Categories: Kosher Scandal
A wave of anti-chicken-kapparot protests are scheduled to be held in Brooklyn beginning next week. Here are the dates, times and locations: Please join our 5th annual street protest in Crown Heights Brooklyn, New York against the cruel and needless...

September 23, 2014: Scientists Reportedly Find No Difference In Blood Presence Between Pre-Stunned And Kosher Slaughtered Meat
Comments: 26 | Categories: Kosher Scandal , Science
Scientists have apparently proved that stunning an animal just before slaughter does not make any real difference in the amount of blood an animal loses when ritually slaughtered or the amount retained in the meat. Scientists Reportedly Find No Difference...

September 23, 2014: Agudah Reissues Pronouncement On Kapparot
Comments: 31 | Categories: Haredim , Kosher Scandal
"As the y’mei ho’rachamim ve’hadin rapidly approach, and as Jews will soon be fulfilling the minhag of Kapporos during the Aseres Yimei Teshuva, we wish to emphasize the need for all public Kapporos centers to be under the exacting Hashgacha...

September 21, 2014: Government Ups Cost Of Hotels’ Kosher Supervision 30%
Comments: 7 | Categories: Israel , Kosher Scandal , MO & Chardal , Religion
Regulations signed by Religious Services Minister Naftali Bennett of the right-wing Zionist Orthodox HaBayit HaYehudi Party increase by 30% the price each hotel in the country must pay for kosher supervision – despite that fact that tourism slumped due to...

August 10, 2014: Prosecutors Warn Rabbi Avraham Yosef Criminal Charges Are Likely To Be Filed Against Him
Comments: 4 | Categories: Crime, etc. , Haredim , Israel , Kosher Business? , Kosher Scandal , Religion , Sefardim
Prosecutors say they are considering charging Chief Rabbi of Holon Rabbi Avraham Yosef with breach of public trust and fraud charges. Prosecutors Warn Rabbi Avraham Yosef Criminal Charges Are Likely To Be Filed Against Him Shmarya Rosenberg • FailedMessiah.com Prosecutors...

August 7, 2014: Rubashkin The Saint
Comments: 53 | Categories: Chabad , Crime, etc. , Haredim , Kosher Business? , Kosher Scandal
"As everyone knows, Reb Sholom Mordechai Rubashkin is a man of incredible faith, who despite currently being in prison, still manages to serve as a fountain of emuna and even simcha to his fellow Yidden worldwide…" Above: Rabbi Sholom Mordechai...

July 15, 2014: Video: Kosher Food Warehouse Changes Expiration Dates To Sell Older Food As Fresh
Comments: 9 | Categories: Crime, etc. , Kosher Business? , Kosher Scandal
A kosher food warehouse allegedly has employees change expiration dates on food packages to extend their shelf life and ability to be sold.

July 15, 2014: Government Backs Change To Kosher Food Law That Will Allow Restaurants To Open On Shabbat
Comments: 8 | Categories: Israel , Kosher Scandal
The Ministerial Committee on Legislation decided Monday to support an amendment that would allow food establishments that follow kosher food law but are open on Shabbat, the Jewish sabbath, to receive special weekday-only kosher certification from Israel’s chief rabbinate. Above:...

July 1, 2014: OU Gives Kosher Supervision To Injection-Only Prescription Drug – The First Time This Has Ever Been Done
Comments: 22 | Categories: Kosher Business? , Kosher Scandal , Med-Ethics , MO & Chardal
A new injection-only drug has received a hechsher (rabbinic supervision mark) from the Orthodox Union and is the first pharmaceutical prescription drug ever to receive one – a complete innovation in halakha (Jewish law) because the drug is given by...

June 25, 2014: Israel’s Shochtim Want To Unionize, Rabbis Vehemently Oppose
Comments: 5 | Categories: Haredim , Israel , Kosher Scandal , MO & Chardal
“We cannot have a situation in which a rabbi will have to be accompanied by an attorney everywhere he goes in fear anything he says or does will lead to a lawsuit.…A shochet [ritual slaughterer] and mashgiach [kosher food inspector]...

June 22, 2014: Fish Have Memories, Cognition, Complex Social Systems And Can Recognize Other Individual Fish And Feel Pain In Ways Similar To Humans, New Study Finds
Comments: 14 | Categories: Kosher Scandal , Science
Animal welfare advocates should include fish in their lineup of animals to advocate for, a new Australian study appears to show. The study, Fish Intelligence, Sentience and Ethics, published last week in the journal Animal Cognition, shows that in many...

June 20, 2014: Leading Expert On Humane Slaughter Lashes Out At Kosher Slaughterhouses' Animal Abuse
Comments: 13 | Categories: Haredim , Kosher Scandal , MO & Chardal
Dr. Temple Grandin says that, while kosher slaughter itself (if properly done) isn't a problem, animal handling and related issues at kosher slaughterhouses are. "There are many bad conditions in kosher plants,” Grandin wrote. Farm Forward reports that after liberal...

June 9, 2014: Hospital Rabbi Fired For Embezzlement, Chief Rabbinate Attacks Hospital For Lack Of Kosher Supervision
Comments: 2 | Categories: Chabad , Crime, etc. , Haredim , Israel , Kosher Scandal , Med-Ethics
Israel’s haredi-controlled Chief Rabbinate is risking the lives of hospital patients, the Health Ministry and Assaf Harofeh Hospital claim, in a cheap bid to force the hospital to rehire or replace a rabbi fired for stealing. Hospital Rabbi Fired For...

June 1, 2014: Picture Of The Day: Anti-Hasidic-Slaughterhouse Protest
Comments: 20 | Categories: Haredim , Kosher Scandal
A picture from today's anti-slaughterhouse protest in Rockland County, New York. The hasidic village of New Square wants to build a poultry slaughterhouse in a residential area. The previous version of this slaughterhouse was closed by a federal court for...

May 29, 2014: Victory Of Hard Right Wing Nationalists Good For The Jews, British Pro-Shechita Advocate Claims
Comments: 4 | Categories: Haredim , Kosher Scandal
The victory of the hard right wing nationalist misogynist United Kingdom Independence Party (UKIP) in the European Union elections might help the Jewish community’s campaign to protect shechita (Jewish ritual slaughter) and other Jewish religious practices like circumcision because the...

May 28, 2014: Corruption: Israel’s Law Against Animal Cruelty Rarely Enforced, Fines Issued But Almost Never Collected
Comments: 3 | Categories: Crime, etc. , Israel , Kosher Scandal
Almost none of the fines levied on animal abusers by the Government of Israel are ever collected as the Likud-led government of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu continues to ignore its own blackletter law. Corruption: Israel’s Law Against Animal Cruelty Rarely...

May 22, 2014: Large Protest Scheduled Against Hasidic Slaughterhouse To Be Built In Upscale Residential Area
Comments: 24 | Categories: Haredim , Kosher Scandal
New York State gave a $1.6 million grant to the New Square slaughterhouse project despite its questionable location and the damage it will do to nearby residential property values. The Sqvere Rebbe Rabbi David Twersky Large Protest Scheduled To Oppose...

May 9, 2014: British Jewish Community’s Pro-Shechita Activists Continue To Misrepresent Slaughter Process To Protect Shechita From Possible Ban
Comments: 11 | Categories: Kosher Scandal
British pro-shechita activists from the Jewish community’s official pro-shechita (Jewish ritual slaughter) organization, Shechitah UK, continue to misrepresent the slaughter process in an attempt to confuse British consumers and lawmakers and to thereby prevent a possible ban on shechita or...

May 5, 2014: Threat Against Rubashkin Judge
Comments: 30 | Categories: Chabad , Crime, etc. , Haredim , Kosher Business? , Kosher Scandal
Many threats were made against Judge Linda Reade during the Sholom Rubashkin case. Here is one, made by a woman who once worked for Rabbi Meir Kahane. For those who don't know, Kahane's two organizations, the Jewish Defense League and...

May 5, 2014: Government's Response To Sholom Rubashkin's Motion For Judge Recusal, New Trial
Comments: 6 | Categories: Chabad , Crime, etc. , Haredim , Kosher Business? , Kosher Scandal
By now, you've probably read the pro-Rubashkin propaganda published by Yated Ne'eman and Chabad blogs. Here's what the government has to say about the Rubashkin motion that pro-Rubashkin propaganda is loosely based on. Above right: The former VP of Agriprocessors,...

May 5, 2014: As Sholom Rubashkin Tries Another Unlikely Appeal, Previous False Statements By Rubashkin's Defense Team Come Under Renewed Scrutiny
Comments: 8 | Categories: Chabad , Crime, etc. , Haredim , Kosher Business? , Kosher Scandal
Put succinctly, pretty much everything FailedMessiah.com reported about the flaws (or the complete falsehoods) in Sholom Rubashkin's legal team's contentions were later the same flaws and falsehoods the US Department of Justice's Office of Professional Responsibility noted when responding to...

April 27, 2014: Haredi-Controlled Chief Rabbinate Stands In The Way Of Lower Food Prices, Critics Say
Comments: 5 | Categories: Haredim , Israel , Kosher Business? , Kosher Scandal
The government has already lowered customs duties on some imported food in order to increase competition. But the haredi-controlled Chief Rabbinate refuses to accept imported food as kosher – even when it is certified by Orthodox or haredi rabbis overseas....

April 27, 2014: Police: Indict Brother Of Israel’s Sefardi Chief Rabbi
Comments: 4 | Categories: Crime, etc. , Haredim , Israel , Kosher Business? , Kosher Scandal , Sefardim
Israel Police have just recommended that the state prosecutor indict Chief Rabbi of Holon Avraham Yosef, a son of the late Sefardi haredi rabbinic leader and Shas Party founder Rabbi Ovadia Yosef, on charges fraud, extortion and breach of public...

April 8, 2014: Your Glatt Kosher Meat: Agri Star Workers So Poorly Paid, Many Rely On Food Shelf, Locals Say, As Chabad Synagogue Is Condemned By Town
Comments: 15 | Categories: Kosher Business? , Kosher Scandal
The town of Postville condemned the Chabad-haredi synagogue, which is a former single family house, because it is in such disrepair it is unsafe to occupy. The Chabad boys school was condemned for the same reason, as well. File photo:...

April 8, 2014: Bain Capital Buys Manischewitz Kosher Foods
Comments: 8 | Categories: Kosher Business? , Kosher Scandal
Sankaty Advisors, an arm of the private equity capital corporation co-founded by Mitt Romney has purchased Manischewitz, the iconic matzoh maker. Sankaty Advisors, an arm of the private equity capital corporation Bain Capital co-founded by Mitt Romney has purchased Manischewitz,...

April 5, 2014: Haredi Certified Kosher Enema
Comments: 9 | Categories: Bizarre , Haredim , Israel , Kosher Scandal , MO & Chardal
An Israeli enema is certified kosher by the rabbinate of Rishon Letzion and kosher "le-mehadrin min ha-mehadrin" by the haredi beit din (religious court) of the rabbis of the Chug Chatam Sofer kosher supervision. Please click to enlarge: [Via: Heeb.]

April 5, 2014: Hebrew National Lawsuit Remanded To State Court On Appeal
Comments: 1 | Categories: Crime, etc. , Kosher Scandal
Friday, the 8th Circuit Court of Appeals basically ruled that the plaintiffs had no standing to sue in federal court because they had no proof of damage. It ruled that the lower federal court was wrong to toss the suit...

April 3, 2014: Denmark Lacks Authority To Ban Ritual Slaughter Because It Legalizes Sex With Animals, Rabbis Say
Comments: 58 | Categories: Kosher Scandal
Haredi rabbis are attacking Denmark for its ban on un-stunned halal and kosher slaughter because the country allows both hunting and bestiality. Gene Wilder and Daisy the Sheep in Woody Allen's Everything You Always Wanted To Know About Sex Denmark...

April 2, 2014: Why Israeli Spy Jonathan Pollard And Former Kosher Meat King Sholom Rubashkin Are Rotting In Jail
Comments: 20 | Categories: Chabad , Crime, etc. , Haredim , Kosher Business? , Kosher Scandal
"America's Rabbi" Shmuley Boteach thinks he knows why Pollard and Rubashkin are "rotting in jail," and he's telling you – truth be damned. Rabbi Shmuley Boteach Shmuley Boteach – the slurping, slobbering, self-aggrandizing fool who bills himself as "America's Rabbi"...

April 1, 2014: Uber-Haredi Kosher For Passover Strapping Tape
Comments: 16 | Categories: Haredim , Kosher Scandal
The vehemently anti-Zionist Edah Haredit umbrella organization's kosher supervision, known as Badatz Yerushalayim, has put their special kosher for Passover seal on – strapping tape. Who knows. There could be flour in the inedible glue used to make the tape,...

March 15, 2014: "Meat From Cattle Slaughtered In 'Cruel' Kosher Ceremony Is In Your High Street Burger," British Paper Says
Comments: 14 | Categories: Kosher Scandal
Beef and lamb from animals killed in ‘cruel’ ritual ceremonies are being sold in mainstream butchers, the British newspaper the Daily Mail on Sunday has found. This is hardly some breathless exclusive. The entire push for fair meat labeling in...

March 14, 2014: World Jewish Congress Issues Deceptive Misleading Statement To UN On Shechita And Circumcision
Comments: 7 | Categories: Circumcision , Jewish Leadership , Kosher Scandal
"…Judaism was the first culture to teach that animals, and even plants, should be treated with respect, at a time when humanity had not begun to think in terms of animal rights. Quite conveniently, some prefer to ignore the origin...

March 7, 2014: British Jewish Leaders Continue To Cry Anti-Semitism, Lie, To Protect Shechita
Comments: 10 | Categories: Kosher Scandal
The truth of kosher slaughter is far more cruel and far more ugly than Orthodox rabbis of all stripes and Jewish communal leaders are willing to admit. But rather than fix the problems with with commercial shechita, these leaders instead...

March 6, 2014: Will Pro-Shechita Lies Ward Off A Ban On Kosher Slaughter?
Comments: 21 | Categories: Kosher Scandal
Will lies propigated by the Board of Deputies of British Jews, Shechita UK and other pro-shechita groups save British kosher slaughter from being banned? Will Pro-Shechita Lies Ward Off A Ban On Kosher Slaughter? Shmarya Rosenberg • FailedMessiah.com Dr. John...

March 4, 2014: More Proof Of The Value Of The Haredi Educational System
Comments: 46 | Categories: Haredim , Kosher Scandal
Rockland Kosher in Monsey again proves that haredim do 'just fine' without receiving any credible secular education (or, often, any secular education of any type at all). [Hat Tip: Raphael Ziegler.]

February 23, 2014: The State Of Kosher Supervision In Israel
Comments: 48 | Categories: Haredim , Israel , Kosher Scandal , Sefardim
“[T]hree months ago they forced me to send them assurances that I wouldn’t compete with Cardi’s [local] slaughterhouse and that I wouldn’t sell to businesses working with it. They told me: ‘It isn’t worth arguing with Rabbi Deri. First put...

February 21, 2014: New Brooklyn DA Pays Visit To New Satmar Butcher Shop Less Than A Month After Inhumane Slaughter Scandal
Comments: 9 | Categories: Crime, etc. , Haredim , Kosher Scandal
The new Brooklyn DA Ken Thompson went to a grand opening of a Satmar butcher shop in Williamsburg earlier this week, less than a month after Satmar's major meat producer, Alle Processing, had its New Jersey based veal producer shut...

February 16, 2014: Hypocrisy: Rabbis, Israeli Politicians Lash Out Against Danish Slaughter Ban – Even Though There Has Been No Commercial Kosher Slaughter In Denmark For A Decade
Comments: 17 | Categories: Haredim , Israel , Kosher Scandal , MO & Chardal
"European anti-Semitism is showing its true colors across Europe, and is even intensifying in the government institutions. I urge the Danish ambassador to prevent the implementation of the decision to ban kosher slaughter. [Israeli Foreign] Minister [Avigdor] Lieberman must summon...


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