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April 8, 2014: Your Glatt Kosher Meat: Agri Star Workers So Poorly Paid, Many Rely On Food Shelf, Locals Say, As Chabad Synagogue Is Condemned By Town
Comments: 15 | Categories: Kosher Business? , Kosher Scandal
The town of Postville condemned the Chabad-haredi synagogue, which is a former single family house, because it is in such disrepair it is unsafe to occupy. The Chabad boys school was condemned for the same reason, as well. File photo:...

April 8, 2014: Bain Capital Buys Manischewitz Kosher Foods
Comments: 8 | Categories: Kosher Business? , Kosher Scandal
Sankaty Advisors, an arm of the private equity capital corporation co-founded by Mitt Romney has purchased Manischewitz, the iconic matzoh maker. Sankaty Advisors, an arm of the private equity capital corporation Bain Capital co-founded by Mitt Romney has purchased Manischewitz,...

April 5, 2014: Haredi Certified Kosher Enema
Comments: 9 | Categories: Bizarre , Haredim , Israel , Kosher Scandal , MO & Chardal
An Israeli enema is certified kosher by the rabbinate of Rishon Letzion and kosher "le-mehadrin min ha-mehadrin" by the haredi beit din (religious court) of the rabbis of the Chug Chatam Sofer kosher supervision. Please click to enlarge: [Via: Heeb.]

April 5, 2014: Hebrew National Lawsuit Remanded To State Court On Appeal
Comments: 1 | Categories: Crime, etc. , Kosher Scandal
Friday, the 8th Circuit Court of Appeals basically ruled that the plaintiffs had no standing to sue in federal court because they had no proof of damage. It ruled that the lower federal court was wrong to toss the suit...

April 3, 2014: Denmark Lacks Authority To Ban Ritual Slaughter Because It Legalizes Sex With Animals, Rabbis Say
Comments: 57 | Categories: Kosher Scandal
Haredi rabbis are attacking Denmark for its ban on un-stunned halal and kosher slaughter because the country allows both hunting and bestiality. Gene Wilder and Daisy the Sheep in Woody Allen's Everything You Always Wanted To Know About Sex Denmark...

April 2, 2014: Why Israeli Spy Jonathan Pollard And Former Kosher Meat King Sholom Rubashkin Are Rotting In Jail
Comments: 20 | Categories: Chabad , Crime, etc. , Haredim , Kosher Business? , Kosher Scandal
"America's Rabbi" Shmuley Boteach thinks he knows why Pollard and Rubashkin are "rotting in jail," and he's telling you – truth be damned. Rabbi Shmuley Boteach Shmuley Boteach – the slurping, slobbering, self-aggrandizing fool who bills himself as "America's Rabbi"...

April 1, 2014: Uber-Haredi Kosher For Passover Strapping Tape
Comments: 16 | Categories: Haredim , Kosher Scandal
The vehemently anti-Zionist Edah Haredit umbrella organization's kosher supervision, known as Badatz Yerushalayim, has put their special kosher for Passover seal on – strapping tape. Who knows. There could be flour in the inedible glue used to make the tape,...

March 15, 2014: "Meat From Cattle Slaughtered In 'Cruel' Kosher Ceremony Is In Your High Street Burger," British Paper Says
Comments: 13 | Categories: Kosher Scandal
Beef and lamb from animals killed in ‘cruel’ ritual ceremonies are being sold in mainstream butchers, the British newspaper the Daily Mail on Sunday has found. This is hardly some breathless exclusive. The entire push for fair meat labeling in...

March 14, 2014: World Jewish Congress Issues Deceptive Misleading Statement To UN On Shechita And Circumcision
Comments: 7 | Categories: Circumcision , Jewish Leadership , Kosher Scandal
"…Judaism was the first culture to teach that animals, and even plants, should be treated with respect, at a time when humanity had not begun to think in terms of animal rights. Quite conveniently, some prefer to ignore the origin...

March 7, 2014: British Jewish Leaders Continue To Cry Anti-Semitism, Lie, To Protect Shechita
Comments: 10 | Categories: Kosher Scandal
The truth of kosher slaughter is far more cruel and far more ugly than Orthodox rabbis of all stripes and Jewish communal leaders are willing to admit. But rather than fix the problems with with commercial shechita, these leaders instead...

March 6, 2014: Will Pro-Shechita Lies Ward Off A Ban On Kosher Slaughter?
Comments: 20 | Categories: Kosher Scandal
Will lies propigated by the Board of Deputies of British Jews, Shechita UK and other pro-shechita groups save British kosher slaughter from being banned? Will Pro-Shechita Lies Ward Off A Ban On Kosher Slaughter? Shmarya Rosenberg • FailedMessiah.com Dr. John...

March 4, 2014: More Proof Of The Value Of The Haredi Educational System
Comments: 46 | Categories: Haredim , Kosher Scandal
Rockland Kosher in Monsey again proves that haredim do 'just fine' without receiving any credible secular education (or, often, any secular education of any type at all). [Hat Tip: Raphael Ziegler.]

February 23, 2014: The State Of Kosher Supervision In Israel
Comments: 48 | Categories: Haredim , Israel , Kosher Scandal , Sefardim
“[T]hree months ago they forced me to send them assurances that I wouldn’t compete with Cardi’s [local] slaughterhouse and that I wouldn’t sell to businesses working with it. They told me: ‘It isn’t worth arguing with Rabbi Deri. First put...

February 21, 2014: New Brooklyn DA Pays Visit To New Satmar Butcher Shop Less Than A Month After Inhumane Slaughter Scandal
Comments: 9 | Categories: Crime, etc. , Haredim , Kosher Scandal
The new Brooklyn DA Ken Thompson went to a grand opening of a Satmar butcher shop in Williamsburg earlier this week, less than a month after Satmar's major meat producer, Alle Processing, had its New Jersey based veal producer shut...

February 16, 2014: Hypocrisy: Rabbis, Israeli Politicians Lash Out Against Danish Slaughter Ban – Even Though There Has Been No Commercial Kosher Slaughter In Denmark For A Decade
Comments: 17 | Categories: Haredim , Israel , Kosher Scandal , MO & Chardal
"European anti-Semitism is showing its true colors across Europe, and is even intensifying in the government institutions. I urge the Danish ambassador to prevent the implementation of the decision to ban kosher slaughter. [Israeli Foreign] Minister [Avigdor] Lieberman must summon...

February 14, 2014: USDA Allows Veal Slaughter To Resume After MealMart Horrors
Comments: 14 | Categories: Haredim , Kosher Scandal
USDA letter: “…In video Exhibit A, Scene #20 dated September 24, 2013; Time Mark 14:05 - 16:18, the video recorded a bovine, hoisted from the left hind leg, at the bleed rail location in the establishment. The cow is profusely...

February 13, 2014: Shechita Crisis: Poland’s Chief Rabbinate Lies To Government About Kosher Slaughter Causing National Scandal
Comments: 22 | Categories: Crime, etc. , Haredim , Kosher Business? , Kosher Scandal , MO & Chardal
In November, Michael Alper, a senior aide to the Chief Rabbi of Poland, wrote a letter to the Polish veterinarians who oversee animal slaughter asking for permission to slaughter 250 cows Alper promised would first be stunned with electricity in...

February 12, 2014: Monsey Haredi Rabbis Issue Pineapple Alert
Comments: 17 | Categories: Haredim , Kosher Scandal
Haredi rabbis in the Monsey, New York area have issued a kashrut alert for fresh pineapples. Please click to enlarge: [Hat Tip: Burich.]

February 6, 2014: Chabad-Controlled OK Kosher Gets Sole Control Over .Kosher Domain Names, Despite Objections From OU And Many Other American Kosher Supervisors
Comments: 9 | Categories: Chabad , Haredim , Kosher Business? , Kosher Scandal , MO & Chardal
After months of protracted legal wrangling, the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) ruled that OK Kosher owns the rights to dole out all dot-kosher web addresses. That move was fought by 11 other kosher food supervision kashrut...

February 4, 2014: Chief Rabbinate, Government Institute Major Changes In Kosher Food Supervision
Comments: 4 | Categories: Haredim , Israel , Kosher Scandal , MO & Chardal
The reforms are meant to increase transparency and assure uniformity in kosher labeling. They are also allegedly meant to push private haredi kosher supervisions, many of which are technically in violation of the law, out of business. Rabbi Eli Ben...

January 31, 2014: Ex-Agriprocessors Supervisor Who Fled To Israel gets 41 Month Sentence
Comments: 6 | Categories: Chabad , Crime, etc. , Haredim , Israel , Kosher Business? , Kosher Scandal
Hosam Amara, a former supervisor at Agriprocessors kosher slaughterhouse in Postville, Iowa, was sentenced to 41 months in prison, substantially less than the 78 months prosecutors wanted. Amara’s sentence was at the top of the federal sentencing guidelines and the...

January 31, 2014: Rubashkin Files New Motion To Try To Force Judge To Recuse Herself
Comments: 16 | Categories: Chabad , Crime, etc. , Haredim , Kosher Business? , Kosher Scandal
In a new motion, the attorneys for former Agriprocessors VP Sholom Rubashkin have moved to recuse Chief United States District Court Judge Linda R. Reade from presiding over Rubashkin’s pending 2255 Motion to vacate his sentence. Sholom Rubashkin Rubashkin Files...

January 30, 2014: 5W PR Head Sued Over Alleged False And Defamatory Comments Made Online Against His Late Mother’s Boyfriend
Comments: 5 | Categories: Crime, etc. , Kosher Business? , Kosher Scandal , MO & Chardal
Ronn Torossian, the head of 5W PR who in 2008 was caught (by this writer) impersonating online Rabbi Morris Allen and other figures critical of Agriprocessors and Sholom Rubashkin in order to defame them, has allegedly been caught again –...

January 29, 2014: Video: Shochet Or Mashgiach At Veal Slaughterhouse Closed For Horrific Animal Cruelty Explains Where The Kosher Slaughtered Meat Is Sold
Comments: 7 | Categories: Crime, etc. , Haredim , Kosher Scandal
The kosher veal slaughtered under extremely cruel conditions at Catelli Brothers in New Jersey is, as FailedMessiah.com exclusively reported Monday, sold by Meal Mart, which in turn is owned by Alle Processing, the Satmar-hasid-owned kosher slaughter giant. Here's proof. Here's...

January 28, 2014: Former Agriprocessors Supervisor Wants Credit For Israeli House Arrest When Sentenced
Comments: 1 | Categories: Chabad , Crime, etc. , Kosher Business? , Kosher Scandal
Hosam Amara – the former Agriprocessors supervisor who fled to Israel in 2008 to escape arrest at the encouragement of and with the help of Agriprocessors VP Sholom Rubashkin in the days following the 2008 immigration raid on the glatt...

January 27, 2014: Video: Horrific Animal Abuse At Slaughterhouse That Produces Veal For Meal Mart
Comments: 18 | Categories: Haredim , Kosher Scandal
Horrific animal abuse was uncovered at Catelli Brother's slaughterhouse in New Jersey. The Humane Society of the US says the plant did kosher and non-kosher slaughter – with the kosher slaughter done by and sold under the Meal Mart/Alle Processing...

January 24, 2014: Shechita Called “Barbaric” In British House Of Lords
Comments: 45 | Categories: Kosher Scandal
During what the London Jewish Chronicle called a “fierce debate” in the House of Lords, shechita (Jewish ritual slaughter of cattle, chickens, turkeys, etc.) was called as “barbaric” and “absolutely unacceptable.” before Jewish peers rallied to defend the practice. Shechita...

January 20, 2014: The Day The Vatican Went Kosher
Comments: 37 | Categories: Kosher Scandal
Last week, an Orthodox rabbi reportedly entered a kitchen at the Vatican and koshered it. When the scrubbing and purging was finished, that rabbi, Jaakov Spizzichino, supervised the preparation of a four-course meal catered by Ba'Ghetto, a top kosher restaurant...

January 14, 2014: The Satmar Glatt Meat That Isn't Really Glatt At All
Comments: 40 | Categories: Haredim , Kosher Scandal , MO & Chardal
"…Nearly a quarter-century ago, in an interview with me, a top official of the Orthodox Union derided the appearance of a category of meat he called 'Satmar super glatt.' By then, there was already a growing demand for glatt kosher...

January 9, 2014: IDF To Have Women Soldiers Serve As Kosher Supervisors
Comments: 3 | Categories: Haredim , Israel , Kosher Scandal , MO & Chardal , Women & Judaism
The IDF made the move after the Ministry of Religious Affairs agreed to allow women to serve as kosher supervisors in civilian restaurants and other civilian food establishments after a lawsuit against the ministry and the chief rabbinate for blocking...

January 7, 2014: Case Of Severe Animal Abuse In Chabad Village Draws Government Notice
Comments: 21 | Categories: Chabad , Crime, etc. , Haredim , Israel , Kosher Scandal
The Agriculture Ministry inspectors made the decision to remove the animal after learning children in the area would come and visit to take turn beating it. They learned the second donkey had died of abuse. Yeshiva World reports about a...

December 30, 2013: Chief Rabbis, Religious Services Ministry Want Knesset To Give Rabbis Police Powers To Enforce Kosher Food Law
Comments: 17 | Categories: Haredim , Israel , Kosher Scandal , MO & Chardal , Religion
The rabbis want to launch an actual kosher food police force that would crack down on restaurants and other food businesses that do not pay for the Rabbinate’s kosher supervision but who nonetheless advertise that all ingredients used in their...

December 22, 2013: Appeal Of Hebrew National Lawsuit Heard
Comments: 10 | Categories: Crime, etc. , Haredim , Kosher Scandal
The lawsuit against Con Agra/ Hebrew National continued last week. The plaintiffs, who had their case tossed out of a lower court earlier this year, appealed that decision, and oral arguments for their appeal were heard in federal court in...

December 21, 2013: Government Asks Judge To Sentence Agriprocessors Supervisor to As Much As 6 1/2 Years In Prison
Comments: 3 | Categories: Chabad , Crime, etc. , Haredim , Israel , Kosher Business? , Kosher Scandal
Government notes car extortion scheme, sexual abuse and harassment along with Amara's immigration charges. Hosam Amara Government Asks Judge To Sentence Agriprocessors Supervisor to As Much As 6 1/3 Years In Prison Shmarya Rosenberg • Failedmessiah.com “Agriprocessors was a business...

December 3, 2013: Chief Rabbinate Backs Down, Allows Women To Work As Kosher Supervisors
Comments: 6 | Categories: Haredim , Israel , Kosher Scandal , Women & Judaism
Israel’s Chief Rabbinate and its Ministry of Religious Services buckled to a looming ruling by Israel’s High Court of Justice and agreed to allow women to take the rabbinate’s professional exam on the laws of kashrut and to receive certification...

December 2, 2013: Will Kosher Food Be The Next Big Food Trend?
Comments: 24 | Categories: Kosher Business? , Kosher Scandal
A panel of largely ignorant experts, most of them who could not pick out a kosher burger from a stack of McRib pork sandwiches or shrimp cocktails, are interviewed by an only slightly more knowledgeable Forbes Magazine columnist about the...

November 20, 2013: Chabad Rabbi Starts Food Safety Kosher Seal
Comments: 2 | Categories: Chabad , Haredim , Kosher Business? , Kosher Scandal
The Rabbi said the existing Kosher certification program, , has been using client contracts for many years that require commitments by Kosher certified manufacturers that they comply with all applicable government food-safety regulations. "Under Kosher Check," he said, "Approval will...

November 18, 2013: Agri Star Security Staff Allegedly Refused To Let Fire Department Fight Fire Because Of Shabbat
Comments: 17 | Categories: Agri-Star , Haredim , Kosher Business? , Kosher Scandal
Agri Star kosher slaughterhouse in Postville, Iowa had a major fire Friday night, and its security staff refused to let the fire department in the plant to fight the fire until they got approval from the plant's maintenance supervisor. Originally...

November 17, 2013: Agri Star Fire Burned For Hours Before Fire Department Called, Could Have Been Much Worse, First Responders Say
Comments: 10 | Categories: Agri-Star , Haredim , Kosher Scandal
Friday night’s fire at Agri Star kosher slaughterhouse in Postville, Iowa burned for almost five hours before the Postville Fire Department was notified. Agri Star Fire Could Have Been Much Worse, First Responders Say Shmarya Rosenberg • FailedMessiah.com Friday night’s...

November 16, 2013: Fire Guts Part Of Agri Star Kosher Slaughterhouse
Comments: 4 | Categories: Agri-Star , Haredim , Kosher Scandal
Just before 3 a.m. Saturday, Postville, Iowa firefighters rushed to Agri Star kosher slaughterhouse and found thick black smoke billowing out of the lower level of the plant, forcing them to call in neighboring fire departments for help. Fire Guts...

November 5, 2013: Chief Rabbi Backs Down, Allows Slaughterhouse That Abused Tens Of Thousands Of Animals Each Day To Remain Kosher
Comments: 5 | Categories: Crime, etc. , Haredim , Israel , Kosher Scandal
Ashkenazi haredi Chief Rabbi David Lau met with Soglowek’s directors and discussed the issue with the Chief Rabbinate’s Council. And then Lau decided the kosher status of the animals was not impacted by the extreme abuse – even though Lau...

October 31, 2013: Rubashkin Fundraising Video Features Accused Pedophile
Comments: 9 | Categories: Chabad , Crime, etc. , Haredim , Kosher Scandal , Pedophilia & Related Crimes
Rabbi Menachem Mendel Tewel (Tevel), arrested this week in Beverly Hills and awaiting extradition to Brooklyn to face charges of sexually abusing a teenage boy, is prominently featured in this fundraising video for convicted felon Sholom Rubashkin, the former Agriprocessors...

October 31, 2013: Which Kosher Supervisors Supervise Soglowek?
Comments: 7 | Categories: Crime, etc. , Israel , Kosher Scandal
Which kosher supervision agencies supervise Soglowek – the Israeli deli producer whose slaughterhouse's obscene violations of animal welfare law were exposed on national television in Israel earlier this week and shocked the country? Here's a list: A chicken with its...

October 31, 2013: Video: Animal Abuse At One Of Israel's Largest Kosher Slaughterhouses
Comments: 14 | Categories: Crime, etc. , Haredim , Israel , Kosher Scandal
Video footage shows horrible abuse of poultry including injured birds that have clearly lost their kosher status sent to slaughter. The general animal handling is horrifically bad and clearly violates Israeli law and international agreements Israel has signed. And like...

October 31, 2013: Animal Abuse At Soglowek Kosher Slaughterhouse Could Have Made Chickens And Turkeys Treife, Chief Rabbi Says
Comments: 3 | Categories: Crime, etc. , Israel , Kosher Scandal
When footage shot by Channel 10’s Kolbotek News Magazine investigator Ronen Bar at a Solgowek slaughterhouse aired Tuesday night, it caused an uproar in Israel. That Kolbotek report showed chickens and turkeys being mistreated so seriously that that their presumptive...

October 30, 2013: New Horrific Animal Abuse At Rubashkin-Linked Israeli Kosher Slaughterhouse Shocks Israel
Comments: 11 | Categories: Chabad , Crime, etc. , Israel , Kosher Business? , Kosher Scandal
Israel has yet another horrific kosher slaughter scandal, this one involving Soglowek – the company that once considered buying Agriprocessors. Birds are kept in rusted, bent and damaged cages causing many to trap wings, legs and even heads in the...

October 25, 2013: Chabad Hasidim To Stage Pro-Rubashkin Protest For Obama Visit
Comments: 18 | Categories: Chabad , Crime, etc. , Haredim , Kosher Business? , Kosher Scandal
Chabad hasidim are planning on staging a protest in support of convicted felon Sholom Rubashkin during President Barack Obama's visit to Crown Heights today. Rubashkin was convicted of bank fraud and other related federal charges, including money laundering, and is...

October 22, 2013: A Greenfield Hit On De Blasio? Leaked Letters Show De Blasio Asked City To Stop Doing Business With Glatt Kosher Meat Supplier After Scandal
Comments: 4 | Categories: Crime, etc. , Haredim , Kosher Business? , Kosher Scandal
New York City Democratic mayoral candidate Bill de Blasio asked the city to stop doing business with the Satmar-hasid-owned Alle Processing in 2009 after Alle's worker abuse and illegal union busting was exposed. A Greenfield Hit On De Blasio? Leaked...

October 16, 2013: As Conservative Movement Implodes, Leaders Offer No Concrete Solutions
Comments: 31 | Categories: Jewish Leadership , Kosher Scandal
“Our house is on fire. If you don’t read anything else in the Pew report, we have maybe 10 years left…In the next 10 years I see the rapid collapse of synagogues and the national organization that supports them,” he...

October 14, 2013: Kosher Grocer Nabbed For Hiding Swiss Bank Account In Tax Scheme
Comments: 5 | Categories: Crime, etc. , Kosher Business? , Kosher Scandal
Aaron Kadoch, who runs Cité Cachère Inc., allegedly owes more than more than $1.1 million in unpaid taxes. Kadoch allegedly failed to report a HSBC bank account in Geneva, Switzerland along with investments totaling over $1.6 million. Kosher Grocer Nabbed...


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