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April 24, 2015: Today Marks 100 Year Anniversary Of Beginning Of Armenian Genocide
Comments: 14 | Categories: Bigotry & Racism , History
"For too many years, recognition of the Armenian genocide has been a tool in the hands of the Israeli Foreign Ministry, which chooses to sacrifice the values of memory, recognition and commemoration of the Armenian ethnic cleansing on the altar...

April 23, 2015: The Secret Slang of the Diamond District
Comments: 27 | Categories: History
From strop, khazeray (chazerai), links-shtivl, linker and shlok to shvimers, mame-zitser, tam, matzo, fir-kantike eyer, words – most often special slang corruptions of Yiddish and Hebrew terms – have special meaning in Manhattan’s Diamond District. The NY Times Magazine reports:...

April 22, 2015: How Israel Got Its Name
Comments: 28 | Categories: History
The relations between ancient Israel and Judah are not clear; they were probably of the same ethnicity and spoke a similar proto-northwestern-Semitic dialect. It is known that after the fall of Israel, Judah experienced a great leap forward, in which...

April 22, 2015: The Yahrtzeit Of A Rabbinic 'Heretic'
Comments: 60 | Categories: History
“The Law [i.e., the Torah] cannot prevent us from considering to be true that which our reason urges us to believe.” The Yahrtzeit Of A Rabbinic 'Heretic' Shmarya Rosenberg • FailedMessiah.com Ha’aretz reports that Monday was the yahrtziet of Rabbi...

April 21, 2015: Orthodox Judaism's Current Burial Practices Are Modern Innovations With Little Connection To Historical Practice
Comments: 23 | Categories: History , Israel , Religion
Orthodox and especially haredi rabbis often know little, if any, history and make halakhic rulings based on backwards projection and mistaken perceptions. One of the clearest ways to see that is to look at how Jews used to bury their...

April 15, 2015: Was Shabbat Originally A Once Per Month Celebration?
Comments: 21 | Categories: History , Israel , Religion
"…[Dr.] Jacob Wright of Emory University discusses a range of evidence suggesting that Shabbat was originally celebrated once a month. Before it came to designate the seventh day in a weekly cycle, Shabbat referred to the time of Full Moon,...

April 12, 2015: Video: A Holocaust Survivor Returns To Poland With Filmmaker Menachem Daum
Comments: 1 | Categories: Antisemitism , Film , History
“Hatred doesn’t always have to be passed on from generation to generation,” says New York filmmaker Menachem Daum. “Perhaps no one is more qualified to set such an example than Poles and Jews.”

April 12, 2015: Memory Of Elderly Greek Rabbi Who Saved Hundreds Of Jews During Holocaust, Led Partisans, To Be Honored This Week
Comments: 6 | Categories: History , Sefardim
On Sept. 30, 1943—Rosh Hashanah—the eldery Rabbi Moshe Shimon Pessach was summoned to the headquarters of the German military governor who demanded that within 24 hours he submit a list of all the Jews in the city and their assets,...

April 6, 2015: Was Passover Originally An Ancient Canaanite Ritual Festival Meant To Stop The Winter Rain From Ruining Spring Crops?
Comments: 41 | Categories: History , Israel , Religion
Spring was a time of great anxiety, since the rains that made their grains grow during the winter were no longer welcome. One particularly nasty storm could decimate wheat and barley fields, knocking down the ripe plants and rotting the...

April 1, 2015: Is The Ashkenazi Ban On Kitniyot A Custom Of Karaite Origin?
Comments: 67 | Categories: Halakha , History
"…This customary stringency, or minhag, is strange, to say the least; it stands in stark contradiction to authoritative Jewish law. The Mishna (P'sahim 2:5) clearly states that only the five species of grain - two varieties of wheat and three...

March 26, 2015: Video: The Torah's Buried Secrets
Comments: 19 | Categories: History , Israel , Religion
What science and history really show about the creation of Judaism and the truth – or the opposite – of the Torah's claims. Some of the reenactments are anachronistic – Jews wearing tallit katans and kippot during the First Exile,...

March 23, 2015: Did A Volcanic Cataclysm 40,000 Years Ago Trigger The Final Demise Of The Neanderthals?
Comments: 3 | Categories: History , Science
Researchers note that the CI volcanic eruption approximately coincided with the final decline of Neanderthals as well as with dramatic territorial and cultural advances among anatomically modern humans. Above and Above right: Annually averaged temperature anomalies in excess of 3°C...

March 20, 2015: Prehistoric Stone Tools Found In Israel Bear 500,000-Year-Old Animal Residue
Comments: 12 | Categories: History , Israel , Science , Torah & Science
Sound faintly biblically familiar? Some 2.5 million years ago, early humans survived on a paltry diet of plants. As the human brain expanded, however, it required more substantial nourishment — namely fat and meat — to sustain it. This drove...

March 19, 2015: Human Parasites Found In Medieval Era Jerusalem Latrine Reveal Links – Including The Spread Of Disease –Between The Middle East And Europe, Researchers Find
Comments: 17 | Categories: History , Israel , Science
A new analysis of a medieval cesspit in the Christian quarter of the old city of Jerusalem has revealed the presence of a number of ancient parasite eggs, providing a window into the nature and spread of infectious diseases in...

March 18, 2015: Video: Newly Released Photo Of Chofetz Chaim Shows Iconic Photo, Painting Used For Decades Is Not Actually Him, Haredi Historian Says
Comments: 26 | Categories: Haredim , History
Hasidic historian and Rabbi Shaul Shimon Deutsch releases real photo (seen at right and below) of Rabbi Yisroel Meir Kagan, better known as the Chofetz Chaim, which Deutsch says proves the iconic photo and painting of the late haredi leader,...

March 16, 2015: Haifa University Researchers Discover The Largest Bronze Mask of Greek Sex God Ever Found
Comments: 9 | Categories: History , Israel , Religion , Science
Horns like the ones on the mask are usually associated with Pan, the half-man half-goat god of the shepherds, music and pleasure. A more thorough cleaning in the lab, revealed strands of a goat beard, long pointed ears, and other...

March 13, 2015: Iconic Photo Of Chofetz Chaim Isn't Really Him, Video Shows
Comments: 33 | Categories: Haredim , History
The iconic photo and painting of the Chofetz Chaim used by the Chofetz Chaim Heritage Center and many other haredi organizations isn't really the Chofetz Chaim, a period newsreel shows. Above left: actual photo of the Chofetz Chaim (screengrab from...

March 9, 2015: Ancient Fossils Reveal Diversity In The Body Structure Of Human Ancestors
Comments: 3 | Categories: History , Science
Recently discovered 1.9 million-year-old pelvis and thigh bones change perspective on human evolution, scientists say. Above: 1.9 million-year-old pelvis and femur bone fossils of early humans in Kenya reveal that there were more distinctive species of early humans than previously...

March 6, 2015: Earliest Known Fossil Remains Of Human Ancestor Found In Ethiopia
Comments: 9 | Categories: History , Science
The fossil, the left side of a lower jaw with five teeth, has been dated to 2.8 million years ago, which predates the previously known fossils of the Homo lineage by approximately 400,000 years. Earliest Known Fossil Remains Of Early...

March 4, 2015: A Purim Miracle You Likely Have Never Heard About And That Jews Don't Celebrate
Comments: 69 | Categories: History
Jewish history has several Purims. The most famous – and, perhaps, the least true – is the Purim we will celebrate tonight and tomorrow. And then there is the Purim of Frankfort-on-Main, celebrating the deliverance (by the mayor, his troops...

March 4, 2015: Genetic Research Challenges Popular Theory On Origin Of Languages
Comments: 11 | Categories: History , Science
"Their genetic profiles show remarkable similarity despite vast geographic distances and differences in material culture. Whether from Hungary, Germany or Spain, the first farmers are genetically almost identical and must have come from the same origin." Above and above right:...

March 3, 2015: Ancient Skull Found In Israel May Show When And Where Humans And Neanderthals First Interbred
Comments: 8 | Categories: History , Israel , Science
The date and shape of the Manot Cave skull provides some intriguing evidence that humans and Neanderthals might have interbred sometime during the human trek out of Africa, most likely as the former passed through the Middle East before spreading...

February 21, 2015: Surprising Researchers, Neanderthals Had Sexual Division Of Labor
Comments: 38 | Categories: History , Science
Neanderthal communities divided some of their tasks according to their sex, a new study by the Spanish National Research Council (CSIC) published in the Journal of Human Evolution has found. Neanderthal Groups Had Sexual Division Of Labor Spanish National Research...

February 20, 2015: Indo-European Languages Emerged Roughly 6,500 Years Ago From Common Ancestor Language, New Research Suggests
Comments: 7 | Categories: History , Science
Linguists have long agreed that languages from English to Greek to Hindi, known as 'Indo-European languages', are part of a language family which first emerged from a common ancestor spoken thousands of years ago. Now, a new study gives us...

February 20, 2015: Almost 2,000 Years Ago, The Top Wine In The World Came From Southern Israel, And Soon We May Know Why
Comments: 0 | Categories: History , Israel , Science
The archeologists know of “the Wine of the Negev” or “Gaza Wine” — named for the port it was sent from to all corners of the empire — from historical sources from the Byzantine period. This wine was considered to...

February 17, 2015: A Musical Interlude
Comments: 13 | Categories: History , Music
Today is Mardis Gras and it's also Black History Month. Jews played a large role in Jazz – the quintessential Black American music form invented in New Orleans just before 1900, from the Jewish family who gave the young teenaged...

February 16, 2015: Archaeologists Help Protect Cultural Heritage Of Kurdish-Controlled Northern Iraq
Comments: 1 | Categories: Current Affairs , History
The UN estimates the region now hosts more than 500,000 refugees fleeing from ISIS. “We must send a signal that normal life continues. That includes protecting our historical sites. And we will not approve new building applications without a green...

February 8, 2015: Switch From Hunting To Farming Caused Negative Changes To Human Jaw, Teeth Placement, Researchers Find
Comments: 8 | Categories: Food , History , Science
Hunter-gatherers had almost no malocclusion and dental crowding, and the condition first became common among the world’s earliest farmers some 12,000 years ago in Southwest Asia. “Our findings show that the hunter gatherer populations have an almost 'perfect harmony' between...

February 6, 2015: The Real Truth Behind Animal Sacrifice And Kosher Slaughter
Comments: 3 | Categories: History , Religion , Science , Torah & Science
The ancient Israelites believed that an animal's life-force was contained in its blood and that offering that blood to God was necessary if the animal was to sacrificed and eaten. But many other cultures have similar types of ancient beliefs...

February 4, 2015: Is Tu B’Shvat, Which We Celebrate Today, A Vestige Of Ancient Israelite Tree Worship?
Comments: 11 | Categories: History , Religion
Tu B'Shvat, the Jewish new year for trees we celebrate today, is likely a vestige of an ancient new year and fertility celebration that predated Rosh Hashana. Why? Because ancient Israelites likely worshipped trees. Is Tu B’Shvat, Which We Celebrate...

January 31, 2015: Research Finds Early Mesoamericans Negatively Affected By Climate Change
Comments: 2 | Categories: History , Science
Cantona, one of the largest cities in pre-Columbian Mesoamerica with a population of 90,000 people, was decimated and then abandoned, largely by and because of climate change, study finds. Above: Catona today Lawrence Livermore Research Finds Early Mesoamericans Affected By...

January 30, 2015: Ancient Tablets From Jews' Exile To Babylonia Translated And Made Public For The First Time
Comments: 13 | Categories: Books , History
A two-day, international symposium, “Jerusalem In Babylonia,” celebrating the publication of this volume, will be held February 2-3, 2015, at the Bible Lands Museum in Jerusalem, Israel. Above: One of the tablets Major New Archive From Jewish Babylonian Exile Released...

January 28, 2015: 55,000-Year-Old Skull Found In Galilee Cave Offers Clues To The First Modern Europeans
Comments: 24 | Categories: History , Israel , Science
The discovery of a 55,000-year-old partial skull in Northern Israel provides new insights into the migration of modern humans out of Africa. The rare find is reported in the journal Nature this week by an international team of Israeli, North...

January 26, 2015: Why War? Why Terror? Why ISIS?
Comments: 33 | Categories: History , Science , Terrorism
What is it about war and terror that so many young men and women find so alluring? Could it be this? Above: prehistoric cave painting of a large animal hunt This short except posted by DelanceyPlace.com from from Fields of...

January 20, 2015: Director Of Film That Smears A President And Excises Jews Now Says Film Is Accurate History
Comments: 17 | Categories: Bigotry & Racism , Film , History
People who are upset by her smear of President Lyndon Johnson, Ava DuVernay says, should be happy that people are now talking about him with regard to his civil rights legacy and not Viet Nam. And what about the rabbis...

January 19, 2015: Stone Age Man Wasn’t Necessarily More Advanced Than Neanderthals, Scientists Say
Comments: 11 | Categories: History , Science
"This is the first time a multi-purpose bone tool from this period has been discovered. It proves that Neanderthals were able to understand the mechanical properties of bone and knew how to use it to make tools, abilities usually attributed...

January 9, 2015: Of Gods And Men: Societies Living In Harsh Environments Are More Likely To Believe In Moralizing Gods
Comments: 7 | Categories: History , Religion , Science
Just as physical adaptations help populations prosper in inhospitable habitats, belief in moralizing, high gods might be similarly advantageous for human cultures in poorer environments. A new study from the National Evolutionary Synthesis Center (NESCent) suggests that societies with less...

January 4, 2015: Leading Archeologist Says Large Building Stones Heaped At Base Of Temple Mount Near Kotel Not Caused By Destruction Of Second Temple
Comments: 6 | Categories: History , Israel
The Romans destroyed the Second Temple, but they may not have destroyed the walls surrounding it, a top Israeli archeologist now says. Above and above right: The Kotel and Temple Mount. The stones in question are near Robinson's Arch. Leading...

January 3, 2015: Israel’s Secular/Haredi Divide Allegedly Began With A Haredi Doctor’s Abuse Of A Secular Patient Who Broke Shabbat To Get To The Hospital – A Patient Who Died Only Hours After The Doctor Refused To Treat Him
Comments: 31 | Categories: Haredim , History , Israel , Religion
When they got to the hospital Dr. Moritz "Moshe" Wallach, the hospital’s haredi founding director, refused to admit the boy or even allow him and his father to enter the hospital building. Wallach called them “criminals of Israel who desecrate...

December 30, 2014: Jewish Actress Who Won First Ever Back-To-Back Oscars Dies – At 104
Comments: 23 | Categories: Film , History
Luise Rainer, a Hollywood star few remember today, fled Nazi Germany for Hollywood and soared to fame in the 1930s as the first star to win back-to-back Oscars. She just died in London at the ripe old age of 104....

December 29, 2014: Scientists Find 1.2-Million-Year-Old Stone Tool In Turkey, Showing Humans Migrated There Much Earlier Than Previously Thought
Comments: 17 | Categories: History , Science
Scientists have discovered the oldest recorded stone tool ever to be found in Turkey, revealing that humans passed through the gateway from Asia to Europe much earlier than previously thought. Above: The tool (University of London) Scientists Find 1.2-Million-Year-Old Stone...

December 25, 2014: Human Bones Became Fragile Because Of Switch From Hunting-Gathering To Agriculture, Study Shows
Comments: 23 | Categories: History , Science
New research across thousands of years of human evolution shows that our skeletons have become much lighter and more fragile since the invention of agriculture - a result of our increasingly sedentary lifestyles as we shifted from foraging to farming....

December 24, 2014: Fragment Of Ancient Glass Bracelet With Menorah Decorations Found In Israel
Comments: 4 | Categories: Hanukkah , History , Israel
A fragment of an ancient glass bracelet with two motifs of the seven-branched Second Temple menorah has been just been found in the Mount Carmel National Park by the Israel Antiquities Authority (IAA), the IAA reportedly announced this week. Above...

December 23, 2014: Answering The Beit Yosef's Famous Hanukkah Question
Comments: 44 | Categories: Halakha , History
Rabbi Yosef Karo, the author of the Shulkhan Arukh, wrote an earlier work called the Beit Yosef, and is often referred to by its title. Karo asked a question several Rishonim (leading medieval rabbis) asked before him and other leading...

December 22, 2014: Ancient Synagogue Where Jesus May Have Lectured Found In Israel
Comments: 18 | Categories: History , Israel , Religion
Mariana Bravo, who helps run the Church’s Magdala Center. there, called the site a "cross-roads of Jewish and Christian history" because the synagogue existed during and after the time of Jesus but before there was any formal split between Judaism...

December 19, 2014: Can History Help Us Understand The Haredi View Of Religion And State?
Comments: 15 | Categories: Haredim , History , Religion
Haredim, especially haredi politicians and top rabbis, generally do not recognize any separation between religion and state – unless such a separation directly benefits them. A new work on the history of religion likely explains why. From Fields of Blood...

December 17, 2014: The Evolution Of The Menorah: Is The Menorah You Lit Last Night The Same Type Of Menorah Jews Lit 1,800 Years Ago? It Isn't
Comments: 24 | Categories: Hanukkah , History
Halakha (rabbinic Jewish law) allows a menorah to be made of pretty much anything, even a potato. But it also ranks menorah materials in order of preference: gold is the best at fulfilling the mitzvah, silver second best, brass third,...

December 17, 2014: Clay Seals Found That Help Prove Kings David And Solomon Existed, Mississippi Archeologists Say
Comments: 4 | Categories: History , Israel , Religion , Science
However, the seals do not mention either biblical king by name, and what they appear to prove is only that there was some type of government functioning in the area at approximately 1000 BCE. Above and above right: One of...

December 16, 2014: Hanukkah Was Originally Named "Orot"
Comments: 43 | Categories: Hanukkah , History , Israel , Religion
Hanukkah was originally called "Orot" ("Lights"). And guess what it commemorated and celebrated… Above: A menorah on a Hasmonean coin Hanukkah was originally called "Orot" ("Lights") and celebrated and commemmorated the resuption of Temple sacrifices after the Hasmoneans (Maccabees) captured...

December 16, 2014: 2,800-Year-Old Farmhouse Found In Israel
Comments: 2 | Categories: History , Israel
“The farm, which is extraordinarily well-preserved, extends across an area of 30 × 40 meters [98.5 feet x 131 feet] and was built in the eighth century BCE, the time of the Assyrian conquest.…" Above and above right: Aerial photograph...



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