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September 22, 2015: Has The Tomb Of The Maccabees Been Found?
Comments: 10 | Categories: Hanukkah , History , Israel
"…The archaeological evidence currently at hand is still insufficient to establish that this is the burial place of the Maccabees. If what we uncovered is not the Tomb of the Maccabees itself, then there is a high probability that this...

June 8, 2015: The Darkness Of Haredi Gedolim, Continued
Comments: 73 | Categories: Hanukkah , Haredim , History , Israel , Religion, Religion & State
The #2 rabbi of the so-called mainstream Ashkenazi haredi faction, Rabbi Chaim Kanievsky, ruled that the branches of the Temple’s menorah were not curved. Why? Because one rabbi who lived almost 1,000 years after the Temple was destroyed said so....

April 6, 2015: In Sydney, Despite Horrific Child Sex Abuse Scandal, It's Business As Usual For Chabad – And For A Local Politician
Comments: 12 | Categories: Chabad , Crime, Litigation, etc. , Hanukkah , Pedophilia & Related Crimes
After the Australian Royal Commission hearings into widespread coverups of child sex abuse in Chabad institutions, including those Chabad institutions that Rabbi Pinchus Feldman heads in Sydney, exposed horrific behavior by Chabad rabbis – including Feldman himself – one might...

January 9, 2015: Rockland County Protocol For Dangerous Haredi Circumcision Practice Touted – Despite Flaws, Danger To Babies
Comments: 10 | Categories: Circumcision , Hanukkah , Med-Ethics, Public Health
The protocol is essentially the protocol haredi leaders broke in New York City a decade ago. It relies heavily on cooperation from and truth-telling by haredi leaders who have repeatedly promoted lies about the safety of MBP. It also relies...

December 24, 2014: Fragment Of Ancient Glass Bracelet With Menorah Decorations Found In Israel
Comments: 4 | Categories: Hanukkah , History , Israel
A fragment of an ancient glass bracelet with two motifs of the seven-branched Second Temple menorah has been just been found in the Mount Carmel National Park by the Israel Antiquities Authority (IAA), the IAA reportedly announced this week. Above...

December 24, 2014: Hanukkah Menorah Fire Reportedly Kills 10-Year-Old Hasidic Girl
Comments: 8 | Categories: Child Safety , Hanukkah , Haredim , Israel
Another Hanukkah menorah fire has ended with tragic results. Hanukkah Menorah Fire Reportedly Kills 10-Year-Old Hasidic Girl Shmarya Rosenberg • FailedMessiah.com Another Hanukkah menorah fire has ended with tragic results. According to a report in Yeshiva World, the fire began...

December 22, 2014: Video: In Bizarre Custom, Hasidim Throw Towels And Old Clothes At Hasid Lighting Hanukkah Menorah
Comments: 37 | Categories: Hanukkah , Haredim
In a bizarre hasidic custom, hasidim throw towels and old clothes at the hasid chosen to light the Hanukkah menorah in shul (synagogue) as he tries to light. The first part of the video is shot in a Satmar yeshiva,...

December 20, 2014: Hanukkah Menorah Fire Burns Down Haredi House
Comments: 19 | Categories: Hanukkah , Haredim
A two-story home in a haredi neighborhood in Ramapo, New York was destroyed by fire early Friday evening after residents lit a Hanukkah menorah and left it unattended. Hanukkah Menorah Fire Burns Down Haredi House Shmarya Rosenberg • FailedMessiah.com A...

December 18, 2014: Capitulation To Terror? In Wake Of Terror Attack, Chabad Says A Little Light Drives Away Much Darkness – And Then Cancels Public Menorah Lighting Ceremony
Comments: 42 | Categories: Chabad , Hanukkah , Religion, Religion & State , Terrorism
It isn’t just American movie theater chains and Sony Pictures that capitulate to terror. Now, it seems Chabad has done so, as well. Capitulation To Terror? In Wake Of Terror Attack, Chabad Says A Little Light Drives Away Much Darkness...

December 17, 2014: The Evolution Of The Menorah: Is The Menorah You Lit Last Night The Same Type Of Menorah Jews Lit 1,800 Years Ago? It Isn't
Comments: 24 | Categories: Hanukkah , History
Halakha (rabbinic Jewish law) allows a menorah to be made of pretty much anything, even a potato. But it also ranks menorah materials in order of preference: gold is the best at fulfilling the mitzvah, silver second best, brass third,...

December 16, 2014: Hanukkah Was Originally Named "Orot"
Comments: 43 | Categories: Hanukkah , History , Israel , Religion, Religion & State
Hanukkah was originally called "Orot" ("Lights"). And guess what it commemorated and celebrated… Above: A menorah on a Hasmonean coin Hanukkah was originally called "Orot" ("Lights") and celebrated and commemmorated the resuption of Temple sacrifices after the Hasmoneans (Maccabees) captured...

December 4, 2013: Giant Chabad Menorah Joins A Christian Nativity Scene – With Chabad’s Blessings
Comments: 40 | Categories: Chabad , Chabad & Christianity , Hanukkah
“We have an almost-life-size Nativity scene, and the [Chabad] hanukkia stands behind it, as a celebration of Jesus’s Jewish roots. We love it. It’s just beautiful." A Giant Chabad Menorah Joins A Christian Nativity Scene – With Chabad’s Blessings Shmarya...

December 3, 2013: Video: Hanukkah Menorah Lighting At The Kotel
Comments: 1 | Categories: Hanukkah , Israel
A Hanukkah menorah lighting at the Kotel (Western Wall).

December 1, 2013: Blame It On The New York Times
Comments: 6 | Categories: Hanukkah , History
Why is Hanukkah spelled "Hanukkah" in almost every non-Orthodox publication in America? Blame it on the New York Times. On page 13 of Hanukkah in America – A History (2013, NYU Press), Dianne Ashton writes: Here is that 1889 NY...

November 29, 2013: Most Of Us Celebrate Hanukkah – But For The Wrong Reasons
Comments: 90 | Categories: Hanukkah , History
We all know about the miracle of the single cruse of oil that miraculously lasted eight days. What most of do not know is that the whole story is a fairy tale made up generations after the Hanukkah story took...

September 1, 2013: 6 Questions On The Kotel Naftali Bennett Failed To Answer
Comments: 29 | Categories: Hanukkah , Israel , MO & Chardal , Women & Judaism
A senior aide to Naftali Bennett, Israel's Minister of Economy, Trade, Religious Affairs and Disapora Relations, sent me a letter last week that Bennett wrote about his unilateral Kotel (Western Wall) "compromise" with the intent that I post it. I...

July 15, 2013: Murder Haredi Soldiers Like Pinchas Murdered Zimri, Haredi Leaflet Says
Comments: 18 | Categories: Crime, Litigation, etc. , Hanukkah , Israel
“The evil regime and its emissaries the hardakim [slur for haredi soldiers]” are these enemies. “Therefore, at every time of day there should be people available in the Holy Land to fulfill with beauty and self-sacrifice the zealousness of [the...

July 5, 2013: Haredi MK: My Sons Listen To Hasidic Rebbes, Not Israeli Law
Comments: 15 | Categories: Crime, Litigation, etc. , Hanukkah , Israel , Religion, Religion & State
Member of Knesset Rabbi Meir Porush of the Ashkenazi haredi United Torah Judaism Party proudly tells the Knesset that his sons will refuse to follow Israeli law and will dodge the draft, because the they listen to the words of...

June 13, 2013: Haredi Lawmakers Equate Bank Of Israel Governor With Nazis
Comments: 10 | Categories: Hanukkah , Israel
"This is not the first time that the governor has attacked haredim in a racist way. It comes from a world view of blind hatred and lack of concern for poverty, and he is riding the wave of hatred for...

May 22, 2013: Video: Tens Of Thousands Attend Wedding Of Belz Rebbe's Grandson
Comments: 9 | Categories: Hanukkah , Israel
25,000 to 30,000 hasidim attended yesterday's wedding of the Belzer Rebbe's 18-year-old grandson. Here is video of the the Rebbe of Belz blessing the couple after the huppah (marriage ceremony) and another video with highlights from the wedding. [Hat Tip:...

April 25, 2013: Stunning Court Ruling "Liberates" Kotel from Haredim, Gives Sweeping Victory To Women Of The Wall
Comments: 35 | Categories: Crime, Litigation, etc. , Hanukkah , Israel , Women & Judaism
“Today Women of the Wall liberated the Western Wall for all Jewish people. We did it for the 8-year-old girl who can now dream of having her Bat Mitzvah at the wall and for the grandmother who cannot climb on...

December 16, 2012: New Jersey Pilot Program Allows Inmates To Participate In Lighting Of Menorah
Comments: 10 | Categories: Chabad , Hanukkah , Hessed
It took about a year to iron out the details of the department's new menorah policy, which allows each state prison to designate a room where one menorah will be lit by a staff member or a volunteer religious group...

December 11, 2012: Chabad's Hanukkah Heresy
Comments: 70 | Categories: Chabad , Halakha , Hanukkah , History
Chabad's rabbis again show that ignorance is not only bliss in Crown Heights – it's the new halakha, too. First, a little historical background. All of the hundreds of ancient images of menorahs ever found look roughly like the menorah...

December 10, 2012: An Aveira Grows In Brooklyn
Comments: 42 | Categories: Chabad , Crime, Litigation, etc. , Hanukkah , Haredim
Chabad's effort in persumei nisa, publicizing the miracle of Hanukkah, turns into persumei aveira as this Brooklyn menorah steals electricity from the city.

December 10, 2012: Happy Hanukkah From ConEd
Comments: 3 | Categories: Chabad , Hanukkah
An unidentified Chabad rabbi and a ConEd worker were reportedly stuck almost 20 feet in the air in a bucket truck last night after the aging truck’s lift failed. A new, well-kept bucket truck not owned by ConEd Happy Hanukkah...

December 8, 2012: Blinded By The Lights, You Could Easily Miss The True Meaning Of Hanukkah
Comments: 49 | Categories: Hanukkah , History
"While elevating Hanukkah [to a major Jewish holiday by, in part, putting large Hanukkah menorahs on public display to compete with Christmas trees and manger scenes] does a lot of good for children’s morale, ignoring or sanitizing its historical basis...

May 22, 2012: Is Judaism Really A Religion Of Peace?
Comments: 57 | Categories: Hanukkah , Haredim , Israel , Religion, Religion & State
The issue of a Jewish doctor violating the Shabbat to treat a non-Jew has come up again in Israel. The Israeli daily newspaper Yedioth Ahronoth reported that one of Israel’s prominent rabbis, Rabbi Ovadia Yosef, was quoted as telling his...

December 22, 2011: New Jerusalem Pashkvils
Comments: 13 | Categories: Hanukkah , Israel , Women & Judaism
Men to the front of the bus; women to the rear and other important messages from haredi Torah sages in Israel. These photos were taken three days ago in Mea Shearim, a few feet from the Ohr HaChaim/Manny's bookstore:

December 20, 2011: Happy Hanukkah
Comments: 62 | Categories: Hanukkah
Hanukkah – the 8 day commemoration of the Jewish civil war/war against the Hellenized Syrians who occupied Judea almost 2200 years ago – begins tonight at sundown. But why 8 days? Was there really a miracle of oil? And why...

December 11, 2011: Haredi Ban On Mishpacha Magazine
Comments: 19 | Categories: Bans & Censorship , Hanukkah , Israel , Media & Media Criticism
A pashkvil, wall poster, banning Mishpacha Magazine posted in Jerusalem near the intersection of Keren Kayemmet and Usisskin streets.

November 27, 2011: Secular And Orthodox Knesset Members Fight Over Women's Rights
Comments: 7 | Categories: Hanukkah , Israel , Women & Judaism
The heated exchange was prompted by Livnat's announcement that she will convene the Ministerial Committee on the Status of Women, which she heads, to discuss the exclusion of women from Israeli public space. "It would seem that there had been...

December 17, 2009: Chappy Chanukkah From Chabad
Comments: 32 | Categories: Bizarre , Chabad , Hanukkah
Crown Heights Hanukkah festivities do not disappoint. Crown Heights.info writes: The Chanukah Auction hosted by Yeshiva Darchai Menachem is only days away, and students in Crown Heights are working hard to earn first place in the annual menorah competition. The...

December 14, 2009: Comparing The Maccabees To Today's Hardcore Settlers Sets Off Firestorm
Comments: 69 | Categories: Hanukkah , History
"What an inappropriate article. [It] quotes history while fully distorting the facts - and attempts to take the joy out of a beautiful holiday with a tradition of hope and renewal." Comparing 'fanatic' Maccabees to modern 'Jewish hard-core' By Natasha...

December 9, 2009: Mormon US Senator Writes Hanukkah Song
Comments: 23 | Categories: Hanukkah , Music
“I know a lot of Jewish people that don’t know what Hanukkah means.” Jews should “take a look at it and realize the miracle that’s being commemorated here. It’s more than a miracle; it’s the solidification of the Jewish people.”...

December 2, 2009: Streit's and Whole Foods Team Up For New Kosher Hanukkah Product
Comments: 9 | Categories: Food , Hanukkah , Kosher Business?
Whole Foods partnered with Streit’s to bring the first ever sulfite-free potato pancake mix to market. From Whole Food's blog Whole Story: …Expanding our selection of kosher products that meet our strict quality standards has been a challenge, though. Many...

September 11, 2009: Ancient Synagogue Found: Among Oldest In World, It May Reveal Secret Lost For 2,000 Years
Comments: 29 | Categories: Chabad , Hanukkah , History , Israel
What secret does this ancient relic hold for today's Jews, especially today's Chabad Jews? One of the Oldest Synagogues in the World was Exposed in the Israel Antiquities Authority Excavation A synagogue from the Second Temple period (50 BCE-100 CE)...

December 30, 2008: A Chabad-Lubavitch Hanukkah
Comments: 122 | Categories: Chabad , Hanukkah
Pictures… …from the main synagogue in Chabad world headquarters: The empty chair sits unused, waiting for the late Rebbe, Menachem Mendel Schneerson, who passed away in 1994, to return. The sign behind the menorah reads, "Yechi adonaynu moraynu v'rabbaynu melech...

December 19, 2008: Chabad Rabbi To Make Public Menora Out Of Salami
Comments: 21 | Categories: Chabad , Hanukkah , Insanity , Outreach
"It's going to be an unbelievable sight to see," said Rabbi Shlomo Ezagui of Chabad of Palm Beach. "Head to toe salami, baby!" Details: Yes, it's kosher; rabbi plans to light salami menorah for Hanukkah Marc Freeman A 15-foot-high Hanukkah...

December 16, 2008: Just In Time For Hanukkah? Rebbe Coin Minted In Israel
Comments: 26 | Categories: Chabad , Chabad & Christianity , Hanukkah , History , Israel
One of the things archeologists almost never find are… …Jewish coins from the Land of Israel bearing the likeness of a person. The idea in ancient times was to not make graven images. (Jews would sometimes use Roman coins with...

December 15, 2007: The Mirrer Rosh Yeshiva and the History and Future of Orthodox Judaism
Comments: 72 | Categories: Divre Torah , Hanukkah , History
I ran across this short Hanukka Davar HaTorah from Mir's rosh yeshiva, Rabbi Nosson Tzvi Finkel, on YouTube. It's not easy to understand because Rabbi Finkel has Parkinson's Disease, and his speech is effected. He speaks faintly and haltingly as...

December 10, 2007: If at First You Don't Succeed, Lie and Lie Again – Aish HaTorah in the New Yorker
Comments: 54 | Categories: BTs , Hanukkah , Haredim , Outreach
The New Yorker, of all places, has a brief profile of Aish HaTorah-New York City and its outreach program geared to wealthy executives who donate large sums of money to Aish – "(average: ten thousand dollars)". In this very brief...

December 6, 2007: Live Streaming Hanukka Music
Comments: 4 | Categories: Hanukkah , Music
JewishWorldReview.com has live streaming Hanukka music in either RealPlayer format or as an MP3 download. [Hat Tip: Ben Max.] UPDATE: This is really bad music, the worst haredi music out there, courtesy of Nachum Segal. Binyomin, you can do better...

December 5, 2007: An Underground Comic for the Hanukka Season
Comments: 5 | Categories: Hanukkah , Humor
And David Kelsey is partially responsible. Read (and see) it all on Jewcy.

December 5, 2007: The Little Menorah That Didn't, Part 5
Comments: 107 | Categories: Hanukkah , History
Stephen Gabriel Rosenberg, a great-grandson of Rabbi Samson Raphael Hirsch, is a fellow at the Albright Institute for Archaeological Research in Jerusalem. Rosenberg deals with the "miracle of oil" and the differing versions of events in 1 and 2 Maccabees...

December 4, 2007: The Little Menorah That Didn't, part 4
Comments: 31 | Categories: Hanukkah , Haredim , History
Rabbi Avi Shafran writes: …Why, if oil sufficient for one day was discovered in Jerusalem's Holy Temple when the Maccabees reclaimed it from Seleucid control, is Hanukka eight days long? True, that is how long the candles burned, allowing the...

July 31, 2007: An Early Hanukka Present: The Rebbe and the Menora, Part 2
Comments: 29 | Categories: Chabad , Hanukkah , History
Ynet reports: The renovation of the Jewish Quarter in Jerusalem that started in 1967 lasted over 15 years. During the construction of the Kotel Yeshiva over the Western Wall's plaza, an impressive building complex was discovered including the homes of...

December 24, 2006: Hanukka 2006: What's The Truth About Sources For The "Miracle Of Oil"?
Comments: 5 | Categories: Hanukkah , History
Moshe Shoshan writes in a comment on Hirhurim to a post on the validity of the so-called Scroll of Aniochus and other 'sources' for the so-called Miracle of Oil: I have not had time to look into the matter thoroughly....

December 17, 2006: Hanukka: The Faith of a Suicide Bomber Maccabee?
Comments: 5 | Categories: Hanukkah
From Aish.com: …When the Maccabees reached Jerusalem, they found the Holy Temple desecrated and defiled. In the face of this utter debasement of their values and beliefs, the Maccabees once again rose beyond the laws of logic, and refused to...

December 17, 2006: Hanukka: Did The Maccabees Make It All Up?
Comments: 7 | Categories: Hanukkah , History
Is the entire story used by the Maccabees as the basis for their rebillion nothing more than PR? Ha'aretz* reports: …"The reason for Antiochus' oppression of the Jewish faith, attack on the Temple and prohibition of the Torah precepts is...

December 13, 2006: Hanukka 2006: How Ignorant Are Haredim? This Ignorant
Comments: 44 | Categories: BTs , Hanukkah , Haredim , Outreach
Rabbi Nota Schiller is a co-founder of and rosh yeshiva at Ohr Somayach, the "Harvard" of BT yeshivot. Rabbi Schiller was educated at Ner Israel in Baltimore, and has been a leading exponent of kiruv (missionizing) and haredism for 40...



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