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August 07, 2014

Rubashkin The Saint

Rubashkin closeup low res"As everyone knows, Reb Sholom Mordechai Rubashkin is a man of incredible faith, who despite currently being in prison, still manages to serve as a fountain of emuna and even simcha to his fellow Yidden worldwide…"

Above: Rabbi Sholom Mordechai Rubashkin

It doesn't matter how much money Rabbi Sholom Rubashkin stole or who he hurt, from an employee with cancer who discovered her health insurance had been cancelled because Rubashkin's family's company, Agriprocessors, failed to pay its portion of the health insurance premium, or the poor undocumented workers who were paid far less than industry standard (and in some cases, allegedly below minimum wage) and then had their paychecks skimmed by Rubashkin. For haredim, kindness to them – even when given at the expense of poor non-Jews, makes Rubashkin a tzaddik (saint), as you can see here:

“Thoughts” by Rabbi Nachman Seltzer: About a Man In Prison
Yeshiva World (Thursday, August 7th, 2014)

I have a friend who while learning in Lakewood many years ago, found himself stranded in BoroPark on erev Sukkos. He had been supposed to go to Montreal for Yom Tov, but had left his passport in the dorm, not knowing that he needed it to cross the Canadian border. Miserably disappointed at having his plans fall through, the bochur began walking up and down the avenue searching for a miracle. He tried asking a few people for directions to a local yeshiva, hoping that they would pick up on his desperation, but nobody did.

Suddenly a car pulled up to a stop alongside him.

A man with a black beard and a twinkle in his eye asked him if everything was okay.

The bochur reiterated his request for directions. The man offered to drive him to the yeshiva. On the way, he skillfully questioned the bochur until he learned that he had no where to go for Yom Tov. Upon which, the man invited the bochur to his home.

“There we were driving in his car,” my friend said, “when I suddenly noticed that we had left the Jewish neighborhoods far behind. There was graffiti on every storefront and the natives stared at us menacingly. I didn’t understand where we were. Suddenly I became nervous. Was this man kidnapping me?

My host understood my concern.

“Don’t worry,” he reassured me, “we are almost there.”

Indeed, a minute later, we turned a corner and found ourselves in CrownHeights. I had been discovered/adopted by Rabbi Sholom Mordechai Rubashkin and his wonderful family. In the end I stayed with them for the entire Yom Tov, experiencing the awesome Yom Tov atmosphere of CrownHeights and 770 and meeting a host of incredible people. Rabbi Rubashkin was one of the most selfless people I had ever met and the chesed operation that was done by the entire family was something amazing to see. Spending time with Reb Sholom Mordechai, was spending time in the presence of greatness.




Reb Elchonon Jacobovitz is a sixth grade rebbe in Yeshivas Darchei Torah in Detroit, Michigan. After seeing multiple inspirational Divrei Torah from R’ Sholom Mordechai printed in various outlets, he had an idea. Why not initiate a weekly exchange of Divrei Torah between his class and R’ Sholom Mordechai? Wasting no time, he penned a letter to Rabbi Rubashkin presenting his idea, which Rabbi Rubashkin enthusiastically embraced. Thus began a beautiful correspondence, with a different boy writing a Dvar Torah each week, and R’ Sholom Mordechai responding with a lengthy and inspirational thought of his own.

As everyone knows, Reb Sholom Mordechai Rubashkin is a man of incredible faith, who despite currently being in prison, still manages to serve as a fountain of emuna and even simcha to his fellow Yidden worldwide, and to Reb Elchonon and his class, who davened daily for R’ Sholom Mordechai’s release and treasured their relationship.




Mrs. Esther Finkel a’h was Reb Elchonon’s great aunt. A baalos chessed par excellence and the founder of Ezer Halbashah, she was known throughout Brooklyn as a person who knew how to get things done and one who never stopped helping others. She was also a Holocaust survivor who never forgot the air raid sirens that she had lived through as a young girl back in Europe.

Two weeks ago, Rav Yitzchok Finkel and his rebbetzin had come to Yerushalayim for a short visit. They didn’t live in Eretz Yisroel. On Shabbos afternoon Mrs. Finkel heard the wailing sound of the siren reverberating through the streets of the holy city and although she had no history of heart trouble, suffered a heart attack as the nightmares of her youth and the collective nightmares of her nation came full circle.

As her heartbroken family mourned her passing, Reb Elchonon sat down and penned a poem in memory of his great aunt.


The sirens sound, A heart does pound, From times gone by, a girl’s voice cries.

A different war, Of foes no more, And yet the fear, Is still so near.

They kill, they hate, That is their fate, While we just build, With love, hearts filled.

And thus, a queen, In years between, That frightened child, In a world gone wild, These times of pain, As missiles rain.

She gave, she shared, She sowed, she reaped, And for that we rejoice, Even as we weep.

Esav can kill, Yishmael can war, But into our soul, Neither can bore.

They push us down, But we arise, And when the time comes, We’ll look into their eyes.

We’ll remind them of you, The story of the Jew, Who not once but twice, Endured such fright, And yet with grace, Prevailed despite.

Let them take the fear, The tears, the pain, We’ll keep instead, The faith we’ve gained,

And from it we’ll build, Our Mikdash anew, Yes us, Klal Yisroel, We’ll be just like you.

He shared his poem with his entire family and of course sent a copy to his dear friend Reb Sholom Mordechai.


This was Reb Sholom Mordechai’s response.


A Guten Voch Tiere Reb Elchonan Sheyichye, Sholom Uvrocho.

Its really great to hear from you and BEEZRAS HASHEM we will be together very soon in freedom. Its early morning and BEEZRAS HASHEM my brother is coming to visit, and I have a few minutes before the computer shuts in the am for the count. But I wanted to say that I received this email and My Heart Aches from what you write happened with your great aunt and the poem brings tears to the eyes.

Very Powerful, and HASHEM YISBORAICH will give the whole family and yourself a double Nechama and the Best Nechama is that we should have our Geuloh Shlaimoh now with Moshiach Tzidkainu.

Also BEEZRAS HASHEM to Bli Neder Write a Letter in the Afternoon. I am not sure if I told you that I learnt in Toirah Vodaas for the 6th, 7th and 8th grades. I think now its called Toirah Teminoh, and My Rebbe in the 8th grade was Rabbi Finkel who i really Enjoyed and Learnt a lot from. I was wondering if this is the same Rabbi Finkel? PODOH BESHOLOM NAFSHI :) DIDAN NOTZACH BESUROIS TOIVOIS :)

Sholom Mordechai Halevi Ben Rivkoh sheyichye :) —-


Rav Yitzchok Finkel had indeed been Reb Sholom Mordechai’s rebbe back in Torah Vodaas, going on to become the menahel of the yeshiva and Reb Sholom Mordechai penned a separate email to him as well.



Lekovoid Reb Yitzchok Sheyichye,

The Brocho for Nichum Availim is; HAMOKOIM YENACHEM ESCHEM BESOICH SHARAI AVAILAI TZION VEYRUSHOLAYIM. The reason the Brocho for a personal Nechoma is “Hamokoim, place” and phrased in such a way, is because it’s “Besoich” together with the Nechama of Yerusholayim. What is the Connection Between the Personal Nechoma and the Nechoma of all of Klal Yisroel and Yerusholaim?

I heard the Pshat is this – We are totally certain that we will see the Nechoma of Yerusholayim and all of Klal Yisroel with the Coming of Moshiach Tzidkainu Bimhairoh Beyomianu and the Building of the Bais Hamikdosh Hashlishi. We will see the Nechomoh for Yerusholaim and All of Klal Yisroel Bimhairoh B’yomainu, the same way we are certain to see the Personal Nechomoh – to be reunited again with our loved ones Bimhairoh Beyomainu!


P.S. You write that the fright of the sirens was too much for her to bear, because it reminded her of what they did to the Yidden in the Last War Rachmonoh Litzlan. When I read this and then I was saying Tehilim I thought “What A Pure Neshomo! This Tzadaikis has it right!” And We need to learn from her how to feel about this Matzav Klal Yisroel is in. She heard the enemies of the Yidden brutally attacking the children of Yisroel – the very children of the Yidden who were murdered – the children who were saved from the fiery inferno of the Second World War. This is one continuation of their evil plans which they relentlessly do in their attempt to destroy the Yidden Rachmomo Litzlan.

This Tzadaikis Mamosh saw it right! She saw the parallel and continuation of what she lived thru in Europe and what they did to our parents generation and they are now attempting to do this to those few who survived to fires of Europe. I wish we should take this Message to heart and realize what the Enemies of the Yidden are really plotting to do and place our trust ONLY IN HASHEM YISBORAICH OUR FATHER TO PROTECT US as it says; “Al Tiroh Mpachad Pisoim Umisoias Reshoim Kee Sovoi” “Utzu Aitzoh Vesufor Dabru Dovor Veloi Yokum Kee Imonu Kail” “Vad Ziknoh Ani Hu, Vad Saivoh Ani Esboil, Ani Osisi, V’Ani Eson V’Ani Esboil V’Amalait”!



Rabosai, here’s a man who has been sentenced to a prison sentence that would be called harsh by any standard. A man who has been snatched away from the warm embrace of his family and made to live far away from everything he knows and loves.

And yet,

And yet,

He is not sad. He is not bitter. He does not waste time on recriminations. His focus is on the positive and on giving chizuk and on doing chesed – just like he has always done – only now he does it from a prison cell. He teaches Torah and reaches out to his fellow Yid and increases achdus and serves as a role model and testimonial to what a Yid can accomplish no matter where he is.

And for that Reb Sholom Mordechai, I say Yasher Koach.

You have taught us much.

You are an inspiration to every Jew.

Rabbi Nachman Seltzer is the author of eighteen books including such classics as “The Network,” “It could Have Been You” series, “Class Acts,” and his newest book “48.”
He is a columnist for TheYeshivaWorld.com & International Hamodia magazine, where his true life stories are beloved around the world.
Rabbi Seltzer heads the Shira Chadasha Boys Choir which just released their fifth album “Am Yisroel.”

He can be reached for comments or regarding speaking engagements at nachmanseltzer@gmail.com


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He needs to stay in jail. As long as his supporters insist on lionizing this SOB, the state needs to stand by his long sentence.

i can only say it is gevaldig,awsome:) if if werent a tragedy.

They will not see the evil perpetrated on non-jews, nor will they see that thievery from both the banks and government are in fact crimes. The only crime that counts is Jew on Jew. This is the earmark of the cult. The cult does not recognise the non-jew. The cult does not disparage any crime committed on a non-jew.

Mr Rubashkin is a thief, a liar and the acts perpetrated on his employees are beneath contempt. He deserves his jail sentence and more. All to orthodox community does is show that they are complicit in his crimes and deserve to be viewed with a jaundiced eye.

""For haredim, kindness to them – even when given at the expense of poor non-Jews, makes Rubashkin a tzaddik (saint), as you can see here:"

a)i don't see here any of his kindness in money terms where you can say he stole from one and gave to others.

b)Like it or not Judaism and for the most part those who observe it FULLY in which case these days are called "Haredim is based on Chesed and there is no other people as Haredim that do so much chesed with one another.
Part of chesed is to bring out the good from other people even if they are not so good.This is "Haredim"

Evil people who have no clue what chesed is all they love is Jewish Haredi blood even when the persons blood is spilled they cant get enough will point out only the bad of a beaten person.

If he dies in jail, they will 'pray' to his empty cell.

Mefoar –

Stop lying.

You know very well that Rubashkin gave tens of thousands of dollars (if not more) in tzedeka taken primarily from money he stole.

It was mentioned at trial , it was mentioned in the judge's sentencing memorandum – and it was reported here many times.

The rest of what you wrote just proves my point. In your community, no matter how many non-haredim are hurt, as long as a haredi person gives tzedaka to haredi charities, he's kosher – and if he gives a lot of tzedaka, he's atzaddik.

My comment was to the stories you brought from Yeshiva World.Maybe i didn't read clearly but i don't see any mention of Rubashkin giving money.

Haredim and that goes for normal sane kindhearted human beings usually don't stomp and kick a beaten man.Unless if someone is a murderer he deserves the worse.And in many cases you will find that some families will forgive even a murderer.

Mefoar--I understand you,you as i see it are a genuine erlehe meanning very honest religious person but many hassidim are not so you find it hard to grasp the magnitude of what rubashkin did stole so much money,some people just cannot bring themselfs to accept that amongst youre own you have such heartless thiefs

Then this great tzaddik should be grateful that Hashem has placed him in prison where he can share his greatness with those who need it most.

Sarek- Good point. It's a win-win .

I remain fascinated by a mindset that either excuses or overlooks crimes committed by one of their own members, and instead talks about what a "saint" this person is because he gave someone a ride and invited him to stay over at his house a few years ago.

Said it before and I will say it again- this community is raising a generation of young men who will follow their fathers and uncles into prison. When a community continually rationalizes and minimizes breaking the law, it is inevitable that such rationalizations are transmitted to it's younger generation.

What an example to set.

Shmaryah,only a vicious bloodthirsty evil monster,would kick and bad mouth a fellow Jew who is serving a life sentence in solitary confinement.
You remind me of the cursed jewish Kapo's in Auschwitz,when an inmate collapsed and fainted
from hunger and fatigue,the Kapo animal went over and kicked him some more with his Nazi boots,and just like in Auschwitz,when the Nazi's German Sheppard saw a jew writhing in pain on the floor,the dog attacked him and took a bite out of him,so too as on cue,your own little lapdog poodle and tuches leker "Jancsibasci' right away jumped up to take a bite out of poor Rubashkin,
hey Shmaryah,make sure to throw your poodle a nice juicy bone

Posted by: Mefoar | August 07, 2014 at 12:28 PM

Okay, prove it. Prove that Haredim do more chesed than Amish, Mennonites, Witnesses, Quakers or any other denomination of any faith does for their own. Let's see some objective data that proves your statement. Otherwise it's worthless.

A lot of people here who obviously need to listen to some mussar on loshon hora.

JACKiboy--What are you talking about bad mouthing torturing another yid,he rubashkin loves it in jail didnt you read the piece before whats wrong with you

Mefoar--Here i agree with you on the chessed that hassidim do,just this shabbas at a kiddish i ate such fantastic chulent with kishkes i told myself oy gevalt theese people hassidim are truly kind also forgot ate such fine gebachtzen cakes i love them:)

"the natives stared at us menacingly..."

Translation: Those jungle bunnies scare me.

Wow. Shmarya called him a saint. And not a single badmouthing of MMS, or Chabad.

This is not the first inkling today that he's gone soft.

Could it be that Shmarya's done teshuva, and is planning to move back to Brooklyn?

Jack –

He is NOT in solitary confinement and his sentence, while very long, is not life.

And he wouldn't be in this position if he hadn't done all those crimes and if people like you hadn't enabled him.

Are they deifying him?

He IS a saint, can you not see his black halo???

(Possibly a saint of the sitra acher?)

Dear JACK,

Do you ever get embarrassed by your unfettered inability to comprehend the world around you, or is your feted vitriol your cover?

vicious bloodthirsty evil monster

Rubashkin used to charge his employees $1/pay period for a clean white smock, something he was required to provide to his employees per USDA regulations. The money was deducted from employee paychecks (although employees could elect to wash their own smocks themselves - something that rarely occurred).
Given the number of employees, this worked out to a savings to Agriprocessors of approx. $50,000 a year. When I mentioned this to other plant owners, they laughed and couldn't believe he tried to get away with this scam.

Incidentally, that same amount was what Rubashkin gave (minimally) annually to Chabad.

Does the term "other peoples money" sound familiar?

Alter Kock
“They will not see the evil perpetrated on non-jews, nor will they see that thievery from both the banks and government are in fact crimes. The only crime that counts is Jew on Jew.”

You are totally wrong even Jew on Jew crime doesn’t count as long they are not from their own crime family, like the "Cosa Nostra".

+++Rubashkin used to charge his employees $1/pay period for a clean white smock, something he was required to provide to his employees per USDA regulations.+++

Did he actually given them clean smocks or did he just take the money?


How do you expect Mefoar would know that every church, religious institution always gave charity? His brain is incarcerated in yesteryear ghetto.

"Did he actually given them clean smocks or did he just take the money?"

The company operated its own laundry in the plant and provided clean smocks. The "laundry ladies" also provided first aid to injured employees.

Subsequent to the raid, Rubashkin hired someone with an EMT background when he was finally convinced that was prudent.

Most plants have a nurse on duty during work hours. I have met several who have Emergency Room backgrounds - a good idea given the seriousness of meat plant injures.

Is it really possible that 23 years from now in 2037 that Rubashkin could still be sitting in jail?!

Ina case like his, short of a presidential pardon, when is he realistically going to be released?


“Is it really possible that 23 years from now in 2037 that Rubashkin could still be sitting in jail?!”
No, his release date is written in stone, as long he doesn’t commit a new crime in prison.

"I have a friend who while learning in Lakewood many years ago, found himself stranded in BoroPark on erev Sukkos. He had been supposed to go to Montreal for Yom Tov, but had left his passport in the dorm, not knowing that he needed it to cross the Canadian border."

Ah....he didn't know Canada is a different country?

Yet another unwitting example of the ignorance derived from a haredi education....

Eli what me messiah,
You just proved to all of us,that it is you
who is the ignorant one,
because the simple fact is,that up to 9/11 all you needed to pass the Canadian border was a valid U.S drivers license, I should know,because i have dual U.S and Canadian citizenship,and for years whenever traveling back to Canada i only took along my drivers license,it is only since 9/11 that a passport is required.

Posted by: JACK | August 07, 2014 at 09:33 PM

Or an extended driver's license. You lose.

Posted by: Joe Field | August 07, 2014 at 07:50 PM

He never responds when his lies are exposed.

There is no difference between a white slave plantation owner that gives money to the e.g.[white] orphanage

and Rubashkin who gives to his own kind

Yet all the while slaving the workers


Also notice how Hashem is nowhere to be found in either writings (expcept in a supersticious way). The letters are about name dropping, ancestor worship, people as magic beings - essentially paganism.

Hi Eli Messiah! I was just thinking about you!

JACK, you ignorant slut. It is clearly stated that he needed it to cross the border int Canada. Therefore this happened post 9/11.

A "rosh yeshiva" from the local institution once came a' beggin' for money from me. I told this guy that because of the race hatred that's a characteristic of Orthodox Judaism in not helping others who are not of their persuasion, I would give my "mei'ser" to Salvation Army who assist needy gentiles AND Jews regardless of their faith (or lack of it). While I realize that Salvation Army has its problems, they do not discriminate. The hungry are fed by them and they benefit society greatly, unlike his institution.

These self-centered Orthodox institutions get nothing of my charitable giving.

Incidentally, with regards to the first "Art-Scroll Gedolim" or "Chabad about Schneersohn" story with the Canadian kid, it was not until June, 2009 that passports were required for Canadians to cross back into the U.S. at the land border. Although Mr. Rubashkin's eyes may indeed "twinkle", the story is probably not true.

All humans have flaws and the onerous government regulations for most industries are impossible to observe 100%. This man, S Rubashkin, provided kosher meat at a reasonable price, lots of jobs in otherwise economically depressed Postville, and hospitality. He should not be locked up for life. May he be freed now.

As far as hiring illegal Mexican and paying them too little, how are you supposed to tell real from faked documents and legal from illegal Mexicans? Also, if the Mexicans or any employees felt they were being underpaid or wrongly treated, they could leave and get paid more elsewhere, or go back to Mexico, right?

I spent a Shobbos at Mr Rubashkin's house while on my way out west and got a tour of the plant. There were several other guests passing thru who were invited for Shobbos meals. The shalosh shudos at the shul was terrific. The cholent pots were full of meat so fresh it tasted different from Brooklyn meat cholent. (Mr/Mrs Rubashkin were away that Shobbos but his married children hosted.)

Thousands and thousands of separate crimes.

For such unmitigated selfishness, his family continues to spend his stolen millions

SIXTEEN MILLION TRAIFE MEALS served to unsuspecting Jews who paid high prices.

How many butchers were put out of business by scurrilous activities, not least of which were hundreds and hundreds of shipments of green meat.... specifically to those "mom and pop" shops that Rubashkin succeeded in driving out of business and into debt.

He told one court that he did not steal $200,000 from the employees union, because they were "illegal aliens, and not allowed to have a union" --- IN THE SAME WEEK that he swore to another court that he had no idea that he had 630 illegal aliens working for him.

Blood pressure, blood pressure.

Finally, for those of us who knew him personally, any story of Sholom Rubashkin engaging in an act of kindness, there is no history to cause it be even marginally credible. This is one very, VERY bad apple.... and his family continues to live large from the thousands of thefts committed by the Rubashkin clan. Amazing that the mafia chief himself did not also go to prison.


Agriprocessors was caught providing fake docs to undocumented workers. Rubashkin stole money from those undocumented workers, made them work overtime without paying them, and was otherwise horrible to them.

He stole millions of dollars from his lenders, screwed his suppliers, and used that money in part to under price his products to drive competitors out of business, and he also used the money to fund the 'charity' he gave many rabbis, most of who 'miraculously' told their local butchers they preferred them to only carry Rubashkin products.

Process that.

Of course Sholom Rubashkin is a saint!

Heck, if we didn't already have a Rebbe Messiah, Sholom Rubashkin would be our guy.

He's even one up on the Rebbe!

Okay, follow me here.
A couple of our Rebbes went to jail... well, a lot actually. In fact, they often couldn't keep anything south of their gartel out of the slammer (blame the l'chaims). And it often took a miracle from HaShem to bail their kapotas out.
Still, with all of the jail time our great freilich tzadikim did, they never actually did hard time for the sake of our sins.
Kind of a rotten deal if you ask me since the goyim have a messiah who actually died for their sins. I guess in comparison the RebbeHaMelechHaMoshiach™ might seem somewhat impotent if he weren't synonymous with the Almighty and controlling all things.

But Rubashkin, now there's a guy who took some group sin responsibility!
You see, Sholom Rubashkin suffered severely for our sake, and our steak.
Making all of those millions and millions of dollars was nothing compared to taking the spiritual responsibility of any non-kosher slaughter that may have made its way to Jewish tables after having its esophagus ripped out and flailing around in its own blood.
You can bet a lot of Jews ate delicious, juicy, treif meat on Rubashkin's sin tab!

Sholom Rubashkin is so righteous that he even shoulders his people's animal cruelty sins that occurred before and at the slaughtering plant. You would appreciate Sholom's sacrifice if you ever saw the cow tumbling machine spitting out a bleeder.
Clearly only a man of exceptional quality and holy strength can run the operation that can eject blood gushing cows precisely according to G-d's will (and accept the sin for the few that don't turn out so well).

I call him... The Great Rubashkin!
(kinda has that "magical" and "magician" themed ring to it.)
Go ahead, try it. It feels wonderful just to say it...
It's THE GREAT RUBASHKIN! Charlie Brown.

If we weren't waiting for the RebbeHaMelechHaMoshiach™ to finish reading that pile of mail and come dancing out of his kever, I'd nominate The Great Rubashkin as the 8th Rebbe.

Rubashkin! Rubashkin!
He's our man!
If he can't make kosher animals trip on their trachea,
No one can!

But we can enjoy none of that now. And the Jewish people (the non-Lubacitch ones) are the ones who will suffer most for our Great Rubashkin being locked away. Had everyone supported him we could have had great new and innovative halachic slaughter tools, techniques, and guidelines.

For example, The Great Rubashkin could have brought wonderful cost saving, cutting edge (pun intended), leniencies with the SNAGS for SNAGS meat program. This meat, even though not kosher for a Lubavitcher, is still suitable for other Jews who all have lower standards anyway. The catchy name comes from the fact that the slaughtered flesh may have been SNAGged a bit during assembly line cutting marathons when things like blessings and maintaining equipment are not always convenient. Get it? SNAGS for SNAGS? How cool is that? Of course most SNAGS are not really noticeable at all (except maybe by the animal when it comes to meat). And best of all, you could have enjoyed meat prices that are almost goyish.
So obviously, it is us outside of The Great Rubashkin's jail cell who suffer.

And if that doesn't cause you regret for not doing eveerything you cold to insure the Great Rubashkin's freedom, this should. Consider missing the possibility of implementing the very first shechita do-over law. This halachic leniency could have saved non-Lubavitch Jewish consumers 1,000's upon 1,000's of dollars in inflated kosher meat costs by retaining all of the meat that would otherwise be called halal/treif.
It could have been a reality until the Feds (and those pesky kids) ruined our plans.

All you critics of The Great Rubashkin will cry for forgiveness when you're paying $14.99/lb for boneless chuck.

@wirbelwind--Federal prisoners typically serve 85% of their sentences. That works out to 23 years for Mr. Rubashkin. As he was sentenced in June of 2010, he can look forward to release in June 2033.

An orthodox man came to my door collecting tzedakah. He said in his broken english that he was collecting for a "political prisoner", a tzaddik in the community, a great man wrongly convicted. I was expecting a picture of someone held in a gulag somewhere. Then he showed me Rubashkin's picture. I remarked, "Ah, der ganef"

The first name I was called was momser, the second was goy. He looked at the mezuzah on my door and said I should remove it, di bist nicht cain yid. I closed my door.

Du bist nisht mizera Avraham Avinu.

Sholom Rubashkin is alive and well. Why all the eulogies?

It's fascinating how we keep beating this particular dead horse over and over.

The haredi/hasidic community will never believe anything other than this was a government conspiracy by anti-semites to "take down" a successful Jewish businessman.

The fact that he was convicted at trial, while receiving all the protections of the 4th, 5th, and 6th Amendments to the United States Constitution, is something that the average US haredi/hasidic (like Yosef and JACK) simply cannot process, much less begin to comprehend.

And therein lie the seeds of a tragedy.

I'm not talking about Rubashkin, per se. I'm talking about the men (women do not go into business in that community) who are going to follow him into prison in the years and decades to come, because their parents are raising them to believe that when a haredi/hasidic man commits a crime or a series of crimes....as long as he is religious, gives to charity, attends shul, etc....than he has not really done anything wrong, and he is simply a "victim" of "goy laws".

If you don't believe me, look at the inner-cities of Baltimore, Detroit, New Orleans, etc, etc, etc. At a certain point, law-breaking becomes culturally ingrained.

What an example to set.

Well, rabosai, I gotta be honest… I used to think HoRav HoGaon Sholom Mot’che Rubashkin, sh’yicheh l’chaim toivim aruchim ul’sholom, was nothing more than a common (if accomplished) criminal. But this incisive, insightful editorial has changed my mind for the following reasons:

1. Rav Sholom invited a fellow chareidi Jew over for yontif. What a mentsch that, “in the end”, the great man even allowed the bochur to stay for “the entire Yom Tov”!

Also, thank HKB”H that, clearly in the Gaon’s great merit, He protected Rav Sholom and his casually racist passenger from the ayin horah imposed upon them by the goyishe “natives” of Crown Heights who “stared at [them] menacingly” as they made their way to the safety of Rav Sholom’s (undoubtedly lavish) home.

2. Rav Sholom answers letters/e-mails (even those containing truly atrocious poetry) from his prison pen pals with teshuvos laden with a profusion of poorly transliterated frummie words and phrases.

3. This editorial was composed by no less a personage than Rabbi Nachman Seltzer himself, the prolific and celebrated author of such “classics” as:

“The Network” (not to be confused with the classic film “Network”, l’havdil)
“48” (not to be confused with the classic film “48 Hours”, l’havdil)
“It Could Have Been You” (not to be confused with the classic film “It Could Happen to You”, l’havdil)
“Class Acts” (certainly not to be confused with the classic Kid 'n Play film “Class Act”, l’havdil ad bli dai)

(Each of which occupies a place of honor on my bookshelf right alongside such other classics of Jewish literature as the Shulchan Oruch and Va’yoel Moishe.)

Rest assured that Rav Seltzer’s heilige editorial will be lovingly copied by hand, laminated, and hung up in every room of my house (not unlike the asher yotzar posters that adorn the walls outside each of my bathrooms, because, after all, who could be expected to know asher yotzar by heart? Except perhaps the godol Rav Sholom Mot’che...).

I will expect orchim to my home to kiss it as they pass, since it has opened my eyes to the fact that Rav Sholom Mot’che truly deserves pride of place in the pantheon of the heroes of Jewish history, alongside Moishe Rabbeinu, the Chasam Soifer, Rav Elyashiv, Rav Shteinman, and Rav Kanievsky.

Is it correct that Rubashkin's main mistake was in arrogantly treating like drek the junior white trainee immigration officers who first came to see him? And that they were mightily peeved & reported it to their superior, & that it escalated from there, & that had he treated them with some respect, the scnadal would never have seen the light of day?!


It was years of stealing and cheating and and animal abuse – in other words, the crimes he committed.

You need to stop believing haredi lies.

When Chabad says so its always true. The Rebbe is Moshiach and Now he is dead he is coming back and Rubashkin is a Tzadik and an angel because of the set up. I was fine until it was said the Rebbe is coming back. I thought we don't believe in that. Therefore I say 100% these are very dangerous to our religion, theese people who are not Jewish anymore but Shnersinism and that unforutunatley is OK, with lying, stealing, cheating. Its a sad hour for us. Please Hashem bring the Moshiach now. Its as good a time as any. It was predicted this horrible outcome would happen if the Rebbe wasn't Moshiach. Upon further investigation I have asked researched. The Rebbe never speaks of the Moshiach. He leads others to think that he was Moshiach. What kind of a man lets on people like he did. And many lost forever. I don't even think anything can bring them back. I hope Chabad isn't Jewish, it would be a load off of our backs. We want the Moshiach now, that's for sure.

Why doesn't that punk apologize if he is such a saint? If he apologized and showed Charatah, I wouldn't be writing to say what a sham is. And it started with the Rebbe who hijacked Lubavich. I would forgive him. I guess the Rebbe is going to ride in and swoop Rubashkin off his feet from Penitentiary. Hey if I can believe the Rebbe is coming back from the dead. So is Jesus and Mohamad. Do we have to rechoose now that we are on the same playing field. I think this week I feel like having Sabbath on Friday or maybe Saturday or Sunday. We NEED the Moshiach N O W.

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