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August 07, 2014


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Yahoshua David

What ISIS does is come into town and slaughter people. Their willing to die, and police and military are not. It demonstrates just how easy a city can be taken over. France is a sitting duck. Mark my words.

On place they ISIS could never take over is the US. Everyone has guns. Try to ride around in your Jeep and take over they'll get sprayed so fast they wont know what hit them.

My first name isnt Yahoshua.. But last name is David though. I grew up secular and went to public school and married goy. I became religious later in life. I can't read or write or speak Hebrew either. Dont look at me like i'm the only one. And no im not going to strive to enclose myself in some Russian pagan philosophy of what Jew should be and force myself to learn Yiddish and other useless rules and nonsense. I'm too preoccupied trying to walk with Hashem and be a light onto nations rather than throwing away my red tablecloth and putting on my right shoe first.

R Nash

It is clear that this is merely a ruse for the US to kill as many Iraqi civilians as they can. ISIS is a legitimate political force. The problem is that ISIS is not recognized as the peace partner it could be. We should give ISIS lots of money and show them respect. after all, they would have made themselves part of a pluralistic Iraqi government if the US had not been governing through puppets.

Yessiry, it is only racism in the US that drives this right wing driven US government to attack the helpless ISIS militants.

R Nash

I sure hope they do not hit ANY civilians, even if ISIS uses human shields.

Just Curious

Yahoshua David --

What kind of inane comment is that? Are you a child?

Also, just out of curiosity, what kind of name is "Yahoshua"? Did you mean "Yehoshua", the English tranliteration the Hebrew name יְהוֹשֻׁעַ? (Note the sh'va vowel under the first letter.)

Yahoshua David


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