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August 08, 2014


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WTF??? They don't "target" us. They fire their rockets at random and don't care who they hit.

Why should we target them? Fair is fair. If they don't have specific targets, then neither should we.

We have given them weeks of politeness and gentleness, by precision targeting, even though it has cost us lives.

They didn't respect that, now it is time for Israel to take the gloves off.

Obama can resign and go live in Gaza (no doubt in extreme luxury like his Hamasole buddies).

Jekyll Jacobson

Obama is not a Muslim. It's a shame that even intelligent people fall for that nonsense some angry men throw around irresponsibly.


David –

Hamas committing a war crime does not justify you committing a war crime. Both warcrimes are punishable under international law.

To equate average Palestinian people with Hamas and to indiscriminately kill them is war crime that most certainly would be punished in ways that would cripple Israel.

And besides all that, it's just wrong to do it.

Just Curious

David --

The obvious answer to your question is that as civilized people, we hold ourselves (and our armed forces) to a higher moral standard than our barbaric enemies.

I would suggest you read about the IDF doctrine of "tehor haneshek" ("purity of arms"), in addition to the concepts of basic human decency and morality that argue against the indiscriminate killing of civilians.

The fact that Hamas and its ilk do not abide by (or even acknowledge) these moral principles is what makes them the bad guys.

Just Curious

Jekyll Jacobson --

Um, nowhere in his comment did David say that Obama is a Muslimn...

Yahoshua David

I agree with Just curious.

In a group we want to rationalize, but alone reading this you should know in your heart that it's wrong. You should see the kids dead. It also doesnt solve anything,

I just saw a couple of hours of the UN. Everyone is depressed and there's a group effort to go into gaza and fix and support them.

I think this time Israel will get tried for war crimes. This is very serious because bibi and gov't officials will get arrested and thrown in jail. That's how serious this is. A few years from now bibi could be in jail.

I just cant figure out why they dont evacuate gaza into Egypt. I guess they want to kill kids for nothing thinking its going to win this conflict or win support. All its doing is making people hate Jews (for good reason as we dont have a voice as induviduals). They think we all blindly support this. If anything the black hats are the ones getting away scott free. The knit hats are taking them off.

Anyhow i continue to hope they are working on pushing Egypt to let them in. But I cant support Israels attacks at civilians without purpose. They're going to lose Gaza and get themselves ARRESTED and tried in international court. I'd stay out of Israel until after the blood moons.


hwa sounds scary . jurong sounds suspicious .

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