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August 07, 2014


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m stein

Only qualified women should be allowed to run,administer, and teach in seminaries for the female gender worldwide, for the same halachik reason that only men teach in all male seminaries.


Thank you hocker. Chaval that the integrity of that rav did not permeate down the street....
Also, re the above references to the "sale" of the semenaries, Yarmush is a sham, you cannot sell a non-profit. This entire case has so many intricacies of fraud, abuse, corruption, and of course, the violation of our precious daughters b'not Yisrael, who, sach hakol, were allowed to attend semenary with Meisels for the express major matarah of finding a shidduch with yichus. How so very very sad, my heart bleeds for them. Meisels needs to pay, amongst other things, for many many years of therapy for these young ladies whose trust he abused. and then threatened them with ruining their reputations for a decent shidduch. Meisels is EVIL INCARNATE.


Rachel slanger is a sister of meisels , who lives in Lakewood down the street from the rav who was tossed out of Lakewood by the BMG thugs for sticking up for his son who was molested by kulko.

Kosher Ham

@sarek August 07, 2014 at 01:49 PM:

What does a Jewish pimpmobile look like, anyway?

It looks like the car driven by
Mordechai Jefferson Carver in the movie "The Hebrew Hammer".


This seems to be a class action initiated by parents who want a refund for their downpayment for next school year. It does not look as if the real abuse victims were involved yet, but they might join the class action.

Brillant idea... The Shafran Beith din thought they could play games... now it looks as if they ruined the institutions... Brilliant move on Meisel's part to sell the sems, now the buyer will have to stand up for the losses...

Yahoshua David

Wow i can't believe what i just read!! Omg wow!!

Of course lets about the real problem - Shmarya! You see, if Shmarya wouldnt report this then there would be no problem!

Also i think halakah states that it's automatic womans fault under rape. Cant remember.


HOW right you are. a veritable circus, soap opera, bunch of clowns, many lying. yeah, i have actually followed it through from day one. it makes me ill. For my own sanity, I am going to stop following it, as i said before i have no dog in this fight or skin in this game. Altruism has it's limits. no more donations either. let me out of here. really. lying ibd, selective blogs, DT??? et al, publishing private emails btw two BD rabbis, one in israel and one one in US. the whole thing stinks from the head. bloggers selectively choose what comments to print, and which not. I am resigning from my involvment. the show will go on, the soap opera, the circus, enjoy it, but not I, guess i am too thin skinned to get pleasure from this crap. and as such, i will not get to see it, to read it, to translate it, zilch nada, go'al nefesh. have fun, NLOL.




This story is better than a book, and it's a page turner. You can follow it from the beginning, starting on July 11th at this website:



as follow on, just for the record, i have no personal involvement in this debacle. no skin in the game, no dog in the game. Just an anti-abuse person, re all creeds and all sexes. may meisels be locked away sooner rather than later.....
I would be astonished if there are not multiple lawsuits, of different varieties, toch zman katsar.


yup, i totally believe that there will be. savlanut. meisels is going under... sooner rather than later, but in any case, he is going under, l'gamrei.
L'et ata, i am wondering re the current plaintiffs


Why are there not also criminal charges?


TY, megalomaniac watch,
for sure i am not charedi,, neither super highly negative charedi, save for some of the disgusting members of our religion, i.e. satmar, skver. etc. YM"S yes, they are an abomination.
i am somewhere in between. I even mostly like chabad, with certain specific reservations, i.e. monetary fraud, and messichistim. two huge subjects, yet, I have soft spot in my heart for them. say what you will i have had enough contact, enough experience with them to reach my state of accceptance. lamrot the rotten part. they do so much good, and SR may be having a cardiac reading this, sorry SR, and i do commiserate re your experience with the rebbe small r, re the ethiopians. i do. everything in life is checks and balances. in the scheme of things, really, compared to naturei karta, satmar, skver Y"S" may the arsonist be imprisoned with his hausboy, i still amongst the choices, have a soft spot for chabad. and i know many, many, rebbeim, many. and i am NOT now a big toremet. although once i was, not now at all..
back to my original question, is anyone following the disgusting meisels case, as i have, who the heck is this rachel stranger person???> i expect that many other lawsuits of various other natures will ensue. but at the moment, SR, can you tell me who the Rachel person is? gartner i know is one of the 3 IBD, others are parents, i get that, but who is this rachel? inquiring minds want to know, and i apologize me'rosh for my still, basically positive view (within many predefined restrictions) of chabad. i do respect your stance, i do. and in your place, i would most likely agree. that not being the case, chabad, is a light unto the jewish people, if only the non-messichistim could overpower the messichistim who are over the top. belligerent, davka, overreact to all attempts to restrain them. i know this. i believe this. i do not know percentages, but the super messichistim are an abomination, afilu to sha'ar the chabadnikim. anti chabad people whose minds are made up, will think my writng is a pile of charah. and i a female, od yoter, lacking credibility. chaval, chaval al am yisrael.
so, back to my question, SR should be able to answer, who is the plaintiff stranger? TIA

Megalomaniac Watch



FM posters who are anti-orthodox are given tremendous latitude by Master Shmarya to make off color, offensive, obscene and even completely vile remarks.

Only Haredi readers must be on their best behavior.

Bas Melech

I applaud the plaintiffs and families who had the courage to bring the abuse to a civil court. They need our prayers, encouragement and support.


yehuda fulda @1:39:
i am assuming that you jest. on the off chance that you think meisels has some redeeming characteristics, adultery, rape, violating niddah, using his authority to violate pure b'not yisrael, many more. Some percentage (unknown at the moment and perhaps never will be known) were clearly raped. You don't fn ask the young lady in the back of your van at 3AM to quick run to the mikveh. NLOL, is the mikveh open all night for those who were too busy, and now are horny as all hell?

Also, no one has mentioned his family, the wife. Where did his wife think he was out at all hours of the night? fn the sheep??? sorry, could not resist the woody allenism, albeit he is anathema.


Cool! Now Jews are into white slavery.

And we thought these guys wanted to be separate from main society. We were wrong, they learned a lot from it.

What does a Jewish pimpmobile look like, anyway?


I have been following the Meisels debacle. on both blogs, yet do not know who Rachel Slanger is????? Guessing she might be principal at one of the other seminaries, not Pninim?

yehuda fulda

i wonder if rabbi meisels would make the women go to the mikva before abusing them? boys r different they dont have to go to the mikva. i think rabbis font have relations with women when they r in nidda but they usually dont abuse women and children either...so what do i know


No. You presume a level of transparency at those seminaries which in reality is allegedly lacking.

Account Deleted

The school administrators should not be "unkown." I guess the evidence against them is weak?

Account Deleted

The accused predator is obviously in need of being kept far away from young girls in any capacity.

The Israeli bet din headed by Malinowitz of Artscroll fame http://tzedek-tzedek.blogspot.com/2014/08/beit-din-leaks.html
are adding fuel to this fire by running cover for the school administrators who covered up and enabled the abuse.

I am surprised the school administration is not named in the suit, unless I missed something.

Robert J. Barron, Attorney-at-Law

I have been saying this for YEARS now....the only way that the sexual abuse and sexual assault that is routinely committed in this community (and routinely covered up and/or rationalized away) is going to stop is if the perpetrators are hit in the wallet/bank account.

Yes, I know that this community does not have a "command central" the way the Catholic Church does, but regardless....when more and more of these rabbis/yeshivas/whatever they are are sued, and large sums of money are paid out...then, and only then will you see a behavioral change in this community.

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