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August 07, 2014


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Just Curious @2:03PM:
Alternatively, the other girsa, somewhat ahuv alai, is "oves of steel". as opposed to "brass balls". If there were more of the latter in the charedi communities (and people were not so intimidated re threats of no shidduchim, kids being thrown out of yeshiva, etc etc) the amount of sexual molestation in orthodox communities, currently estimated by my Rabbi penpal at about 33% would decrease dramatically. Charedim need to grow a pair. and drive the molesters out of the community, not those fighting for justice. What a sad sad story re the Lakewood Talmid Chacham (his name has never been reported, that is good, i am for sure not part of that community, lol as you can tell from my style) at least yoseph kolko got put away, major major chaval that the same cannot be said re Yehudah. But I do know about this frequently used dumpster......in Great Neck. This is my warped sense of humor, not in any way to be read as a threat, I am as my name indicates female, and getting dangerously close to "senior citizen". LOL all the more reason for FM readers to ignore me. not too many females have the guts to post here. do not know why, everyone is ripped apart? thin skinned females? yachol l'hiyot.


They know they're safe. What country would take them? Guatemala took a few dozen or however many Lev Tahor - but then what? What hellhole wants these people? Most have no skills, little education in any real sense. Mostly they have chutzpah however there's no shortage of that anywhere.

Just Curious

Wow, the balls on these guys...


To facilitate their "siluk" from Medinat Yisrael, monies from Birthright Israel could be diverted, one time only, for one way trip l'chutz l'aretz. All Charedim who do not serve in IDF and all who do not teach their children secular studies so as not to forever be on welfare rolls.
NLOL then we would have more money to pay for the Eritreans (excuse the black humor) triple pun.

Alter Kocker

It is their bloc voting that is the major problem.


AK - I'd add giving up the right to vote.

Alter Kocker

Well there you have it: Connections between the Haredi world and the Secular world are treif. They therefore do not consider themselves to be Israeli citizens. Further to that assertion the following must occur: (This is likely to occur after the cessation of hostilities)1.) Immediate removal of all Haredim from the welfare rolls. 2.)A demand to R. Shteinman to repudiate his statement or be deported. 3.) A proposal; All Haredim that elect to serve in the military will be allowed to remain in the country, otherwise, their citizenship is revoked and they must leave within 30 days.

Since they are not Israelis, let them cool their heels in some other country.


And here I have been saying over and over, that Harry's glasses have turned a bit too rose colored, re achdut, post the kidnapping of our 3 kedoshim, the three beautiful yeshiva boys, slaughtered by Hamas. Yes, everyone prayed for them. harry forgot R. Shalom Cohen, re his statements last year l'gabei religious zionists, kipot serugot, calling all of them Amalek, and just 2 or 3 weeks ago, his stating that israel does not need an army, (i will not repeat his party line on this, it is so outrqgeous). and he refused to say tefillot for IDF on that date, just few weeks ago, Harry, Emes v'Emunah, centrist, albeit i agree with lots of what he writes, put on rose colored glasses. so there you have it Harry Mayles. Your wonderland does not exist. A tiger does not change it's stripes. Rabbi Shalom Cohen spiritual leader, of Shas, successor to ovadia yoseph, ( i will leave out comments here other than zl, which is appropriate) cohen and his chevrah should move from E'y' another land, which they will find more palatable, and which will pay their avreichim at least as much as the reduced israeli sa'ad. Please, i beg of you rabbi cohen tistalek from eretz yisrael with all of your parasitic chevra, all of you hate the country. find someplace where you will feel at home, someplace that will feed you while you read toyreh yom v'laylah.

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