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August 07, 2014


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Just Curious

R Nash --

"Desmond Balletskirt" actually made me laugh.

But seriously, after reading more of his comments, I don't think there is any sense in responding to this Yahoshua David fellow. His comments tend to be not only irrelevent, but also largely incoherent.

R Nash

"I hope this time Israel restrains their civilian killing."

I am pretty sure that if each side were given its entire preference in the war, Israel would choose that not a single civilian die on either side, and Hamas would choose as many deaths as possible on both sides, the Israeli side, because more dead Jews is better, and on the Gaze side, so that they could continue to justify their murderous actions to their adoring fans, like Jimmy Earl Peanutbrain, Mary Robinson and Desmond Balletskirt.

Alter Kocker

The world really does have it wrong. Israel is the last bastion of freedom in the middle east, but the world is saying, if we give them Israel, maybe they will go away. Israel is after all full of dirty Jews, Christ Killers and killers of gentile babies, so let the muslims remove us from the face of the planet.

Israel is Jewish. Israel stands as the Jewish Homeland. Israel says to the world; You stood silent, as we were marched to the gas chambers and the ovens, and said and did nothing. Israel stands as a monument to 6 million dead. Hamas wants to wipe us off the face of the earth. Good luck with that, we have not even begun. Fuck the UN, Fuck CNN, Fuck Europe, if need be we will disarm them. If need be, we will reluctantly destroy them. Hamas may rejoice for every little rocket that they fire. Hamas cares less for human life than they do for their dogma. The world sees that Israel follows security protocols to keep their citizens safe and then disparages us for trying to stay alive. Fuck them.


+++I hope this time Israel resrains their civilian killing.

Posted by: Yahoshua David | August 07, 2014 at 11:00 PM+++

It was the Hamasoles that killed civilians by deliberately stopping civilians leaving areas after Israel had provided one or more warnings for them to leave. That is the price the civilians unfortunately have to pay for electing a Hamasole terrorist "government".

Yahoshua David

I hope this time Israel resrains their civilian killing. Why? Because there will be no choice to evacuate everyone out. Then this will have all been worth it and i can lift my head again. I hope more of the same isnt ahead.


Wait a minute! Who just got a good pummeling? I'm pretty sure it was Hamas. So what gives them the right to demand anything. After a good spanking, the child is not in a position to ask for a bigger allowance.


None of the Hamasoles will ever want peace. A truce is pointless until every last Hamasole is either dead or in jail for life (preferably dead via combat, not genocide as some would advocate).

Indeed, the very nature of Islam is to convert you or kill you. In the bigger picture, Israel is merely the front line of Islam's war against the West and civilization itself. Peaceful coexistence of the West with Islam is simply not possible, not even in theory.

Megalomaniac Watch

Master Shmarya is making a very important distinction to separate the "military" wing from the rest of Hamas. The right wing like Wall St Journal & Fox News refuses to recognize any difference. We cannot allow the right wing to get away with it or else it may be too difficult to force Israel to overly capitulate & compromise themselves.

Master Shmarya knows exactly how to put things in crucially proper perspective.

Garnel Ironheart

So now can we flatten them? Or do we still have to be proportionate suckers?

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