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August 08, 2014


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jurorng - what is your point I'm lost I don't get your post? But back to thither post "nothing gets solved with violence"

Just Curious

Good for guy(s) who catigated him!

A small sign of positive change in the chareidi world (as Natan Slifkin has suggested on his blog)?


I was wondering why none of the media mention that Rabbi Avrohom Wallis is a first cousin of convicted baby killer Yisroel Asher Wallis (also spelled Valis).
When Rabbi Avrohom was not working the Atra Kadisha extortion racket he was working at the Tzisis factory of the babykiller's father.

The same Eida Hareidis mob wailing and ranting at Avrohom's funeral, rioted and screamed 'blood libel' at Israeli law enforcement after Yisroel Asher's arrest.


They must be suffering terrible cognitive dissonance since if you believe if divine justice, this family's suffering is clearly related to the notorious baby killing.

It was only recently reported in the Haredi press that wearing tzitsis protected non-frum soldiers from being shot. Here this family of rabbis/schnorrers had a fucking factory full of tzitsis and it still did not save them from God's wrath for the babykilling.


3 cheers for the guy that shouted out against him.


He quoted Yoel ve'Moishe as if its some holy book lol


Every maivan, tzaddik, rabbi and hedyot should think before speaking. If unsure, STFU.

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