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August 07, 2014


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Weinstein is a dirtbag who stole hundreds of millions without regard to who he was hurting, An indisputable fact! That being said, this item would be a lot more newsworthy if he was pleading poverty as an excuse for trying to get a waiver; but that's not the case, he is asking to not have to pay the same fee twice. Hard to get excited about anyone, even a money grubbing convicted felonious Jew, looking to get out of having to pay the same fee twice.

yehuda fulda

this guy has expensive tastes i hope they supply him with the good vaseline in jail not the generic kind

put a square into a hole

He needs the $500 for registration fee for his child's school.

Yahoshua David

.... It's also sad to see so many people defending the wrong doer makeing Shamyah at to be the bad person. That's what is sad most of all.

Yahoshua David

Wow that's just sad. Waiving a $500 fee - he wants everything for free.

Joe Field

Wouldn’t his lawyer charge him for this motion more than $500? Why waste money.


Not really newsworthy.


My comment was directed at Megalomaniac watch.


Geeez, this attorney is an idiot. Wasn't there a Declaration(s) Under Penalty of Perjury attesting to the foundation of his statement that "it was our understanding". The Court should deny this based on that alone. Who puts something like that in the body of a Motion??


Why can't you stay away from personal attacks and deal with the facts.

Megalomaniac Watch

I heard Master Shmarya has asked Pacer to refund his 20 cents after these two pages turned out to be nonsense without much real salacious content

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