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August 08, 2014


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just saying

how about all the rape by priests and other abuse that takes place in the cloisters (nuns physically abusing other nuns)-- but bc they are locked in,rarely if ever, does anyone on the outside hear about it.

Friar Yid

For people interested in reading more from the author, another story of hers is included in an anthology called Beyond Belief, focusing on women in "Extreme" Religions. It includes several other works by women who lived the Haredi lifestyle. http://www.amazon.com/Beyond-Belief-Secret-Extreme-Religions/dp/1580054420

old time brooklyn

All take vows of celebacy and obedience. The vow of poverty is not to be poor (though monastic life is not glitzy) but that all things are held in common. For example I had an uncle who wrote several books on Biblical theology - they are still in use as standards and just about any priest has read them during training. The books made millions for his order and not my uncle until years later after he was laicised.


This how the whole thing works

In general [with exceptions of course] single people are frowned upon in the Catholic Church. Unless of course someone goes into a religious order. So for a gay guy becoming a priest or a monk/brother is very acceptable.
Being a 'old maid' is unacceptable but becoming a nun is acceptable.

A 'cloistered' nun is rare.Taking care of 'parasites' costs money. Nuns are used as nurses or teachers and these nuns can wear street clothes.
Men are used as priests or monks/brothers.
Monks/brothers are commonly called brothers are used as teachers or workers in a[e.g.] winery.

Another small source are people whose spouse died, have little or no family and men would be taken into a 'monastery' and maybe be put to work what they did in civilian life. There is always a need for accountants, electricians or what ever.

All these take a vow of poverty except for parish priests


Yahoshua David-

Have you seen the film "The Magdelene Sisters"?

Posted by: Michael from Lakewood | August 09, 2014 at 05:47 PM

It's not about nuns. You didn't get the film. It's about rigidly organized religion's emotional, physical and psychological abuse of children caught in its institutions.


Jekyll Jacobson-

Your responses are what I'd expect from a child whose just been told santa claus isn't real. I wonder why.

Megalomaniac Watch -

Your master doesn't exist. Being forced to confront that makes you uncomfortable . Too bad.

Yahoshua David

See that's the problem. Only Hashem can bless you with how much Of his message you are able to understand. That's why it's futile having people learning Torah all day. Because most can't make sense of it and end up not believing.

This Orthodox rabbi who teaches law said half of his class was hasidic. He asked for an essay on if they support univeral healthcare. The haredi kids all said yes and started to sight all sorts of halakha supporting why. But despite all their Torah knowledge, they didnt understand something basic that univeral provided care is not an orthodox value. (As the govts role is not charity).

This is because they can not understand what Hashem wants. Its not their fault as most people cant.

Look at it like this. If there was a person who could understand 50% of what Hashem wanted from us, that person would have 50% Ruach Hakodesh (holy spirit).

Now heres the kicker. God is beyond or time and matter and our understanding. But supposed God could 'dumb' himself down (lack of a better term) to our human level. Suppose he became human like us on earth. This person would have 100% Ruach Hackodesh. If you spoke to this person, it essentially means you are speaking to God himself in human form (hmmm... Sound familiar?)

Example: When someone sees a clip of the Lubavitcher Rebbe, they know right away that this guy has unusualy high Ruach Hakodesh. There's something inside both Jew and Gentile alike that knew he was not an average person.

Only Hashem grants certain people the gift of understanding theough Torah what he wants from us. The ONLY way to understand what Hashem wants feom us is through INTERPRETATION and understanding of the Torah. However, as a layperson, it's NOT your job to necessarily be a scholar. All you need to do is follow after those who understand.

So This website and Shmaryas work is fully, 100% withing the will of Hashem. However, Shmarya might be a liberal humanist and take on many beliefs that go against Hashem,

However we must note that Shmarya can think what he wants. He can read as much or little Torah as he wants. Why? Because it's not what goes in you, it's what comes OUT of you. His output to the world is very much with Hashems will. His life every day is very much in compliance with Hashem. Why? Because he has more Ruach Hakodesh than most of us, even if he doesnt realize it. That's why he finds motivation and this site has stood. The Ruach Hakodesh is what keeps this alive. He had good role models somewhere along the way. Or he read Torah and was able to grasp what hashem meant rather than all the nonsense. Either way, his possession of Ruach Hakodesh must have come either directly or indirectly from Torah. Theres not other way. It must come from Torah values.

Actually, that movie Davinci Code. The evil character is from the order of the Opus Dei from Spain. The founder of that order has a LOT of Ruach Hakodesh. You'll know it right away in this very difficult question he gets. His answer is 100% halakah in every area and Ruach Hakodesh is off the charts:


I havent seen the Magladen movie though.. I should watch it.. I find the whole nun thing fascinating and the level of Holyness these people have is on another level.. the miracles at these places are increadible. The one nun told this girl to read Psalms 93 or something. And the girl comes back crying on camera freaked out because she went to the church area on the convent and grabbed a random bible and it had a bookmark in it and she opened it and it was right at Psalm 93 and she was all freaked out by that. Almost all the guests were in tears by the miracles and such that happened direing their stay.

Megalomaniac Watch


Flatulence is best sort of flattery as he toots his ... in honor of Master Shmarya ...

Jekyll Jacobson

All you are is an angry old fart.

Jekyll Jacobson

A competent psychiatrist would have done you good too...


I'm just wondering, when someone writes an 8 paragraph comment on a blog, how any people read it?


ah-pee - thus the cloister.

Michael from Lakewood

Yahoshua David-

Have you seen the film "The Magdelene Sisters"?


Yahoshua David-

The more you understand the message of the torah the more you realize it's written by bronze age men. That's why it's filled with misogyny, genocide, immoralities and the theological beliefs of their ANE neighbors.
Anyone who thinks the holy spirit speaks to them or through them is in need of psychiatric

Yahoshua David

Yeah the nuns wear 'loud' umderwear like the heredi girls do (from what i hear). I actually studied into nuns some months back. Totally fascinating world they live in.

The way it works is like this: the nun is someones daughter. She decides she wants to be a nun because women are not allowed to priests so theres only a nuns role for women. After university she choses a Catholic Sisterhhod/fraternity to join. Each one has different rules and regulations. The nuns have their own sisterhoods with crazy names like 'The Jerusalem Sisters of Zion'.

There's two types of nuns. Nuns that can have visitors and leave the convent, and the 'cloistered' nuns. The latter totally freaked me out. If you think Haredi is strict, you've seen nothing yet. What happens with the cloistered nuns is they litterally sign their life over to the convent. Their name gets changed, and they are no longer allowed contact with the outside world - not even their parents. And get this - the live their whole lives inside courtyards. Never to see the outside of the walls. This is so their souls can be pure. The idea is as little as corrution as possible.

Did you know: when you go to a hospital, or iniversity, and you see these odd courtyards in the middle, these were often for nuns doing service.

The nuns played a huge, huge role all through history during times of famine, war, etc. even during liberating us from the death camps, it's unbelievable just how many convents there are and how nice they are. It's simply amazing.. One can not even begin to calculate the value of everything the own.

There was this guy actually that had a lot of deep questions about faith and God. He was told to call a nun at a mt Sinai convent . He said he was freaked out and said it was litterally like speaking to God on the phone, he couldnt believe it.

Why? Because when you interpret the text properly how Hashem wants you to, this fills you with Ruach Hakodesh (holy spirit). All people know when the holy spirit is speaking through you. It's something all humans have. Jews used to have it the most because only we could understand the text properly and thus Hashems desire Thats why we are at an advantage. It's NOT because of a Jewish soul. It's simply because we can understand the message of the Torah moe "

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