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August 08, 2014


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Actually, JACK, I do know what I'm talking about. Read my previous posts on this that cite relevant international law.

And, as I pointed out to you above, international law changed after WW2.


Shmaryah,as usual you don't know what you are talking about,during war if one of the combatants decides to bomb the enemies cities and towns targeting it's citizens and infrastructure,then it's own citizens are absolutely fair game, remember London and Dresden?,especially in this case where Hamas deliberately is using it's own cities and civilians as their fighting headquarters,and shooting rockets from schools and hospitals,
If the only way to defend your own citizens and country is by killing the enemies citizens,only a criminally insane diseased self hating mind would claim that it's illegal.
Shmaryah,what do you suggest Israel do ?



Your poor education and even poorer logic skills are showing.

In WW2, there were no smart bombs, drones or satellites. Strikes could NOT be precisely targeted.

Past that, as I've pointed out previously on a post you commented on, international law changed after WW2 to strengthen laws against indiscriminately killing civilians in war.

Being poorly educated and lacking much ion the way of logic may not be your fault, but being a boor who does not care to lear is.


and by the way,what is this sick and childish obsession with Chabad?,anyone disagreeing with you is a chabadnick. LOL
Scotty you need to check this out with a good therapist


Shmaryah,if the U.S would have fought the Nazis like Israel is fighting this war,we would all be by now either lampshades or soap,and the whole world would be talking German.
Have you ever seen how Dresden and Berlin looked at the end of the war ? this is the only way you defeat evil,whether Nazis or homicidal maniacs like Hamas
and by the way how many civilians has our own government killed during it's two wars with Iraq ? by it's own admission over 100,000,unfortunately this is the nature of war that innocent civilians get killed,especially when your own government uses it's own civilian population as human shields.
Your leftist and suicidal mentality,only proves how right Michael Savage was,when he coined his famous phrase "liberalism and leftism is a severe mental disease and is suicidal"


Um, Jack, I realize that this will be a bit above you, but do try to think about this.

After Hamas comes what? ISIS? A different terror group?

What about all those average Gazans who don't like Israel or the occupation but who aren't terrorists. But when you bomb their homes and kill their family members, they become radicalized.

Think this is limited to Palestinians?

Look at your buddies the Jewish West Bank settlers who have suffered – but far less than the Palestinians. And a significant subset of those settlers are radicalized.

There is life after the war, and one of the lessons the world has learned from WW1 (when we did it wrong) and WW2 (when we did it much better) is that fighting a war has to include reconstruction and other reconciliation after it. Look at Japan and Germany and Italy. None are threats to America now and all are friends.

You need to start attempting to understand the real reasons the world acts as it does, rather than hold on to your Chabad magical thinking.


This criminally insane TRAITOROUS PATHETIC COWARDLY LEFTIST SELF HATING government, that refuses to defeat it's bitter enemy even after being bombarded with thousands of rockets, has turned all of Israel into a new Warsaw ghetto, where millions of jews have to hide in underground bunkers in fear of their lives, This TRAITOROUS GANGSTER regime has turned the once mighty and feared ERETZ YISRAEL into the laughing stock of the middle.
east, where every two bit terrorist swine uses it as his personal punching bag, whenever this pathetic COWARD "PI-PI NETANYAHOO opens his mouth to threaten the enemy, they just laugh in his face, this coward has become completely irrelevant, even a drunken bum passed out on the gutters o f Tel-Aviv is taken more seriously than this pathetic self hating coward.
People of Israel is this why we came back after 1900 years to our God given land?,
Citizens of Israel have you gone mad?, why do you tolerate this madness?, would any other normal country tolerate being attacked by thousands of rockets, wouldn't Gaza look like Dresden and Berlin after the last world war, would any other other normal country-while it is at war and being bombarded with thousands of rockets-would it at the very same time supply the enemy with fuel and electricity?
don't you realize by now this an INSANE TRAITOROUS SUICIDAL GANGSTER regime.
People of Israel, you have a choice, either you vomit out this traitorous government and hang them on the gallows for the crime of treason.or start packing your bags and get the hell outta there because soon you will find yourselves without a country.


Game's over. Israel needs to stop being tolerant and playing games with these Hamasoles and stop trying to appease pro-Islamist Obama. Israel needs to go in hard and flatten Gaza. World opinion against Israel would not be much worse than it is now. Of course, Muslim on Muslim violence remains OK and no one will complain about that. No other civilized country would be expected to tolerate this relentless attack without SERIOUS retaliation.

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