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August 08, 2014


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Account Deleted

me,if you are one of the many who go and pray daily to their dear dead Rebbe for help and ask him protection,then there is nothing at all to be jealous of!


yeah yeah yeah, you self hating jews will report anything negative about Torah Observant people for ONE reason and ONE reason only.... YOU ARE JEALOUS! You are jealous that we have something in our lives that we hang onto, some do it easier than others, but we hang onto something which connects us back to Avrohom, Yitzchak, and Yaakov. You people threw that off and in a generation or maybe two if you are lucky, you will have NO jewish descendants to speak of.

It happens to be that not wearing red has been something for a while! In the UK, the yiddin DONT wear red till this very day. But of course, you futzes think you know more than anyone else.


Posted by: Allan | August 08, 2014 at 04:44 PM

The LDS is covering their ass by employing the "No true Scotsman" fallacy.

Kosher Ham

...and I thought a red tablecloth was perfectly fine to use if you're serving fleishigs. Oh well!


Actually the cover of the shulchan in the beit medrash was maroon. In the photo accomapnying the post in bechedrei charedim you can see this clearly. Maroon is a common color in shuls.
Does maroon = red ?
I guess we got the answer.

Yahoshua David

Yes it's the Fundamentalist Mormons (FLDS - a break away sect) that practice polygamy. They live in a compound in Arizona. Red is BANNED as a color.

And the regular LDS church and red?, well wuddya know;



Abu, I'm with you.


These rabbis are loosing it I predict in a few years they will start a suicide bombing program all" leshem shomiem " I think everyone should watch the movie by Bill Maher on religion he is right these fanatics will be our downfall

Account Deleted

Charles Magus,please die from a very painful Death!

Account Deleted

Hwa Jurong,I am EXTREMELY interested.Feel free to write me asap at gofuckyourself@gmail.com


Yeha, ignore, it's 'satirical'.


Don't know if this is a hoax, you never know these days



the gay pride parade and red tablecloths are the reason for all of the Jewish people's suffering.


Eliyahu Kitov's Sefer Ha'Todaah (about the yom tovim) actually discussed the "mazalos" (astrology) and their significance in the made-up religion of Judaism.

Account Deleted

Just read here:you have to write the Rebbe a letter and exit his ohel walking backwards,just like when you finish the Amidah!

Account Deleted

Leah,unfortunately the problem of idolatry stems from the chassidic theology itself:they are pantheists and therefore they view G- everywhere;and therefore also in the soul of every single Jew;and therefore they view His presence inhabiting more zaddikim's bodies than normal Jews'.From this the conclusion is automatic:since Scheerson was the greatest zaddik of all times(in their view),it's evident that G-d resides in his body in such a quantity that to visit his ohel in Brooklyn and praying to the rebbe is like praying to Hashem!
I've been told by a litvish rabbi from Ny that when the rebbe died many chabadniks were sure he would resurrect on the third day and that this was a Jewish concept the Christians stole from us!If this ain't idolatry,I don't know what is!


@ Allan...
“President David Twesrky, president of The Church of New Square made the following statement Church’s position on incest and rape:

“This Church has nothing whatever to do with those practicing incest and rape. They are not members of this Church.... If any of our members are found to be practicing incest and rape, they are excommunicated, the most serious penalty the Church can impose. Not only are those so involved in direct violation of the civil law, they are in violation of the law of this Church.”


After the next golus, the hareidim will dress like Uncle Sam (dod Shmuel).. Too bad the Polish nobility didn't wear red - this would have been a true stira.


Abu Jihad :
I recognize that you have your beliefs, and that I , a female, and "almost senior" could not change them. I also find the messianism in Chabad revolting. disgusting.
You probably will choose not to believe me, why should you? but there is a large group of Chabadniks disgusted by the messianism, and each and every time they attempt to subdue these extremists, the immediate reaction, n'kama, is to run propaganda amongst the largest Chabad donors. These messichistim are evil and hard to deal with. Many many would like to see this change. but the more they try, the more aggressive the messichistim get in turning donors off. it is go'al nefesh,. in the meantime, still, many chabadniks are doing very good things, but the problem of PR, l'gabei sh'ar ha'orthodoxim is huge, and a pity.
My sources have no axe to grind, none, I stopped being a donor years ago. I am in close email contact with one or more Lubavitch rebbe's who, would not lie to me, me an apikorus, and not connected and not about to donate anything more than chai 18 dollars for a yahrzeit, sometimes. and, nosaf al kach, they haven't a clue that i post on line. I was not born yesterday, halevai, there are people you believe and those who are toxic liars. My connections i believe are straight laced, admitting the good and the bad, both. I would trust my life to at least one of them, re his integrity. not that that is an issue, i am healthy.... so far... lol, physically, you may think i am a stooge, taken in by chabad propaganda, i know that. and yet, i dare to post here, on all sites, so i am fn crazy. good shabbos if you do that sort of thing. i do not. but appreciate those who do......


@Bendinai, Skeptical Yid

From Mormon.org

“President Gordon B. Hinckley, prior president of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints made the following statement in 1998 about the Church’s position on plural marriage:

“This Church has nothing whatever to do with those practicing polygamy. They are not members of this Church.... If any of our members are found to be practicing plural marriage, they are excommunicated, the most serious penalty the Church can impose. Not only are those so involved in direct violation of the civil law, they are in violation of the law of this Church.”

By definition, those still practicing polygamy are part of a breakaway sect, not recognized by official Church in Salt Lake City.” The Mormon Church itself does not recognize these people as Mormons.


@ Leah...he will forget his loyalties when the Community does nothing for him. Skver is not Satmar, who take care of their own. When the Skver Chassidim who helped rip off RCC on behalf of New Square came out of prison, they had to go door to door to collect money to make chasunah's for their kids.

Account Deleted

Allan,that Lubebitches actually believe Mars has a "negative influence" on people does not surprise me at all since they are full-fledged idolaters.
If they worship a dead rebbe believing he was/is g-dly,no surprise they are afraid of that evil,powerful entity called Mars;damned heathen politheists!


From the gossip sheets, my impression is that no other group even approaches the abuse, rape, incest and arson in Skver. Is there any truth to this? Perhaps they did not count Lev Tahor as Jewish in this calculation. and as far as i know, they are not practicing arsonists, (arsons???). cant wait until the hausboy comes out, when will that be. will he finally forget his loyalties and go after D.Twerski YS??? years in jail for a crime committed for your cult leader can lead to all sorts of vengeful thoughts. sitting there in jail, day by day, and possibly even, i mean he was young and sort of effeminate looking per the pictures i saw.


"...Jewish zealots and TERRORISTS?"...??????? Please explain....


Do not elderly previously chachamei hador have advisors to keep them from making fools of themselves. At 100, possible, but highly unlikley that he does not have even a "touch" of "senile dementia". It is actually truly a shame, and i say shame (and not busha, cherpa and shonda), that there is not some trusted aid to help the aging "sages" from making utter fools of themselves. Heck, folks, it will happen to all of us, who, happily or not, survive a variety of birthdays. Very seriously, are there not trusted aids, assistants, to attempt to blunt this kind of insanity from reaching the outside world? a pity. shoot me first.
The list grows and grows, one chassidic group says metal framed glasses are goyische and assur, and the other chassidische group says, no plastic frames are too "woody allen" like, assur. what is it about our "gedolim" that impels them to issue new chumrot daily. A chumrah a day keeps Satan at bay? is this some sort of competition bein the various charedi sects, their "gedolim", i hypothesize K'tanim, but that is surely racist and off color.


Posted by: bendinai | August 08, 2014 at 03:48 PM

Very true! There are large numbers of extremist Mormon polygamists in Utah, Arizona and Colorado


@ Allan...to state " the great majority of Mormons no longer practice polygamy" is like stating there is no incest or rape in New Square. If you don't live there (and friends of mine do) you really have no idea.


@Yahoshua David

So what exactly makes Mormonism a “cult” while Judaism gets to be a “religion?”
Are our “miracles” more historically proven than theirs? Judaism was also polygamous until a thousand years ago. Were we also a “cult” then?

P.S. The Mormon religion is based in Utah, not Arizona, and the great majority of Mormons no longer practice polygamy.


Thanks MarkSH


@ Yehuda F...beautiful! I will blee neder say it over at my Shabbos table!

@ Yehoshua David...so, in other words, NOT using red is chukos hagoyim. Wow.

Yahoshua David

Oh here we go with the magic colour stuff. But banning red is valid actually... Because one other religious group bans wearing red.. And who is that group? The fundamentalist POLYGAMOUS MORMORN CULT of Arizona! I guess they're both in good company now! And we're talking about a top Ashkenazi Rabbi compared to a mormon cult living on a compound. Both banning the color red. Wow


Sarek, you have now enshrined as YL's most worthy competitor. A marvelous parody. Congratulations!

yehuda fulda

red heads r fine in our religion as long as the drapes dont match the rug. but if the drapes match the rug it shows that the person has goyish blood in them...probably from aisev..dont bring in that aisevs father was yitzchok hes still a goy


@ JK2....obviously redheads must also be removed.

@ Just Curious....you will not get the "best boys" as shidduchim for your daughters.

@ R Nash...it's not the impurity of the color, it's a "chukos hagoyim" issue. So someone should point out that ankle length pants (unlike the knee that frum Chassidim wear) are also chukos hagoyim. They all should have taken their pants off.

@ David....it's BECAUSE of those tablecloths that there is a war.

@ Malka....you are truly a tzadekes, just like Tamar who never allowed her face to be seen by her father in law, and also did not have a red tablecloth. May the fruit of your womb be blessed....and everyone else on this blog should learn from you!

@ Reese...you are on your way to being a Gaon! Where can I send money to support your mosad?

@ Bas Melech...that you even need to ask that question is a disgrace. I hope you are banned from this site.


Any chance we can get him to declare that breathing is the way of the goyim?


("Yes It Is", The Beatles)

If your cloth is red tonight
Remember Torah verse I cite
For red is the color that the goyim wore
This is more crap I strew
Yes it is

Scarlet was the hair of Esau
Everybody knows for sure
This is the color that I have banned
Understand it’s true
Or you must bid adieu
Bid adieu

I’ll only be happy when you I misguide
I take the facts and brush them aside
Yes I do, yes I do,
Oh, yes I do

No table will wear red tonight
I will exercise my might
For red is a color that is not a Jew
It is taboo, it’s true
Yes it is it’s true
Yes it is

I’ll only be happy when you I misguide
I take the facts and brush them aside
Yes I do, yes I do,
Oh, yes I do

No table will wear red tonight
I will exercise my might
For red is a color that is not a Jew
It is taboo, it’s true
Yes it is, it’s true
It is my world view


The Rav is clearly well past his sell-by date.

Bas Melech


Have you become a chozer ltshuvah?!?

According to the Rav, do I have to replace all my meat towels, containers, etc???

Alter Kocker

Demented old turd has nothing better to think about. Possibly needs a change of his diaper.


The hatred of red actually goes pretty deep among some Hassidim. Chabadniks will not make kiddush between 6 P.M. and 7 P.M. That’s a “bad luck hour” because that is supposedly the time that mars (the red planet) exerts its evil power (no, I’m not kidding). The redness of the wine however doesn’t seem to any problem.


HaGaon HaRav Shteinman is absolutely correct about this and all of you disrespectful naysayers who mock and ridicule the Gadol Ha'Dor are rodei'fim. Ha'Rav Shteinman went on to that he is now banning red Tootsie-Roll pops as well as red licorice since they are si'mon'im of Esav Ha-Rasha as found in Mesechas Bubba Meisah, Daf Beis, Simin Samech (put the roshei teivos together).

I have just doubled my contribution to the Litvishe yeshivois in Eretz Yis'rai'el to show my support for Ha'Rav's important and necessary P'sak.


The ruv has not gone far enough. All red headed children from the age of 3 on, must have their heads shaven bald! Otherwise, they will be shunned and not allowed to attend yeshiva!


Is a parah aduma goyish?

What if a tablecloth gets a red stain from wine?

Shall i tear down stop signs?

Is the red string kabbala crowd totally screwed?

Please help me, O wise sage.


Is a parah aduma goyish?

What if a tablecloth gets a red stain from wine?

Shall i tear down stop signs?

Is the red string kabbala crowd totally screwed?

Please help me, O wise sage.


I've never seen a red table cloth. Perhaps, they have them in Indian restaurants.


Lets face it the rebbe is similar in this picture to a mannequin,and his oppinions matter as much:)


There is a war on and he worries about the color of the tablecoths?

R Nash

Screw that! I ban red and green. they are the colors of impurity in a lesion growing on a garment or in a house.

I ban white. That is the color of hair and lesion that makes skin impure.
I ban yellow. That is the color that makes a bald spot impure.
I ban black. that is a color that makes a woman impure from a blood stain.
I ban blue and purple. They were included in the party of evil Achashverosh.
I ban orange. That also makes a woman impure.
Screw that. I ban the entire rainbow. According to gemora, it is a sign of a curse in a generation.
I ban the entire 65525 color palette.

Now call or fold Rabbi Shteinman.

Just Curious

I am going to make sure to set the table with a red tablecloth this shabbos.


Until now it was permissable what changed his senile mind?


What about redheads? There are a lot of them in the tribe. Should they be banned?

(OT, a little, but every time I see the photo of this guy, I just can't help thinking about how badly he must smell.)

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