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June 24, 2014


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Eye cyst a sham

It's okay to say I don't know

Even the great rashi said so

Eye cyst a sham

I'm confused.

Your avg response is 2.2 hours

Moreover incopicously silence since sentencing 2.2 months ago

Chalk on to "phoney" Ben-gaza,eye-r-u.s,tee pawty,ap,fox,va,Isis scandals?

Surely unlike potus , u wouldn't got fabid fail to meticulously forget follow up...........

Eye cyst a sham

Paging reb shmayahoo

Eye cyst a sham

Wat about rogalsky ?


one down and another thousand to go.Is this a never ending task of hercules to rid these scoundrals out of their, hiding places as pious religeous persons. they tarnish ALL OF JUDAHISM IN THE most negative manner.PRESS ON FAILED MESSIAH,press on.You make some of us very proud what you have acheived over the last years.

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