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June 26, 2014


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"in part because Lamm group intends to ask the Pine Bush School District to provide transportation for the hasidic school’s students."

Transportation, then special ed for 100% of the kids, then Yiddish books shipped mysteriously to Brooklyn........

Oy gavalt

Pearl of Wisdom

Too bad for Pinebush School District. Lammy Dude is setting that school district up to become the next East Ramapo. These mega schools will pop up over night & unapproved and Pinebush will not have prepared for this giant hit to the budget. They will have to provide transportation, Special Ed services, books, nursing, etc. Since none of that was planned for in the budget, guess there are 2 ways to deal with this tsunami. One, take out a bond or two, cut services to the public school students. Since Andy has promised to rebate the amount equal to the increase in school taxes to STAR recipients, most districts stayed under the cap. There is little wiggle room in these budgets. Monroe Woodbury better get ready and squirrel away as much money as possible in preparation of the influx of new students over night.


This is not Judaism. On behalf of the Jewish people I apologize to the people of Bloomingburg. Rid yourself of these parasites by whatever legal means possible.

yehuda fulda

that town is screwed...

yonah FFB

Don't blame lamm alone, he naively agreed for a few $$ to be the face, to shield off the main culprit "Ken theDemon" aka Elchonen Nakdemon of Monsey, who had also agreed for more than afew $$$$$$ be the face to shield off the end users Satmar. Shame on Nakdemon for selling his conscience for $ to enable Satmar to create yet another massive corrupt chillul hshem. Not your first time Mr. NkDemon isn't it, (heated driveway and not paying for it, not paying fee for finance of that land, not pay tuition Mr. NakDemon the list goes on)
Mr. Public Records

David Foreman

The answer is simple, use the law don't fight the law. NY Education law ON THE BOOKS requires that ALL private school teach a curricula "substantially equivalent" to the Public Schools. It is up to the District to Monitor and confirm (of course in East Ramapo and NYC it is well documented that they turn a blind eye and do not enforce the law).

Start now Pine Bush, before you lose control of your school board and enforce the education law of NY. Lets see if this school gets off the ground when in addition to their religious studies Hasidic girls will have to learn English, Science, Math and Social Studies just like kids do in Christian Private schools.


DF - You're right but how do you enforce when you are a mid size school district? You request documentation of curriculum, text books, enrollment etc. They don't provide it, you stop paying, they lawyer up and sue, now you have to lawyer up ($$$$) and you find out that the prosecutors and judges don't have your back. If you lose you owe even more money. With Cuomo and Silver pulling strings in the background it will be a tough up hill battle.

old time brook;lyn

my guess is in 2 - 4 years the town board will be voted out and puppets and puppeteers will be running the show and harassing the normal out of town.

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