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June 11, 2014


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הוא חזר ומצא במקום רק כעשרה, והדריך אותם איך מתחפשים והיכן מסתובבים וכיצד שוברים את עצמותיהם של אותם מי שמסתובבים במקומות הלל

Give him credit. He cant learn or pasken or give a shiur but he certainly knows how to teach them the martial arts. A new job for a rabbi even for a satmar one. One wonders why they are complaining about joining the IDF.


For those who understand hebrew. This gets better and better.
from http://chaimhalpernscandal.blogspot.co.uk/2014/06/blog-post.html#comment-form

I think his days at satmar are numbered.


את הדברים שמענו ממי שהשתתף בדיון ולא שמר את הסוד מפני שסבר כי הרב וואזנער מרחיק לכת, הגיעו לאסיפה בביתו כשלשים אברכים והוא אמר להם כי העיר הפכה להיות למאורת פריצות, בלילות יש הרבה סמים, גילוי עריות, בחורים וילדים יושבים עם מיני-קעב דרייווערס (נהגי מוניות) ומסתכלים יחד בכלים האסורים הכוונה כנראה למכשירים שדרכם אפשר לראות טלביזיה סרטים ודברים אחרים

הוא אמר לקבוצה שאינו יכול להציל את כל העיר אבל לפחות את אנשי קהילתו הוא מבקש להציל, ולכן הוא צריך אברכים שכל לילה בין בשעות 11 ל-2 בלילה יסתובבו באותן מקומות וכשיראו מי מן השייכים לקהילת סאטמאר, להכותו מכות רצח, ובכדי שלא יוכל להגיש תלונה כל הקבוצה תתחפש בלבוש אחר בשביל שלא יזהו אותם, הוא סיפר שהוא בעצמו היה נוהג בעבר לעשות כך, הוא לימד אותם איך מתלבשים בדרך שלא יכירו מי אתה, וכי יש לו תכנית מלאה איך לבצע זאת, אבל עכשיו הוא רוצה לשמוע מן הנאספים מי מוכן למשימה הזו ומי לא, מי שאין לו ענין שיקום ויילך ושישארו רק מי שיש להם ענין ואדריך אותם מה לעשות

כאן הודיע הרב וואזנער שגם הוא יוצא וישוב רק לאחר שאלו שאינם רוצים להיות חלק מן הענין יילכו

הוא חזר ומצא במקום רק כעשרה, והדריך אותם איך מתחפשים והיכן מסתובבים וכיצד שוברים את עצמותיהם של אותם מי שמסתובבים במקומות הללו

אבל מה קרה, מהר מאוד נודע בעיר מה כוונותיו, והדברים הגיעו להרב פאדווה וחברי הקהילה, ובאותו ערב היתה אסיפה של הקהילה ושם שאלו אותו לשם מה הוא מארגן דברים כאלו, להנהלת הקהילה יש וועד שמתעסק עם הדברים האלו ואם יש לו בעיה שיפנה אליהם, הם לא סבורים כי השיטות שלו טובות הם יביאו הרבה צרות, ולאחר שראה כי הרבנים לא אהבו את מה שהוא עושה הוא הודיע כי הוא חוזר בו


They can wear the same disguise that they use on holiday in the countryside. Take jackets off, wear a peaked cap and maybe even trainers. No one can tell then that these white shirt, bearded gents are Jewish. Great plan


Only THREE you must be joking. They all need watching. Trouble is he is not yet 55 himself although he also needs watching. He got first pick of the satmar girls his mechutan is accused of molesting. Perks of the job I suppose. One isn't a satmar rov for nothing.


If I knew I had a tail, Id take him to the finest titty bar in London, with strong drinks and an attentive lil nafka on my lap. Either he would have a chance to convince me of the error of my ways, or we d both have a grand ole time. Sounds like a win win to me.

Friar Yid

I too, would love to see some of these undercover Haredim. I'm picturing them going through their wardrobe of disguises: Biker? No... Duck Dynasty guy? No... Ninja?"

the truth

Wake up the problem are the 35 to 55 as well
So he will need to get the 70 to 90's

I guarantee u that 3 of his vaulanteeres will
Be people that them selfs need watching

Franklin Clinton

I do think the London Metro police carry guns, what is needed is the SAS to go after the Haredis


very interesting article about pertains alot to the hassidim


I'm trying to call up the image of a Hasid in a pub. Somehow it just doesn't work. Do they change their clothes? Pull the peyot up and under baseball caps or, for the hipper ones, fedoras? Help me understand....

Posted by: S M L | June 11, 2014 at 07:26 PM

You clearly have not frequented any strip clubs in NY.....that is exactly what happens and it pretty damned funny.

Yochanan Lavie

Apologies to Hall and Oates: "Private Eyes:"

ICU, you see me
Watch you acting frei when you're escaping the scene
Oy vey, you’ve got to know
What halacha overlooks
The chumrot are going to start
When we’re watching frum guys
You can't escape my...

London spies
They're watching Jews
They see your every move
London spies
They're watching Jews
London spies
They're watching Jews watching Jews watching Jews watching Jews

You sneak a bite on Tisha B’Av
Peyos twist around, bubbie that ain’t enough
'Cause churl I’m gonna know
If you're really frum or leading me on
Don't schrei; you're a heretic inside
‘Cause you can't escape my...


Why you try to put up a front for me
I’m a spy on the hunt for heresy
Slip off your Polish garb
I’ll still know you
Look out for my London spies


If the rabbi is Israeli, does he have Mossad training for this undercover mission?


The rabbi has already set up cctv cameras in his mikva and watches it all day. Most of you have missed the point! He calls a 'very secret' meeting, his words, invites everybody over a certain age and then it goes viral. The most stupid thing to do to keep a thing secret. He has been here a few years has started some other stupid 'projects' but never got anywhere. He has too much time on his hands since he doesnt do anything by day and he is not part of the wider community since satmar doesnt belong to them. As he himself admits his 'own' satmar chasidim prefer the night clubs to his synagogue and since he is losing members by the dozen this is a last 'ditch' at retrieving them and his position. He even gambles and hopes that those he sends out to them will at least bring some back and not be lost as well. All his problems are really 'self' inflicted. When his father was rov (before him) he knew what to do. He wouldnt have waited till his beth hamedrash was half empty before acting. In the morning all these night-owls are still asleep and dont attend davening. He has another problem that some of these are relations and even grand children of the 'very' rich chasidim who pay his wages. He cant very well do what he says and expose them. Not that everyone doesnt know who they are already. If he exposes others they will expose the rich. He is in a no win situation and doesnt even realise it.One wishes him the best of luck, he certainly needs it.


Sounds like the Rabbi just wants an excuse to go out whoring.

Martin Luther King

I still have a dream! one day Jews will just keep Torah and mitzvos I have a dream!


The Raymond Review Bar closed years ago, where are they gawking now?


Careful Rabbi Wosner. I’ll bet a lot of you “undercover agents” you send to spy at bars, strip clubs, casinos, movie theatres, beaches etc. might soon be begging you for more of these “dangerous” undercover assignments.

And how come you have to be 35 to join these kosher spies. That’s not fair! Could it be Wosner is worried that younger chassidim will start having so much fun on their spying missions that he might never see them again?


I'm trying to call up the image of a Hasid in a pub. Somehow it just doesn't work. Do they change their clothes? Pull the peyot up and under baseball caps or, for the hipper ones, fedoras? Help me understand....


Recruiting a squad of informers to expose moral transgressions, imaginary crimes, victimless crimes for the most part. Yet reporting real crimes to the proper authorities is mesirah?


so its ok to steal and molest but dont go to clubs


I'll volunteer for the squad. I already have my "disguise." It's called "normal Florida street clothing" and I wear it every day. They'll never suspect!


Perhaps the owner or regular contributor could enlighten me. Every week, it seems, there is a story of some rabbi or other demanding this, banning that, or uttering an absurd commandment as if he were divinely appointed.

My question: why does anybody care? Why do people obey what is obvious nonsense? Yes, my religion (see screen name) has priests and priestesses, but if any of them adopted such an attitude (a thing I hope almost unthinkable) the response would be a gale of laughter.


All this spying is a deflection from the molestations by their own holy rebbes who teach children thats all it is, take attention away from themselfs then everything will be ok.

Shvans arois

It cant bbe too difficult to infiltrate such a group. Sign up that u are interested and join them and spy on the spiers and expose them to the mishtara. Sounds quite simple to me.




When I was younger, we used to use the term "god fearing jew" to mean a religious jew (something I always thought was strange considering we should be following the torah out of love rather than fear).

However, even fear of god does not seem to be enough for many. So fear of man takes over.

I am glad I stopped believing in all this nonsense years ago.

What has all this torah studying all day brought for so many people? Absolutely zilch.

In fact it has been to the detriment of the jewish people.


It sounds like the first place Rabbi Wosner needs to check out is the mikvah in his own synagogue. Then he can have his minions check out all of the other mikvahs and places where grown men are left alone with little boys.


I have friends in that world who hide their TV set behind a panel in a closet.........


9Its starting to sound like russia during the communist rea or north korea where youre own relatives spy on you children against parents ,they want to put fear into people so they would feel powerfull controlling others life feel like they are god this is what their whole cult hassidishe world is about fear control and domination.


I hope someone has already reported Rabbi Wosner to the police.


Does Jewish law forbid casino gambling in moderation?

Is it a violation of Jewish law to consume a kosher beverage in a pub?


Secret Agent man.....Too funny.

"Bond....Yosef Bond."

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