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June 13, 2014


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you are a self hating jew with a box seat awaiting him in HELL.


Yay! A "chareidi" organization lost its tax exempt status due to technicalities... What a news story!!! How immature...



It lost its NYC tax exempt status.

Can it regain that tax exempt status somehow?


But it still LOST that status as anyone can see by READING THE FORM POSTED ABOVE that clearly staes that the tax exempt status has been REVOKED.

sheloi asani goy

The Headlines you used are VERY Decieving and false you lost your credibility with this one! ..this doesnt mean they lost their status as a tax exemption. get the facts..


Last post had some typos - should have said "empirically true".



I am a big fan of yours and I agree with you more than 95% of the time; however, in this case you are wrong. the only thing that is "empirically three" is that the piece of real estate in question has lost (apparently) its tax exempt status. There is no proof that the organization as a whole has lost its tax exempt status. An exemption must be filed for each piece of real estate own by the 501(c)(3) organization, just because there was a mistake made with respect to one piece of property, that doesn't mean that the organization has lost its status.

Lo K'darkah

I went to the Cult Education site linked above. Funny how they seem to have separate categories for "Jewish" and "Islamic" cults, but not for Christian (maybe they think that Mormonism, which they discuss extensively, is not a form of Christianity, which it clearly is).

Franklin Clinton

you obviously do not know much about contemporary missionary work!

Most of the contemporary missionary work is done in social context not a religious one.
You would not call Mother Teresa a missionary !

What you probably meant in that Haredi Keiruv is cult-like, one major difference between religion and cult is that religion outreach is upfront and cult outreach is deceptive. So Haredi Keiruv seem to be sometimes using deceptive means to recruits members.

the Cult Education Institute http://www.culteducation.com consider Ultra Orthodoxy a cult.


@APC. Thanks for end of work week laughs! The best comedy writers couldn’t top the material these kiruv rabbis come up with.

“God gave people who live in swampy regions large feet to help them contend with the soft footing.”
Right… because the entire continent of Africa is a “swampy region” and therefore all Africans require big feet. No deserts, mountains or cities in Africa! It’s all a big swamp. So speak the “sages” of the Talmud.

“And to those who live in eastern desert climates God gave special eyelids to help them contend with the sand which kicks up.
Right… because all of China, Japan and Korea is one big desert with constant sandstorms. No seashores, forests or cities in China! It’s all a big desert – even the giant pandas are natives of the desert! So God in his wisdom just had to give Asians “special eyelids” for protection although he seems to have forgotten that animals in China would also need special eyelids.

“God adjusted the melanin in the epidermis of people who live in different longitudes to contend with the varied exposure to the angles of the sun's rays.”

Excuse me Gateway kiruv rabbis. I think you mean latitude…

Jus' wonderin'

You know, I ask a simple question and you choose to make an attack. OK, you win. If you won't observe your rules of etiquette as posted on the site, then one should question what is really behind all this you do.

But I digress, sorry to have asked a simple question. I should have learned that it seems you do not want to be questioned.


Here's a very 'charedi' approach on their website:

Regarding the age of the universe:

"The contradiction between the age of the earth and the universe according to science and the Jewish date of 5773 years since Creation has two standard solutions. The first allows that the scientific estimate could be true, and show how the text of Genesis can be reconciled. (See Challenge, eds. Carmell and Domb, (1978: Association of Orthodox Jewish Scientists), pp. 124-41, 164-75.) The second is that the Jewish date is the literal truth, and the scientific estimate must be explained (away!). (See ibid., pp.142-49.) Since you ask only about the second solution, I will only address it. But I recommend that you take a look at the first solution also.

The second solution says that the real age of the universe is 5773 years, but that it has misleading evidence of greater age. The bones, artifacts, partially decayed radium, potassium-argon, uranium, the red-shifted light from space, etc. - all of it points to a greater age which nevertheless is not true. God put these things in the universe and they lead many to the false conclusion of a much greater age.

Let's first understand that God certainly can do this if He wishes. There is no logical impossibility in imagining such indicators of false age. Furthermore, something like this is part of the naive understanding of Genesis. Adam was created as an adult. Observing him a few minutes after he was created, we would assume him to be at least twenty years old: he was created with misleading symptoms of greater age than he possessed. The trees created in the Garden of Eden presumably had tree rings. Tree rings usually indicate the age of the tree, but in this case the rings are misleading evidence of age the trees did not possess. So the idea is not inherently absurd."

And in answer to how there are people of different races and colors:

" The Talmud itself deals with this. In reality, the modern concept of adaptation to the environment is rooted in the Talmud written 1800 years before Darwin was born!

The Sages teach us that in order to help different people survive in their respective climates and conditions, God gave them physical characteristic traits adapted specifically for their environment. For example, the Talmud states that God gave people who live in swampy regions large feet to help them contend with the soft footing. And to those who live in eastern desert climates God gave special eyelids to help them contend with the sand which kicks up.

In the same line of reason, we can clearly postulate that God adjusted the melanin in the epidermis of people who live in different longitudes to contend with the varied exposure to the angles of the sun's rays. Or, simply put, God did it."


Becher taught at Ohr Somayach and Neve Yerushalayim in Jerusalem – two HAREDI kiruv institutions.

His army service took place when he made aliyah in 1978.

Suchard not only learned in Telz in Cleveland, he also learned in Ponevizh in Bnei Brak.

So you can both stop your "not haredi" BS.


Again, Gateways was founded as a haredi kiruv org and it is a haredi kiruv org.

Anyone who knows anything about haredi kiruv knows that it is deceptive, and kiruv rabbis often look very modern (think Jeff Sidel) even though they aren't.

And MO guys who move the right are sometimes kiruv rabbis.

All facts, all well-known in the business.

'Odd' you wouldn't know it.

Jus' wonderin'

After all that, what actually is the definition of Haredi? Having known and heard a number of people in Gateways, I truly doubt that they would classify themselves that way.

In fact, I am told that Mordechai Becher gave the annual Yom HaAztamut talk at YU this year and was in the IDF. Since he is one of the top people at Gateways, it makes me wonder how broad your definition of Haredi is.


Let me help your addled little mind even further.

Gateways was founded as an offshoot of Arachim – and Israeli haredi kiruv organization.

Gateways founder learned in Telz is the son of a South African haredi rabbi.

Anyone with an Internet connection could have found that information in less than a minute.

But you, the incompetent journalist, didn't bother to look.

You did, however, attack me for calling Gateways haredi – even though it is.

You're an ass, Kadinsky, and a third rate hack.


Oh, please.

Kadinsky, you're an ass.

The fact is that I obviously got this from a source, right? And that source might actually know something you don't.

Past that rather obvious point, all I reported is that Gateways – which is haredi, despite your insane claims – lost its tax exempt status in NYC.

That is empirically true.

And here's a little tip for you, Kadinsky.

Very few people who have read your reporting would have much good to say about it, and that's because even though it's your job, you do it very badly.


Clerical errors happen all the time when properties are sold or transferred. There's no reason to run a story on Gateways before calling them for a comment. Shmarya didn't do that because he is not a journalist.

Also, how does Shmarya decide whether Gateways is haredi? All the Gateways rabbonim I've met are either clean shaven or have closely trimmed beards.



Having read the deeds for the transactions in my last post, Gateways did NOT sell the entire building to the BFF Foundation, it only sold a 45% interest in the building. BFF Foundation is described as a 501(c)(3) in the deed. BFF later sold its 45% interest to Khal Chasidim (also a 501(c)(3), but Gateways still owns a 55% interest in the building. The transfers probably required a renewal for the tax exempt status on the property, which may or may not have gotten done. There is no reason to believe that Gateways has lost its tax exempt status, this is probably a clerical issue.

That being said, I offer no opinion as to the reasons underlying the transfer of the 45% interest in the building (twice in two years) between a bunch of frum not for profits.


I think you jumped the gun on this one Shmarya. According to NYC proper tax records, Gateways sold this building the The BFF Foundation (for $8 million) in August 2012. In April 2013 BFF Foundation sold it to Cong. Khal Chasidim. It's not unusual for the Dept of Finance to fall behind in terms of where they send the bills. Gateways hasn't owned the property though for almost 2 years.

yonah FFB

What the hell is "not for profit" about gateways ???


Well, that's a start. Now if they'd only do the same for "Caws Faw Kids's"

Lawrence M. Reisman

It's probably an administrative matter. All tax-exempt property owners are required to renew their exemptions annually with the NYC Department of Finance. Failure to register the renewal causes the property to be liable for RE taxes. Being that Gateways has a Monsey mailing address for a NYC property, it's easy to see how this could get screwed up. I've seen it with organizations that have a mailing address different from the property address and both were in NYC.

Of course, if you want to point out that this is symptomatic of a culture that is indifferent to the law of the land, go ahead. It most probably is.

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