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June 16, 2014


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Nuchem Rosenberg

This should also send a message for mr. Ken Thomson he is trailing mr Hynes in letting the jewish preditors walk without jail.


Disbarment, financial penalty, house arrest and spilling it all.


Not sure which would be better?

Not plea bargaining and going to jail


Cutting a deal and spilling his guts

this is a name

>> Haredi child abusers and molesters

haredi gay child ass-rapists.

k fixed it.

former da should start practicing with the haredim he covered up for to get ready for prison.


Let's hope that this investigation proves to be the thread that when pulled unravels the entire garment, that it leads to other investigations which bring to light other abuses committed during the time of his administration including the preferential treatment of Haredi child abusers and molesters. Political financial corruption is a good starting point however making the giving of cover and protection to rapists impossibly risky would be a very major contribution and of inestimably greater value to the children of Brooklyn.

this is a name

this guy should start practicing sticking stuff up his own ass so that he gets ready for what is gonna happen in prison.


Chuckles is waking up in the middle of the night, shvitzing from a nightmare wherein he is brought into the courtroom shackled, in an orange jumpsuit. A booming voice echoes from atop the the bench, "How do you plead?" Chuckles looks up, way up, at the Judge, to see the large grinning face of...Shmarya.

Yes, boys and girls, fairy tales can come true.

dapper danny

Judge: "Mr. Hynes... how do you plead?"

Charlie: "Your honor... I plead fahdreit in kupp"


just let them check out henna white and her husbands cases in front of joe


If I were Chuckles, I would start forgetting where I put the car keys and expand my defense from there.

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