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June 25, 2014


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what the hell is going on in australia ?

what kind of air are these ppl breathing attending cha-bad places ?

someone needs to find out what's going on in cha-bad of australia . it's too much , really .

someone who represents himself is done .

john ? I never met someone jewish named john . john thought chabad is a christian place where he feels very comfortable . that's what it is .

john does not even look jewish . weird .

anyway , cha-bad picks up anybody , anyone who agrees worshipping the rebbe and a lot of ppl do , especially the goyim , they need to look at an idol and worship the idol . in a word , it's moshiah
for the goyim and the jews . the perfect place on earth , getting closer to each other for EVER .


Not a pedophile. A gerontophile.

Eye cyst a sham


What happened with rogalsky sentencing?

You said three months ago he was being sentenced.

jimmy gourary


A chabad affiliate in australia being charged as a pedophile!!!!!!

WoolSilkCotton; I must be seen to be believed

"...Dr Myers represented himself during this week’s hearing..."

Do we need further evidence that he is an idiot?


So much of the frumma lifestyle is said to be about controlling and directing one's sexual energy in appropriate ways but so often it ends in disaster.



Outcast Yid

That would be "groped". Unless he advised her how to imitate a grouper when making love to her husband.

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