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May 21, 2014


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Fleishike Kishke

This Chabad parasite is biding his time until the widow dies so that he can take on the children for their father's entire estate.


hey alter kocker who is the shliach

i have it on reliable sources that gumas home in israel opposite the kotel is owned by rabbi sholm lipskar of aleph and the rabbi of the shul in bal harbor

and several peices of jewlery is mrs lipskars collection may be from guma

Alter Kocker

I am dealing with a Chabad situation in my business. Essentially these despicable characters have gotten hold of a widow with grown children. The deceased left a significant amount to the children and to the widow. The children intermarried while the widow was drawn in by these lowlifes. Long story short, she, and her Chabad advisor are denying release of funds to the children as long as they remain married to their respective spouses. The Chabad advisor stated that he considers their intermarriage as evidence of mental illness. As I am the accountant for the estate, I have been so far offered several bribes and splits by Chabad. I have duly reported this to all authorities and parties to the will and still he denies and obfuscates trying to suck all of the estate into Chabad's hands. I have called his bluff at our last meeting, stating that if I am not satisfied, I will turn the entire amount over to the state. Then nobody gets anything, including the widow.

WoolSilkCotton; I must be seen to be believed

FK, those should be etched on 2 tablets. Perhaps somewhere in a room in 770, they are.

Shmarya, good point. Guma's wife and mother may very well have a case to take back some of the money he gave, or pledged, to Chabad. It wouldn't surprise me if he made some long term pledges of future donations, and Chabad will fight the family for every penny.

Fleishike Kishke

Here are 12 of my beliefs about Chabad.
• There are Chabad Houses and organizations which provide money laundering services to real estate and other business professionals.
• Directors of Chabad Organizations treat all donations and government grants as personal income.
• Chabad preys on vulnerable Jewish Synagogues, fraudulently using the court system if necessary to ‘legally’ overwhelm and steal synagogues and existing Jewish community assets.
• Chabad preys on the sick and elderly, finding them especially ripe for the picking.
• Chabad feels no compunction to speak the truth in everyday dealings or under oath.
• Chabad separates vulnerable young people from their families to better indoctrinate them into their Schneerson-worship cult.
• Chabad serves alcohol, including to minors, to lower defenses and better recruit new devotees.
• Chabad’s internal Bet Dins consistently favor the party with higher social ranking regardless of the din, law, any sense of fairness or justice.
• Chabad protects its pedophiles and abusers (subset of above).
• Joseph I. Schneersohn’s visit to the Tomb of the Patriarchs (at that time strictly off limits to Jews) likely precipitated the 1929 Hebron Massacre by that city’s bloodthirsty Muslims.
• Menachem Schneerson was delusional, socially handicapped, and though highly functional, insane.
• Nearly all Lubavitchers maintain the belief that Menachem Schneerson will rise from the dead and return as their Savior.



I spoke too soon.

"Truth about Guma" and "Manny Waaaax" aren't Chabad trollS – they are one person, one Chabad troll sockpuppeting.

Truth and Chabadniks are separated by a large chasm that, it seems, will never be bridged.



What we're probably seeing are Chabad trolls worried that some of the money Guma gave to Chabad (to launder or as legit donations) might be clawed back by the court.

WoolSilkCotton; I must be seen to be believed

AK, Mark, we are seeing here on these comments the results of yeshiva education and Torah lifestyle.

Franklin Clinton

Yes, 2pac also faked his death and he now lives happily in Amsterdam (although Some people say he si working as a janitor for a Brooklyn yeshiva). Maybe 2pac and Guma are hanging together some place, zipping Margarita and smoking Cuban Cigars.

There is of course a Chabad connection to his "death":

He got shot on September 7th = 7
He "died" at the age of 25 (2+5) = 7
he has the line (in Juice) "I'm 165 and staying high til I die, my competion's zero" = 0

you put it together you get 770 which is the address of Chabbad headquarters

WoolSilkCotton; I must be seen to be believed

The 3 things that Chabad love most are controlling other people, publicity, and money.

Guma had serious psychiatric problems which Chabad took full advantage of, and turned him into their ATM.

Now their cash machine is gone, and any criticism of him is verboten, and so Shmarya is attacked by Chabad trolls.


Truth about Guma and Manny Wax:

I guess you don't like it when Manny Wax and Shmarya expose the Chabad rape factory in Melbourne?

Both of you are clearly worthless pieces of shit.

Alter Kocker

Shmucks a.k.a. "Truth about Guma" and Manny Waaaax. Your ugly beards are showing. Don't like Shmarya? Maybe he's said some stuff about your rav? Maybe he rattled your cage? I fucking hope so. Extreme religion is mental illness.

Manny Waaaax

And in other news, could it be the paedophile that surfaced recently in Manny Wackjob's Australian backyard is really Guma in disguise? Could it explain why Manny gave up his day job because Guma paid him off? Stay tuned for more FailedScotty Fantasy Hour where we will bring you more concocted stories. No one tells 'em better.

Truth about Guma

What kind of BS story is this? Some stupid conjecture on your part. Could it be that Scott's father raped him which is why he is so dysfunctional?

That's how you write stories? A new low for a cheap journalist like you.

I thought I saw you this morning. Then I realized I was looking into my own toilet bowl morning poop. And it smelt better than you do

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