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May 07, 2014


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Kosher Ham

Shmarya, is the video available for the general public? I really want to see this one! I tried to find a link to the video, but couldn't. YouTube, maybe?


You've got 3 different spellings of the Chief Rabbi's name. And L'Express is a magazine, not a newspaper


Pow! Pow! Two more black eyes for Jews, in France no less. Interestingly I am just now returning from a ceremony I attended in the US Capitol which commemorated the awarding of a Congressional medal to Shimon Peres and during which the French ambassador awarded France's highest honor, the Legion d'Honneur, to WWI vet named Kanter who was involved both in the Normandy landings and in the rescue of concentration camp survivors.

On one hand we thus have the French government recognizing the bravery and sacrifice of a Jew and on the other we have these pond scum doing their best to besmirch the name of Jews in the same country. Which story do you think will get more play in the French press?


Such inspirational leaders.

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