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March 05, 2014


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Nothing is more dangerous than a man who believes he is doing God's will.

Alter Kocker

These are not religious Jews. This is an extreme end of a cult. They have taken all that is bad and soul killing in Judaism and turned it into a way of life. Before one more flees to Guatamala, they must all be detained, their children removed from their custody and Helbrans himself must be tried, convicted and jailed. De-programming one or more of them will reveal just how dangerous this cult really is.

Pax Monzi (not the one from Cedarhurst)

All of the so called rabbis should be completely shaven and locked away.
The kids and parents should all be forced to go to therapy for 5 years. Minimum.

put a square into a hole

The went to Guatemala to be reincarnated as spanish cleaning ladies just in time for the pesach season.

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