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March 01, 2014


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Pax Monzi (not the one from Cedarhurst)

Part 1:
Part 2:

put a square into a hole

Where is the documentary?


+++What I can declare very strongly is that physical punishment of children in our community is a lot less than western society,” Helbrans told Findlay.+++

Western society? Judaism *is* the elder of the two founding religions of Western society. If Judaism is not an element of Western society then what does he think it is?


Perjury? Frumma? Surely not...



if by chance you're reading this, take good care of yourself.
i met you years ago and thought you were a very nice young man.
don't listen to what people say about you..listen to people
who truly care about you and take their advice...listen to your gut.
do the right thing. be kind.

Pax Monzi (not the one from Cedarhurst)

What a bunch of kooks!!!

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