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March 06, 2014

Haredi Man Who Harassed IDF Soldier-Beauty Queen On Egged Bus Convicted

Doron Matalon uniform closeup"Slut, slut, slut! You have no respect! You are standing among yeshiva students and it is shameful!” the haredi man yelled.

Doron Matalon closeup glamor
Above right: Doron Matalon in IDF uniform in 2011. Above center: Doron Matalon today.

Haredi Man Who Harassed IDF Soldier-Beauty Queen On Egged Bus Convicted
Shmarya Rosenberg • FailedMessiah.com

In December 2011, Doron Matalon – then an IDF soldier – was riding on an Egged public bus when a haredi man, Shlomo Fuchs (sometimes translated as "Fox"), began harassing her. Fuchs, who was in his mid-forties and studied and taught in a haredi yeshiva, told Matalon to move to the back of the No. 49 bus, which begins its run in the largely haredi Neveh Ya’acov neighborhood of Jerusalem, winds through various secular and mixed neighborhoods and then into the haredi neighborhood of Sanhedria.

Matalon refused to move, pointing out that women could legally sit or stand wherever they liked.

Fuchs then shouted at Matalon, "Slut, slut, slut! You have no respect! You are standing among yeshiva students and it is shameful!”

Matalon still refused to move and Fuchs continued yelling at her in a threatening manner.

Matalon began to cry and when Fuchs continued to yell, she asked other passengers for help. Police were called and Fuchs was arrested.

Now, more than two years later, Fuchs has finally been convicted of sexually harassing Matalon and acting in a wild and indecent manner in a public place, the Jerusalem Post reported.

It’s been a good week for Matalon, who is now 21-years-old. On Sunday, she won the title of "Israel Girl," at the Miss Israel Pageant, meaning she finished in the top five.

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[Hat Tip: Ruthie.]


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So what is Shlomo FUCHS punishment?

Sholomo FUCHS deserves to be locked up!

"You are standing among yeshiva students and it is shameful!"

Judaism is now like Roman Catholicism (i.e. the clergy are more special than the laity). Mission Accomplished.

Shlomo Fuchs is deadly lucky that there were no male IDF soldiers on that bus. Likely he'd be eating through a straw for several years.

Did you know Shlomo Fuchs's little boys?

Shlomo Fucks is a POS.

But the separation and making women cover up and sit in the back is all about respecting women. Right.


I simply don't understand why she didn't punch him right in the mouth. Several times. Never mind the physical pain- he would have gone into shock just from a woman standing up for herself.

How many times have I said this? Parasites. Nothing but parasites.

Well then, Counselor, that would have been a battery, would it not?

See, I have a different take on it. An ehrliche yid, a holy yeshiva scholar is having his rights trampled upon by the evil, Haredi-hating Hilonim for attempting to save the neshomo of a wayward, immodest young woman by pointing out to her the error of her ways. Oy, nebach.

If it were taking place in the US, I'd suggest an asifa. As it's in Israel, I'll merely ask, "What time is the riot?"

Jeff, you're right. Just like those poor religious business owners in AZ are having their rights trampled on by not being able to refuse to serve "evil" gays and lesbians.

@dh ---> Very true. It would be both assault and battery. And as an Officer of the Court, I certainly don't advocate violence.

But as someone who reads about the behavior of someone like Shlomo Fuchs, I seriously doubt that anything other than a punch in the mouth- or several punches in the mouth, for that matter- would change his filthy and ungrateful attitude.

And of, course, the irony of this situation is that -assume for the sake of discussion- that if another war broke out tomorrow between Israel and one it's Arab neighbors ------>

1. Doron Matalon would put on her uniform, pick up her Uzi or her Kalashnikov, and head out as ordered, fully ready to sacrifice her life if necessary.

2. Shlomo Fuchs - and all the parasites like him- would sit in their yeshivas and their kollels, fully ready to allow Doron Matalon and others to sacrifice their lives while the haredi sit and study the Torah.

3. Then, after the IDF delivered another defeat to their adversaries, the Haredi would of course say, "See? Torah Study protected us! Hashem protected us!"

(Of course, these scholars-in-their-own- minds have no explanation as to why Torah Study didn't protect six million Jews in World War II, but let's not go there.)

Parasites. Nothing but parasites.

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