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March 12, 2014


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Steven Wolf

Who said what, about laws and sausages?!


And if you reply, can you please attempt to do so in a non-abusive manner.

Posted by: SimonF | March 12, 2014 at 11:42 AM

May I say old man, and this is a mere suggestion, as it were, would you be so kind as to go fuck yourself? Thank you ever so kindly.


Just like spoiled children, they picked up their toys and went home!


SimonF –

You are dishonest and you are also a fool.

Process, little man. The 25th and 26th Governments of Israel:


>>>…Peres kept the same coalition as previously, namely the Labor Party, Meretz and Yiud, which together held only 58 of the 120 seats in the Knesset. However, they government was also supported, but not joined, by Hadash and the Arab Democratic Party, which held an additional five seats between them.[1]…<<<

Idiocy, it seems, does run in your family.


What I quoted was completely in accordance with you claim, namely that the entire opposition was ALSO opposing this bill in order to court the Haredi parties for a future coalition. How you and Rebitzman imagine that to be a misleading quote is completely baffling. What part of your claim is missing from that quote?

My grasp of Israeli politics is clearly a lot stronger than yours. The Arab parties have NEVER been included in an Israeli government, and a party that unifies the Arab and ArabJewish communist party together with the Islamist party is even less likely to ever be part of a government, or to be a faction on which a Zionist party could depend and retain credibility to lead a government with a majority of the Jewish public.


SimonF –

1. You truncated what I wrote to mislead readers.

2. Your grasp of what the opposition is preparing for is, to say the least, weak.

3. The Arab and communist parties will likely unify due to the new law passed regarding threshold for Knesset seats. And if you look into it, you'll see that to form a coalition, Labor will likely need to reach some sort of agreement with them and something different with haredim.

rebitzman - $101 to read my posts

"I clearly...am (implied)....also ..... a deceitful moron..."

Hey - I LIKE arguing like this. But I wonder how it fits with ברייתא דרבי ישמאל?


Clipping from context in order to form an attack (make that read "rebuttal") is the CLASSIC tactic of Internet trolls. Shmarya qualified what was clearly stated as opinion with the reasons supplied by those who boycotted the vote.

rebitzman - $101 to read my posts

" I said one thing, when in reality I said another."

Ah.....so you ADMIT it!


I clearly included the word "also." So you are the deceitful one. Apparently you also have some issues with anger and verbal abuse.

For your information, the "opposition" in Israel includes all the parties not in government (unlike other countries where only the largest non-government party is the official opposition).

Since you used the word "it" to refer to "the entire opposition," your claim that Hadash, Ra'am-ta'al, Balad, and even Meretz are boycotting all these votes (or even this one) because they hope to court the support of Haredi parties for a future coalition is patently ridiculous. Either that or you've got the wrong end of the stick about what constitutes the opposition.

And if you reply, can you please attempt to do so in a non-abusive manner.


SimonF –

Does idiocy run in your family? Do you even know who the opposition is?

Past that, you wrote:

"which as you ought to know was pushed through by the government as part of a package deal along with 2 other bills considered by Labor, Meretz,etc as being anti-democratic."

However, in my post I clearly wrote that "With the entire opposition boycotting – officially due to its claim that this and two other key bills were being rammed through their final two Knesset votes without adequate debate, but in reality also due to its desire to court the support of haredi parties for a future coalition government – the Knesset passed the universal draft law 65-1 today, the Times of Israel reported."

In other words, you deceitful moron, you TRUNCATED the quote to make it appear I said one thing, when in reality I said another.



"in reality also due to its desire to court the support of haredi parties for a future coalition government"

Wrong. Maybe Labor happens to have this interest, but this has nothing to do with why the other non-Haredi parties voted against this bill, which as you ought to know was pushed through by the government as part of a package deal along with 2 other bills considered by Labor, Meretz,etc as being anti-democratic.



The bill would have passed anyway.

Arthur Rabinovitz

Immediately after passage of this bad legislation, a suit has been filed with the Israel Supreme Court.

this is a bad law and is nothing more than a wash over of the former Tal Law


If the opposition hadn't boycotted, would they have been able to defeat it? If so, it seems incredibly stupid.

Alter Kocker

But what happens should a real shooting war erupts? Will the Haredim cower in their Yeshivas? Will their Ravs tell them to fight or to hide?

These are discussions for a future date. They should consider the consequences if and when they are called. Forgetting where you live can have dire consequences.


Resistance was futile after all bravo.

Yochanan Lavie

New chareidi Purim slogan: "Draft beer, not freeloaders like us."

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