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March 19, 2014

Another Hasidic Yeshiva Bans Plastic-Framed Woody Allen-Style Eyeglasses

Woody-allenThe Pupa yeshiva in Williamsburg, Brooklyn has now banned children from wearing Woody Allen-style plastic frame glasses because those glasses are now in fashion among non-Jews. The rabbis have banned anyone wearing them from entering the yeshiva.

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Pupa yeshiva bans 'Woody Allen' glasses 3-19-2014

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Ah so Polish aristocracy garb straight out of the 1800's. Large furry hats. Bodies that have not seen the inside of a shower for days at a time if ever. Glasses that goyim will not wear. Odd, psychologically damaged behavior. Rejection of females for anything other than child-bearing and rearing. Devotion to alzheimer ridden old farts for their laws and ways. Rejection of civil authority. Rejection of laws of the land. Insistence on eating foods of the lowest quality and poorest health. Rejection of exercise as being goyish. Rejection of media. Rejection of the 19th, 20th and 21st centuries.

And then you want the rest of the jews in the world to look at you as the paragon of our faith?

Alter Kocker | March 19, 2014 at 08:20 AM

:-) not unless, AK, you would be sefardi, or Zionist socialist or plain frei, then you look at them as paragon of ridicule and alienation.

"...you want the rest of the jews in the world to look at you as the paragon of our faith..."

They could care less.

Meanwhile nasty elementary-school-kid antisemitism is on the rise in what I had always thought of as a nice suburb of Boston where to my knowledge there's not a Hasid to be found to inspire it; just, presumably, the local Christian churches one might assume. Another of the fine and wonderful things religion has brought us:

"Bedford school officials are reaching out to community groups for guidance as they cope with a recent series of anti-Semitic incidents involving elementary schoolchildren.

...In addition to the game played by students at one of the elementary schools, a child told her parents that a classmate told her they were going to destroy her country because she is Jewish, Sills said. In another instance, a Jewish child was told by a peer that she could not have a cracker because Jews didn’t believe in Jesus Christ.

Also recently, students discussing the difference between Christmas and Hanukkah made a comment that Jews were responsible for killing Jesus, Sills said....

[The superintndent of schools] said while anti-Semitism exists across the nation and is not unique to Bedford, the number of incidents and the fact they involved elementary students is unusual. He said incidents are more common in middle school.'

can anybody enlighten me on rules of vowels in Yiddish? I understand that the letters aleph, hei, vav and yod serve as vowels in Yiddish. whereby aleph usually = 'o'.
so here pupa is spelled as 'pei aleph fei aleph' so it would be normally 'popo'.
how then did we get to pupa?

You are missing the point !

It is a part of the great war of preppies vs hipsters and anything goes...

Haredim are obviously on they side of the preppies...

Bit ironic that in the 1960's these were the only frames available.

Yosef ben Matitya-- The Hasid sect of 'Pupa' is actually from a small town in Hungary called 'Papa' (pronounced as 'pahpa'. Since the word actually means Pope, they distorted the pronounciation.

If we could only get the fashion industry to promote the new 'Hasid' look, we might even see them adopting tight fitting three piece suits. Wow, so its the fault of 7th avenue and those antisemitic designers. Why can't they just accept how cool those fur hats are. Everyone should wear one on a hot day in July.

The Pupa Rebbe in BP (the brother of the Grand Rabbi) here models the acceptable eyeglasses style.


In 1995, he even went on a tour of Austrialia to lecture Aussie Yidden on the importance of appropriate eyeglass design in avoiding Chillul Hashem.


He generously gave 500 hours of his time to counsel 'at risk' West Coast Jews about the temptation of trying to follow the goyim when in fact the Ultra Orthodox should by their ethical and moral outlook be seen as an example of leadership for others to follow.


It may render me unjewish, but I can't stand Woody Allen. On the other hand, his glasses aren't so bad. Jettison him; keep the glasses.

Shiksas wear headcoverings. What's worse, shvartzas and Moozlum shiksas and SHVARTZA MOOZLUM SHIKSAS wear them.

The only solution is for frum women to go bareheaded

@HavaMina ----> It may render me unjewish, but I can't stand Woody Allen....

Well, I don't know if there is anything "unjewish" about that....b/c I can't stand Woody Allen either. I saw some of his movies, and I just didn't think they were very funny.....

Plus, I kind of always thought he personified the worst stereotype of the Jewish Male......especially when compared to Ariel Sharon, who ate other countries for breakfast......

.....but some people really liked/like Woody Allen. My father (rest in peace) was crazy about him. Different Strokes for Different Folks, I guess.

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