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March 07, 2014

Alleged Pittsburgh Double Murderer Arrested

Allen WadeAllen Darell Wade, 43, has been charged with robbing and killing two sisters, Susan Wolfe and Sarah Wolfe. Susan worked as a teacher’s aide at Hillel, an Orthodox Jewish day school in Pittsburgh. Wade, who has a long criminal history that includes violence, was a neighbor of the two women. He insists he is innocent.

The Pittsburgh Tribune reports:

Before he shot and killed two East Liberty women, Pittsburgh police say, Allen Wade forced them to tell him the personal identification numbers to their bank cards.

Surveillance video and DNA evidence led police on Wednesday to charge Wade, 43, with homicide, robbery, burglary and other crimes. Police detectives interviewed a man and a woman in connection with the sisters' deaths hours later but declined to say why.

“We have several theories relating to motive, but it's too early to conclude exactly what the motive was,” Lt. Kevin Kraus said of the case that rattled a neighborhood and led detectives to the next-door neighbor of Susan and Sarah Wolfe, a convicted bank robber who proclaimed his innocence in a Facebook posting before surrendering.

Family and friends of the women could not be reached.

Wade lived in an apartment next to the Chislett Street home where the sisters were found dead in their basement on Feb. 7.

“I'm 100 percent innocent. I didn't do anything wrong,” Wade said as detectives took him from police headquarters to the Allegheny County Jail. He used a cane and wore a Pittsburgh Steelers stocking hat and glasses. It wasn't clear whether he had an attorney.

DNA from a bloodstain on a pair of discarded sweatpants links Wade to the crime, according to a criminal complaint.

“It is a case that involved a high level of video surveillance evidence and DNA evidence,” Kraus said.

Wade learned from news reports that police sought him and posted a rambling statement on Facebook: “I am 100 percent innocent I would never ever in any way Hurt a person so brutally it is not in my nature I have always respected women and will always continue to do so I am being framed to take the fall for this case and hopefully justice will prevail ! I appreciate all of you who pray for me and I love my family God bless I am going to turn myself in.”

Detectives picked Wade up at a bus stop in Rankin. Police had questioned him for hours on Feb. 19 and 20 because they suspected he was the person they saw on surveillance video after the killings. Police released him but called him a person of interest.

State police records show Wade bought eight handguns between 1997 and 2002, city police said. One gun was sold or transferred, but police had no record that he sold the other guns. Records kept by the federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives show police recovered four of the guns, but not two 9 mm guns or a Star .45-caliber.

Officers found Susan Wolfe, 44, naked and doused with bleach and liquid detergent. Sarah Wolfe, 38, was clothed, with a blanket over her head and some detergent on her, the complaint stated. Both had been shot once in the head.…

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[Hat Tip: The Lion.]


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how incredibly sad. my heart goes out to those sisters and their families. omg
his landlord should have warned female neighbors who they were living next to. POS people

as I wrote in my comments on feb 7 , I knew the murderer was a neighbor or a handy man the sisters let in , bc there was no sigh of force entry .

the sisters used to rent in a different location that was perfectly safe .
what bad luck to have bought this beautiful house in a bad neighborhood .

There is no punishment brutal enough for this subhuman garbage.(my apologies to subhuman garbage)

So often we praise law enforcement when it is really, it seems to me, usually, the work of the community that does the work that leads to the identification and apprehension of the criminal. But this looks like patient stunning forensic investigative work and I think we'll see the same with the slain Satmar slumlord found like a scorched marshmallow floating atop the mug of a hot chocolate dumpster.

OK people, I know that a horrendous crime has been committed here and this man is an ex-con, but we have this little tradition in America called INNOCENT UNTIL PROVEN GUILTY. For heaven’s sake this man has not even been tried yet, let alone convicted yet already he is a “POS” and “subhuman garbage” or a “criminal” ?? Amazing how sure you are of his guilt before his defense team has presented any evidence on his behalf or challenged the allegedly “stunning forensic work” or other evidence against him.

Did you notice the qualifiers “police say” when describing Wade’s alleged actions ? Well sorry, but in a democracy it’s not what the “police say” but what the JURY says that counts. And until they say “guilty as charged” he is considered as innocent as you or me.

Believe it or not, I had a roommate who turned out to be a serial killer. You really can't tell with some people.

עָקֹב הַלֵּב מִכֹּל, וְאָנֻשׁ הוּא; מִי, יֵדָעֶנּוּ

יִרְמְיָהוּ יז, ט

"[...] but we have this little tradition in America called INNOCENT UNTIL PROVEN GUILTY."

The presumption of innocence only applies in court of law.

"For heaven’s sake this man has not even been tried yet, let alone convicted yet already he is a “POS” and “subhuman garbage” or a “criminal” ??"

Fortunately, people have the right to express their opinion in this country. For example, I think you a piece of shit.

@Allan I'm sorry, I think you ARE a piece of shit.

Allan, aside from the fact that he should get the chair on the basis of that mug shot alone, I agree with you totes. Bank robbers don't kill. But then there was the gun thing. Then there was the discarded pants thing on surveillance. Then there was the deceased ladies' blood and DNA on the discarded pants thing. But mostly, it's the mug shot.

As to whether you a piece of shit or whether you are a piece of shit, well, I'd have to see your mug first.

@Allan -----> You are entirely correct. At this point in time, he is alleged killer. And the presumption of innocence does apply...as it must.

@Nigritude -----> "The presumption of innocence only applies in (a) court of law."
Very true. And a conviction or a plea of "guilty" is delivered or taken only in a Court of Law. Let's see what happens in a Court of Law before we render our own judgment.

@Allan I previously wrote: "Fortunately, people have the right to express their opinion in this country. For example, I think you a[re] a piece of shit."

Just so there is no misunderstanding -- I was writing this while I was cooking -- I didn't mean for you think to think I think of you this way -- I was only providing this as an example.

@RJB "Let's see what happens in a Court of Law before we render our own judgment."

How does this work exactly (the presumption innocence)? If I always have a presumption of innocence, then what right does the police have to arrest me?

rjb - you took the words right out of my keyboard - always a pleasure to see your posts of reason.

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