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February 05, 2014


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did she have to pay for it? How much?


So much for marrying for "yichus".


She probably had to pay and sign over her son. This culture legalizes extortion if the victim is a woman.


A woman is not chattel. Yet, the concept of Jewish divorce (the "get") makes her such. How can any self-respecting man hold hostage a woman, his own wife (supposedly someone he loves or loved). And if he doesn't love her, why would he hold tight to controlling her? Power? Maybe. Money? MOST UNETHICAL!

Frummie Where?

This is such a great day. This poor woman really suffered at the hands of this get refuser. May she be zochah to build a bayit neeman b'Yisrael v'nomar amen.


Oy, nebach! She extorted a get from the grandson of a holy Toyreh sage. I wouldn't want her olam habah!

I am sick to fucking death of these people.


Aren't we all?


Kudos to FM for shining a bright light on this case. The heat from this bright light was too much for this guy and his family, and thus he finally cried uncle.

Jimmy Choooo

Jeff your proposition is accepted. Now get sick and drop dead.

Jimmy Choooo

Oh yeah Reese Failedmessiah was the one responsible for this positive result. I am sure both families read this trash and felt sufficiently moved by all the scumbags that post here not to mention Scotty himself that they decided to cave and submit.

Scott is just a hack. In simple terms he re-posts other people's articles here for the benefit of those of us who don't have access to all the media coverage, not to mention those of us who have day jobs and don't have the time that the unemployed hack has to read through everything. The various real media outlets who posted the story compiled the pressure to achieve the get. But whatever helps you sleep at night.


"Jeff your proposition is accepted. Now get sick and drop dead."

It would be well worth it to get away from the likes of you. You are the vermin of the Jewish people.

rebitzman - $101 to read my posts

"She extorted a get from the grandson of a holy Toyreh sage"

That is EXACTLY what she did - in spite of protests to the contrary, Gital oraganized an army of volunteer who collectively levered exposure through sites like Failed Messiah and Facebook and were very successful in applying great pressure on the family. Both the man and his father were forced to "temporarily" resign their positions at Art Scroll because of the negative impact on the business (Sales dropped like a stone, and in spite of the resignations are only just recovering slightly). Because of the exposure - rabbis from all walks applied pressure on the community itself to shun the family and the combined pressure and exposure essentially forced them into the Get. No cattle prods, no beatings........


The real tragedy here is that neither of these two is likely to get married again for a while.
He's a notorious get refuser.
She openly admits she gave up on her marriage after the first Shabbos and that she walked out refusing any attempts at counselling or reconciliation.
Who'd want either of them?


"Art Scroll... Sales dropped like a stone"

Oh, that's a shame. [/sarcasm]

As for the rest, rebitzman - who cares why she wanted the divorce or how she went about it? If a woman doesn't want to be married to you, you divorce her. End of story.

Or the frummies could, oh, I don't know - enter the fucking 21st century?


PlusGoogle – Not being married is hardly a “real tragedy”, although the Torah indoctrinates its followers to believe that it is – that living a single life is “tragic” as well as a terrible sin. Perhaps these two weren’t cut out for marriage and will be happier as singles (who are now a majority in the US). Getting married according to halacha is a very risky proposition – especially for women - because Orthodox Judaism imposes an absurd and cruel divorce system whereby one party can literally extort the other and cause untold emotional suffering.

rebitzman - $101 to read my posts

"The real tragedy here is that neither of these two is likely to get married again for a while."

Her engagement will likely be announced as soon as it is deemed proper to do so.

While he SHOULD have a "DANGER" sign painted all over him when it comes to a new pairing, the fact is that his family is held in such high esteem in that world AND that Gital is seen as the "bad" one.........he'll be matched as soon as he wishes to be.


You tend to make statements that are not true or that you would have no way of knowing.
Example: "(Sales dropped like a stone, and in spite of the resignations are only just recovering slightly)".
I highly doubt that Artscroll, a private company would tell you what happened to their sales.So you are just making it up.
It's highly doubtful, that this saga would even dent sales.

rebitzman - $101 to read my posts

No jimmy - matter of record (as are the resignations).

Been my experience that the first to accuse others of lying are themselves liars.


what is a matter of record, artscrolls sales?
Wonder where?
New York Times bestseller lists?
You probably don't know artscrolls sales numbers, so saying they "dropped like a stone" is a very silly statement.
I find it highly unlikely that an editors sons marital problems would effect sales.Most people have no idea or care.

You don't like when your logical fallacies are pointed out.


Per her facebook page, as reported on that irritating blog daastorah (which I check on occasion to understand how the other thinks, and for a good laugh), she paid a six-digit sum for her get. part of that (perhaps all of it?) was to cover the Weiss' legal fees.

he's a shame onto his family, R' Moshe's legacy, and the entire Jewish people.

Also - unfair to judge her for leaving her marriage within the first year. You weren't in her shoes and don't know what it was like to share a home and a bed with AMW. If the story about him threatening and pushing her mother while Gital was in labor is true, that right there says it all to me. Entitled, controlling little prick.

rebitzman - $101 to read my posts

And you don't care for it when it's pointed out that you are a Xtian posing as a Jew.

When the case wnet public (here and across the Internet), Yosef Weiss's father defended his son, and published a public defense in which he blamed Gital with a string of lies and inaccuracies from which he argued that his son was actually the victim in the case. But the attempt at a defense further turned falks against them resulting in multiple Jewish groups calling for a boycott of Artscroll and a means to apply pressure on the Weiss family. The boycott worked and in Nov 2013 the father had to quit his job, and in his resignation letter he openly that his resignation is in order not to further harm Artscroll.

Further harm is an admission that there was harm.

Now do your own research from there, so(in the words of Shmarya) toddle off (or I'll tell your emma that you love Yoshke)


You are very infantile.

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