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February 18, 2014

Netanyahu Orders Knesset To Stand Down On Criminal Penalties For Haredi Draft Dodgers

NetanyahuPrime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has reportedly ordered the Knesset committee writing Israel’s new universal draft law not to deliberate or vote on an article in the proposed bill that would institute criminal penalties for haredim who dodge the draft.


Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu

Updated 2:05 pm CST

Netanyahu Orders Knesset To Stand Down On Criminal Penalties For Haredi Draft Dodgers
Shmarya Rosenberg • FailedMessiah.com

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has reportedly ordered the Knesset committee writing Israel’s new universal draft law not to deliberate or vote on an article in the proposed bill that would institute criminal penalties for haredim who dodge the draft. Netanyahu asked the Shaked Committee to table all discussion or votes on the issue until it achieves wider coalition support, Ynet reported – something that is not likely to happen.

Netanyahu had previously endorsed an outline for a draft bill that included those criminal penalties – although his endorsement was weak. Netanyahu later helped scuttle that proposed bill, leading to a breakup of the committee tasked with writing it and the eventual formation of the Shaked Committee.

The previous committee’s head, Ya’akov Perry of the Yesh Atid Party, said those criminal sanctions were based on a ruling of Israel’s High Court of Justice.

Netanyahu and his Likud Party frequently skirt High Court rulings, sometimes using deception and outright lies to do so.

The Prime Minister's Office told Ynet that "the prime minister did not order [the Shaked Committe] to wait with the vote [on criminal penalties],” but officials in the Shaked Committee confirmed Netanyahu’s request.

Last week, Netanyahu publicly insisted he would not send haredim to prison for draft dodging.

“I will not be a part of sending Jews to jail for studying Torah,” Netanyahu said.

Haredi political parties and leading haredi rabbis vehemently object to drafting haredi yeshiva students.

Although haredi parties are not in the current coalition government, in part because Yesh Atid – the second largest party in Knesset after the combined Likud-Beiteinu List – would not sit in a coalition with them because it ran on a platform of ending government support for haredi draft dodging and corruption, those haredi parties, especially the Ashkenazi haredi United Torah Judaism Party, are Likud’s only natural allies in Knesset.

Yesh Atid has threatened to walk out out of the governing coalition if no criminal penalties for haredi draft dodgers are adopted.

The Jerusalem Post is reporting that the reason Netanyahu blocked discussion or a vote on criminal penalties is a fear that the Zionist Orthodox HaBayit HaYehudi Party had made a deal with haredi parties whereby the haredi parties would support leaving in place a shortened term of service for Zionist Orthodox yeshiva students enrolled in so-called Hesder yeshiva programs in exchange for eliminating criminal penalties for haredi draft dodgers.

Hesder yeshiva students now serve only 16 months on active duty, but that service is almost exclusively in combat units. The committee is planning on increasing that to 17 months.

Non-Orthodox Israeli men serve three years of active duty.

Proposed haredi service would be for 24 months – but much of that would be spent in yeshiva and in special remedial academic classes needed to bring haredi draftees up to the level needed to be able to fill all but the most menial tasks required.

The Post also reported that "political sources" said that earlier today, cabinet secretary Avichai Mendelblit suggested that the "current version of the [proposed] law " without any criminal penalties be ratified with the provision that in the two years after 2017, when the proposed law would go into effect, no criminal penalties be enforced on haredi draft dodgers. But those criminal penalties would under his proposal go into effect automatically after that.

Mendelblit's proposal and much of the other proposals aimed at removing criminal penalties for haredi draft dodgers and delaying the haredi requirement to serve in the IDF appear to be in direct violation of the High Court of Justice ruling made in early February 2012.


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typical....gotta keep those charedim in your back pocket, huh, bibi ?


More like keeping your lips wrapped firmly around the Charedi yad

Keeping your Haredi masters happy at whatever the cost, Mr. Netanyahu? What are you going to do about an economy and an electorate that is getting increasingly annoyed at having to support a segment of the population that will neither serve in the defense of the nation nor work to support themselves. In essence these are leeches living off the blood that secular Israel provides.

Mr. Netanyahu, your voter bloc is becoming increasingly disliked among the rest of the voters. One day soon, they will rally to a party that will no longer have truck or trade with the Haredim. You Mr Netanyahu will be out of a job. The Haredim will spit on you as well.

The absolutely insane thing is that you have Haredim saying things like, "We'll show Netnyahu he can't trifle with us!", when he's actually the best friend they have in the government.

In any case, nothing will change until after he's gone.

The State of Israel is going to hell in a hand basket. The way the government is set up, the party system, the voting system, and without a constitution, is the perfect recipe for Hareidim to win these battles time and time again. And the Hareidim will bring the country to its knees. There is already a tremendous brain drain, and the rates of "Aliyah" can't keep up with the rates of "Yeridah." Israelis don't care anymore to give their lives or their children's lives for the sake of the country. They want to live free, without PTSD and without constant war. They want a better life for their children, and more and more they see that to get that means starting over somewhere else. The USA has loads of Israelis who left. Can you blame them?

The State of Israel is beginning to die right before our eyes. This is only the beginning of a protracted illness. The only question is how long it will take to die.

The blood of the thousands of Jews who fought and died to create the State of Israel cries out. But nobody hears. The State of Israel was yesterday's dream, yesterday's answer to anti-Semitism. Today there are other fears, other concerns, and the anti-Semitism made its way to Israel proper. Today the Hareidim are (metaphorically) raping and pillaging the towns and cities of secular Israelis, and the Arabs of the world have their guns and rockets aimed, shooting at every opportunity. Israelis have begun to flee today's pogroms. They will not stand by, yet again, and be slaughtered. Not by their surrounding enemies, nor by the burgeoning enemy within. But they are an ethical people. Unlike their Hareidi brethren, they will not kill their own brothers, even if those brothers, the Hareidim, are destroying them. Instead they will leave. And with them, goes the State of Israel.

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