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February 18, 2014

Illegal Satmar Mikva Spotted In Bloomingburg Allegedly Part Of Bid To Take Over Tiny Rural Town

Illegal mikva, Bloomingburg, Shalom Lamm Satmar 2-18-2014An above ground swimming pool placed inside a garage in Bloomingburg, New York, allegedly by developer Shalom Lamm's company, is allegedly being used as an unapproved mikva by Satmar hasidim who are rushing to move to Bloomingburg in order to flood the tiny 420-person town's upcoming election and take over the local government.


The swimming pool is allegedly being filled with snow, which then melts, allowing the 'mikva" to be used.

However, the Bloomingburg zoning board has only zoned this building for use as a car garage, my source says. 

But it is being prayer services in the front of the building and the rear of the building is used as a mikva.

The town's planning board has, I'm told, not granted approval for either use.

The mikva:

Illegal mikva, Bloomingburg, Shalom Lamm Satmar 2-18-2014


Inside the garage before the mikva was installed:

Inside Shalom Lamm's garage in Bloomingburg

The building from the outside:

The garage and front building where Shalom Lamm's illegal mikva was installed


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You are an idiot. This picture is taken at the local JCC

The Bloomingburg town residents will push back. Say like inviting the knights of the KKK to have a barbecue on the site of the new shul and welcoming them for a dip in the mikvah. Next week an invitation will be sent out to the Aryan Nation. Week later an NAACP rally. I don't think the Bloomingburg wants the Satmar to infest their town, like so many cockroaches.

are we sure michael phelps hasn't started training in bloomingburg?

I hope you're kidding - Bloomingburg does not have a JCC. Closest one is 20 miles away and this is not their pool.

It must have required a huge amount of snow to fill this up - many truck loads - as snow melts to a very small volume of water.

Mikvot cannot be filled from the water supply (except for a loophole I will soon mention), the water must fall vertically from a collection point or be a natural body of water.

When snow is not available it will need to be topped off by either naturally falling water or by having an unused "side" mikvah or a "below" mikvah as per Chabad. If this is done then the mikvah can be topped up via the water supply. I can't see this being done with an above-ground swimming pool.

Having said that, the requirements for men's mikvot are much less than for women. I have been told that a regular backyard swimming pool or even a bathroom tub will suffice for men.

In case you didn't know,Alter Kocker,(name suits you)your friends at the KKK are hatemongers who call for the killings of Jews and blacks.So there is no big difference from this blog where you find comfort and Stormfront.

Satmar's and most frum Jews are usually kind generous people who have all kind of organizations and volunteers to help out fellow Jews and most frum Jews are not like the KKK. I bet you would rather live near a KKK member then a Satmar,right?

The local JCC??!!?? Thanks for the good laugh.

Mefoar. Please dont insult yoursellf or us by putting the word satmar in the same sentence as frum jew. Satmers and frum jews are simply opposites. And by the way just like the kkk wanto kill the jews is the same with satmar that they want to kill all goyim or even a yid who isnt thier type, who stand in thier way. I know you will deny this but i have have been brought up in kj and this is how they talk. They arent interested in peace. Its everything or i will harm or kill to get the end result. This is what satmar is lyda lyda all about

I'd love to see a picture of the un-bonded not grounded electrical hookup for the filter pump (disgusting if there isn't one). Probably a deadly shock just waiting to happen.

+++I'd love to see a picture of the un-bonded not grounded electrical hookup for the filter pump (disgusting if there isn't one). Probably a deadly shock just waiting to happen.

Posted by: FlatEarth | February 18, 2014 at 04:08 PM+++

Well if done to normal frumma engineering "standards" it is sure to be "interesting" (and dangerous).

don't hock-there is plenty to dish but if you talk about Satmar/frum Jews killing others,TAKE YOUR MEDS.

Mefoar--"Satmar's and most frum Jews are usually kind"

don't hock--. "Its everything or i will harm or kill to get the end result."
I am amazed by youre insight about the satmerers,you are right on with you statement about them getting their way at all costs i see it that way also,read my past postings you will understand where i come from .

This is going to be really funny if Scotty has to retract his claim that the setup is "illegal". (Not that he necessarily will even if wrong)

There is a Federal law called Religious Land Use Persons Act (RLUPA) that overrides local ordinances banning prayer gatherings that are small enough that they do not reach a certain member of congregants. Plenty of anti-Semites who think like FM fanatics have tried to shut down smaller minyanim but have fallen flat on their faces for this reason.

And as long as some cars are still parked there I don't know that there is a problem to have an above ground pool in there too. Can anyone point to a section of code that states it would be a problem?


RLUPA does not exempt anyone from health and safety regulations or allow them to use a building for any purpose without a certificate of occupancy.


That's no JCC it's some sort of commercial building. I'd love to know the address.

As i said before it all depends how strong of a will the Satmars have to move to rural Bloomingburg.If they really do have the will they will move in LEGALLY and take over the town LEGALLY yes with VOTES after all this is AMERICA where not only black people can vote but frum Jews can too.

"RLUPA does not exempt anyone from health and safety regulations"

What are the health & safety issues?

It takes a lot of people to violate Fire code restrictions on crowding and you said yourself that they are praying in the front which could easily be a partitioned off section from the vehicles. YOU broke that first incidentally, not JTA or anyone else. YOU.

The trick is to try to keep the frum jews from taking over your town, and then excluding you from ever having a voice. That is why the citizens of Bloomingburg need to take action unless they wish to see their town turned into an open cesspool.

Posted by: Mefoar | February 18, 2014 at 05:50 PM

You people always find some way to bring Black people into a discussion that is not in the least concerned with them. The more I learn about Satmar directly from its members, the more you come off as dreck.

By the way Mefoar, go home, the KKK is getting anal from your wife and daughter.

@Mefoar "Satmar's and most frum Jews are usually kind generous people who have all kind of organizations and volunteers to help out fellow Jews and most frum Jews are not like the KKK"

That's very interesting. During the first revival of the KKK in the early 20th century, the KKK claimed to be purely a "benevolent organization". It's funny how history repeats itself.

"What are the health & safety issues?"

Context –

Please. You are disingenuous POS and a fool.

Public pools, mikvas and the like are inspected by local health departments.

A building w/o a certificate of occupancy for a particular use cannot be legally used for that purpose even if a religious group is involved.

Buildings used for public gatherings need to meet different fire and safety codes than private dwellings.

Being a religious group does not exempt your from these restrictions.

Imagine the bacteria that water will contain after a few of the 300 pounders immerse themselves in that tank.

Scotty, contain yourself.

They can call it a private mikva or pool and invite only one person at a time.

And meeting the code in the prayer portion is a cinch. That's why President Reagan's Attorney General Dick Thornburgh stopped the anti-Semitic local government of Airmont NY when nothing Jewish was good enough for them.


Airmont lost their case in the courts.


And Airmont lost all it's appeals.

You lose too. And being a bitter ex-Lubavitcher does not exempt you from acting like a mentch.

"michael phelps"


In the 1996 Mission Impossible there was a traitor named Jim Phelps.


There was also once a BT hanging out in Monsey who now spends every available second attacking Jews & Judaism from atop his beanbag in the frozen hinterlands of the Upper Midwest.

Context, you like like a cheap fucking carpet.

Even if they try to push this fiction it won't work.

1) No building permits
2) No inspection
3) If they want a RLUPA exemption they have to apply for it and satisfy all code requirements.

They haven't done any of these. Like typical frumpies they believe laws are only for soulless goy-filth.

If you ultra orthodox guys with the grade 8 diploma could actually string together enough words with some grammar and syntax we might actually take you seriously. As for now cretins like yourself, Mefoar,and a few other former semen repositories for ulte rebbeim like to try to actually come up with some semblance of wit or criticism on this site, well knock yourselves out. As for our criticism of the Haredim, Hasidim. Satmar ad infinitum, ad nauseum, it is based for the most part on personal experience. Not that we think that most of orthodoxy are not nice people, they are. HOWEVER, the public face is filled with lying sacks of shit, much like yourself, who hide behind a "made up" version of OUR religion and have so bastardized it and so twisted it that you have drawn out the most vocal critics among us. More to the point, we hardly recognise YOU as being Jewish. YOU are a member of a cult, and not some benign entity collecting for charity and doing good and outreach to the less fortunate. YOU and your UO brothers think it is your absolute right to take from others. As Mr. Lamm and his cohorts are now intending to steal the town of Bloomingburg from the current residents. What did your kind do to Ramapo? How much in the way of tax revenue did they divert to their own causes? You infested that town like a virus. You have turned that town into an open cesspool and destroyed the former resident's equity. Nobody wants to live there. No one is sure which building your Haredi brothers have had altered without a building permit and without any real working knowledge of engineering or building codes. This dirty pool is merely a symptom of the encroaching cancer that you bring to neighborhoods. The houses are all filthy, garbage accumulates on the lawns, and you all retreat from civil behavior. If it doesn't work for you, you call it goyish. That way you and your denizens of the cesspool can overlook it. We have a problem with you, not just Shmarya, but all of us...and guess what, we no longer see you as a cute anachronism. You are no longer our Zaide's frummes. You are a cult bastard religion that we are beginning to realize are NOT JEWS. Get ready, you may procreate like rabbits, but the world is on to you. The US is on to you. Israel is on to you. We are the majority.

Now go blow your rebbe.

Just like General Mills mascot Sonny is cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs, you guys are crazed trying to stop religious exemptions.

Currently being litigated is the conflict RLUIPA presents to municipalities' zoning and regulating rights. Through RLUIPA, Congress has expanded religious accommodations to a point where it appears to restrict municipalities' zoning power.

This is besides the fact that there are zones within municipalities that often do not require filing for an exemption. So keep bagging Scotty's carpet as you obviously no knowing of the law.

What is it with Typepad? I typed "know nothing of the law", not "no knowing of the law"


Alter K needs a downer. I am not condoning any illegal behavior on the part of Lamm but it is clear you guys and your pontiff are a bunch of haters who don't want Satmar or any other traditional Jews to succeed even if they do everything by the book.

Looked into this further.

As of 2 years ago, The U.S. Court of Appeals, Ninth Circuit, left open for another day the question of whether the financial cost of complying with municipal permits & regulations was unreasonable or unattainable for a religious institution - that such cost could constitute a “substantial burden” on the institution in violation of RLUIPA.

So if Bloomingburg / Pine Bush / Mamakating is asking Satmar for even one dollar, there is seemingly nothing wrong if they do not comply with all the red tape and if need be ask for redress from the courts if the Town harasses them.

to Context:

You well know it is not likely Satmar would do anything by the book so no point is going down the path of theorizing a reaction on this site...more importantly:

As AK and others have noted: what makes Satmar traditional Jews? The example of the day:
Traditional Judaism requires women to wear cosmetics. Satmar has started the process of assuring that. They have also adopted the attire of the Polish Goyim and do not follow the tradition of following the laws of a host country. The protect molesters of children who are engaged in extramarital relations with niddot/or young boys - is that tradition? They protect molesters who have admitted to yichud infractions with niddot. Is that tradition?
In the end Satmar picks and choses the traditions they like and ignores the traditions they dont. No different from any other Jews.
Satmar just created a "look" that is old fashioned so they claim to be more traditional than others. BS

Has anyone heard that there's trouble in Lamm's paradise? Something about offering the units at $300,000 to the Satmars only to be out bid by the Beltz? Hmm....I really hope that's true. Btw, codes for swimming pools are much greater than even building permits. In addition to proper electrical GFI outlets, there also has to be proper ventilation when using chlorine and other chemicals. This is clearly illegal.

They need to be tossed out on their arses! Virtually all the local politicians are on Lamm's payroll. People in Orange County come cheap...just what the Satmars and Belz are looking for...they love cheap labor!

"As i said before it all depends how strong of a will the Satmars have to move to rural Bloomingburg.If they really do have the will they will move in LEGALLY and take over the town LEGALLY yes with VOTES after all this is AMERICA where not only black people can vote but frum Jews can too."

Yes, of course. "Satmar Uber Alles", eh?

"not likely Satmar would do anything by the book"


FM's pontiff reacts pretty badly when anyone stereotypes atheists, Blacks or Muslims.

Any stripe of orthodox Jew is ripe for for a severe beating however,


much more intense than the lame punches he lobs into Everlast.


Who are you kidding?


GFCIs are dirt cheap but in any case are only required when within a number of feet of the water.


hybrid ozone systems boast that they can eliminate your need for chemicals entirely: The ECOsmarte ozone/ion system sanitizes pool water by either oxidizing the water or introducing copper ions, which kills both algae and viruses

ozonators can actually save you money over time: You’ll be spending less money on pool chemicals, and, because ozone does not damage pool infrastructure like chlorine and salt can, you will have reduced maintenance and part replacement costs.

The haters lose again.

We seem to have been infected by a particularity virulent strain of troll lately. You guys told me MBP was going to carry them off.

I'm greatly disappointed.

Context---I takes a hater to know a hater,so if you see hate you youreself are full of it.


Yesterday I posted a link to a report of a mikva in Bloomingburg.

3 & a half hours later, Shmarya already had pictures of the place.

Did Shmarya send someone running there based on my post? Was Shmarya's go-fer' boy criminally trespassing to snap the pictures which is a serious crime?

"takes a hater to know a hater"

I've heard that line somewhere before.

It was in the midst of a heated debate between two 4th graders.

Context--You are truly insane, you act like a 2 year throwing tantrums here with everyone who disagrees with you ,you are mentally deranged go get help the sooner the better.

"Was Shmarya's go-fer' boy criminally trespassing to snap the pictures which is a serious crime?"

Context - I was wondering if any refusal by the residents of Bloomingburg to prosecute this serious crime can be deemed a failure to maintain a justice system as required by the Noahide laws and that accordingly they would be 'deserving of the death penalty' so that Satmar would have a legitimate reason to sneak into the village when its residents least expect it, and kill the adult men (before they even had a chance to verbally react) and take the women and children as slaves and possess their homes for themselves?

Any advice? What do the meforshim say?

If more of you besides Barry had a sense of wit instead of whining like children or raving like madmen, we could get along better.

Criminal trespass in Upstate NY would be under the purview of the State Police who are controlled by the abomination-loving Governor. In Shechem the inhabitants could have removed the ruler and thus were culpable when they did not even protest, let alone remove the guilty parties over the rape of Dina. They were also plotting to kill Jacob and the Tribes regardless. But Bloomingburg residents have no ability to remove the Governor.

Context---"If more of you besides Barry had a sense of wit instead of whining like children or raving like madmen, we could get along better".
Hhahahaha How stupid can you bee you are describing youreself you shoite.

Context--"In Shechem the inhabitants could have removed the ruler and thus were culpable when they did not even protest, let alone remove the guilty parties over the rape of Dina. They were also plotting to kill Jacob"
As i wrote before you are truly deranges youre whole toyreh is a fabrication of someones imagination the rape of dina never ever happened neither the matan torah its all make beleive if you have once ounce of gray matter you would see the obvious you are truly a hopeless dupe you are thinking fopr youre rebbes and not on youre own volition in short you are a dummy automaton.

You are comparing stereotyping Muslims or Blacks to stereotyping Satmar?
Muslims or Blacks are NOT one people. They are are made up of numerous cultural, social and even religious groups who are proud of their separate heritage.

Satmar on the other hand is made up of two groups of closely related people who are proud to have only ONE heritage between them. More importantly, they are proud of their ability to act as ONE. Condemning actual unified actions is not stereotyping esp when the actions are actually undertaken by community leaders, or sanctioned by community leaders who are the ONLY voice of the community.

Please enlighten us as to which actions or which "book" you were referring to that the Satmar community might abide by. I clearly was mistaken, I thought you meant the "book of laws" of the State in which they live.

And everyone here knows that "individual" Satmars can and are mostly kind and loving and may even be abiding "by the book."

Barry - February 19, 2014 at 09:19 AM - Excellent!!

Context...my, you have been very busy today. So, would you have us believe that Lamm's guys are do high tech to be using ozone? Now, that is really funny.

You might be wrongly assuming the photo taker was a male, how do you know who took the picture? Could be a woman. I think they have poparatzzi for Yids in Bloomingburg. There are people staked out in trees with long lenses taking nudies of the Yids frolicking in the Mikvah.

Maybe they will start shooting a new reality show. Now, that would be entertaining.

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