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February 24, 2014


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any bets what wienstein gets today
does he show remorse or remain defiant

wondering how his wife allows SL to hang around the house after all that happenned with her and eli

They say the prosecution was ready to talk about the hookers and the shiksas he was involved with if he tried to pretend to be frum noticed outside of rabbi yudin no big rabbis casme running even after all the money eli gave them

rebitzman - $101 to read my posts

"She" was a troll. No one is that naive. I am guessing that our intrepid host was able to identify "her" and acted accordingly.

weinstein is a crook

I see TzippyS comments are no longer under her name but show up under the name "Account Deleted". What a relief, maybe we'll no longer have to hear from Weinstein's biggest fan.


Might be up your alley.


Account Deleted

Interesting..." he asked the judge to remember Weinstein’s kids."

Weinstein should have thought about them when he decided to commit his crimes, of course now he wants everyone else to do what he failed to do, think about his own family. Nice, very mature.

"The prosecution read a letter from one of Weinstein’s victims whose entire life savings were stolen by Weinstein. Shortly after Weinstein stole the money the victim’s wife was diagnosed with MS" TzippyS, any comments on this particular aspect? You think people of any kind of honor and character will do this? Let me give you a clue, if you think not, then you fall in the same category, no honor no character. Which I am sure you do not posses either.


You are a despicable piece of garbage just like weinstein.
Stop using TzippyS as your screen name.

Who do you think you are fooling?

Account Deleted

Mickey Mouse. You're a liar.


Slut, the guy was sleeping with you while he was married. What is wrong with you?
Move on.


He's sure not going to get any points off for cooperating with the legal process, making restitution or any of the rest. Kinda like Rubashkin that way

Account Deleted

Mickey Mouesse seems to think he knows it all.
Just wait till you are proven wrong on all but one of your predictions.


Mickee, if they found his money, a lot of people will be incredibly happy.



Anybody who knows weinstein knows that TzippyS is an ex-friend of rivky weinstein.
TzippyS hates eli with a passion. She has nothing but contempt and hatred for him. I am sure that you are using her name as your screen name just to get a rise out of her.
Bottom line, weinstein wont be getting out for 25 years and he will probably die in jail because he is an unhealthy fat piece of garbage.
The FBI has located most of his money and his ex partner SS is going down next.
Just because things aren't in the headlines doesn't mean that they aren't happening.


Yudin is a YU type rabbi who is related to Weinstein's wife.

If it's a question of 25 years or more than 25 years it doesn't seem that Weinstein is going to be in the picture for his kids regardless.

If Rabbi Yudin really wants to help I suggest he impress upon the family to not waste millions of dollars on frivolous appeals for the next 5 years, which will only embarrass the children with the constant headlines and provide a sense of purpose to the blogger that obsessively follows his every move.

Account Deleted

Micky mouse: please don't make up stories.


weinstein is a crook

they wouldn't let you use:
"weinstein is a crook, liar, scumbag, adulterer, pedophile, sociopath, narcissist, pos" as your screen name?

weinstein is a crook

What, no love notes from TzippyS yet.

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