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February 24, 2014

Developer Shalom Lamm Accuses Opponents Of Anti-Semitism

Shalom LammLamm said that it was inherently bigoted to draw connections between his project and unrelated conflicts in surrounding Hasidic communities. “It takes a certain sort of twisted, broad anti-Semitism to draw a line and say that they’re all connected,” Lamm said. “Let’s now transfer the word ‘Hasidim’ and let’s use ‘blacks,’ okay? If you rephrased your question and said blacks have moved into an area and crime has gone up, therefore is it okay to object to them here? There is no way you would ask that question. You would be ashamed to ask that question. But you have no shame to ask that question about fellow Jews. That’s not proper.”

Shalom Lamm

The Forward has an article on Modern Orthodox developer Shalom Lamm's largely unfounded accusations that opposition to his development in Bloomingburg, New York is anti-Semitic.

The article correctly reports facts that seem to clearly prove Lamm wrong and is well worth reading.

But it incorrectly reports Satmar's level of involvement in that development and Lamm's apparent lies about it.

To be clear, a 16-page Yiddish-language advertising supplement promoting the new Satmar "shtetl" or Kiryas Yated Lev – Lamm's development, in other words – was published in the main Satmar Yiddish language newspaper, Der Yid, in September.

That paper is controled by Moshe Gabbai (Friedman), the top aide to Williamsburg Satmar Rebbe Zalman Leib Teitelbaum.

Telitelbaum visited Lamm's development in late December in a well publicized (in the Satmar community, at least) attempt to get Satmar hasidim to flood the tiny village of Bloomingburg before upcoming elections there next month.

Bloomingburg only has 420 residents, and Satmar can relatively easily take it over.

Satmar families have already begun moving in, staying in buildings Lamm owns and using a mikva Lamm allegedly erected in a building that lacks the zoning for that mikva, a proper certificate of occupancy and the proper health permits.

I broke those stories, most of which have now been reported by the local press in Sullivan County, as well – including the Times Herald-Record, which the Forward cites for another aspect of its story.

But the Forward completely fails to report that Yiddish-language advertising insert, Satmar's organized attempt to take over Bloomingburg or the problems with Lamm's illegal mikva.

It does, however, have this quote from Lamm, which is followed by locals alleging they weredeceived about the nature of the development:

Lamm said that he has been in touch with the Satmar community about the development, but that he is in touch with other groups as well, and he is not marketing it exclusively to Hasidic Jews.

To be clear, a Satmar-only or haisid-only or Orthodox Jewish-only or even a Jewish-only development is illegal.

Satmar and Lamm are evidently violating Fair Housing laws, and Lamm is apparently lying to cover that up.

The Forward, however, does not properly report this let alone raise it as an issue.

Here are Lamm's quotes alleging anti-Semitism:

“If you’re a conspiracy theorist and you think the Jews control things and are pulling puppet strings, then this all looks like this grand conspiracy,” Lamm said. “It’s basic anti-Semitism. You would have to be a believer in the Protocols of the Elders of Zion to think that we could actually manipulate the world this way. It’s a complete absurdity.”

Lamm alleges that opponents of his project are boycotting businesses that lease space from him in Bloomingburg. “Where have you seen an image of Jewish-owned stores being boycotted before?” Lamm said. “Well, we all know the image. It’s Berlin 1933,” he said, referring to Nazi boycotts of Jewish-owned businesses.

A spokesman for Lamm provided a handful of screenshots of social media postings that the spokesman described as anti-Semitic. In one, a Facebook posting of a cartoon, Lamm is depicted as a wolf with bloody teeth dressed as a lamb. In another cartoon by the same artist, a man is selling bumper stickers with the word “Hasid” crossed out. That cartoon seems to be a satire; its target is unclear.…

In an interview with the Forward, Lamm said that it was inherently bigoted to draw connections between his project and unrelated conflicts in surrounding Hasidic communities. “It takes a certain sort of twisted, broad anti-Semitism to draw a line and say that they’re all connected,” Lamm said. “Let’s now transfer the word ‘Hasidim’ and let’s use ‘blacks,’ okay? If you rephrased your question and said blacks have moved into an area and crime has gone up, therefore is it okay to object to them here? There is no way you would ask that question. You would be ashamed to ask that question. But you have no shame to ask that question about fellow Jews. That’s not proper.”…

“At the end of the day, the idiots who are causing all these problems will go away,” Lamm said. “The mature adults, I think, will get along and have a really good relationship.”


All Bloomingburg/Lamm/Satmar/Kiryas Yated Lev Posts.

[Hat Tip: The Lion.]


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The residents of Bloomingburg are against this are probably not antisemitic driven they just like the quiet life.But should this be a development that black people to move in in droves they wouldn't dare saying a word.

They really have to stop using the antisemitism excuse - they have done it to death. Nevertheless, because of Satmar misbehavior there will soon come the day when people will say they are antisemitic and proud of it. Satmar fulfills all antisemitic stereotypes, and then some....

Mefoar, Can you name another community in the area that is exclusive to people who have the same religion, skin color, etc?
Lamm is using the anti-Semite card, again.
He is doing it for money(greed) not for his love of Hasidim.

So if someone builds a development and advertises only in a Spanish speaking newspaper would anyone say a word?

Again you are using the "if" word. Show me where it has been done!

He must feel like he's a Lamm being led to slaughter.

>>>"…if someone builds a development and advertises only in a Spanish speaking newspaper would anyone say a word?"<<<

Mefoar –

If the ad called the development St. Jaimie's Village and was advertised in a Spanish-language Catholic newspaper sold to a Catholic sect that venerates St. Jaimie and the ad called it a new village for that Catholic sect, it would also be illegal and, yes, lots of people would complain.

The vileness of the Lamm.

Posted by: Mefoar | February 24, 2014 at 02:31 PM

Black people vs. Black hats and shtreimels.. I doubt anyone can tell the difference.

Sorry to break it to the readers that Shmarya does not know it all.

Satmar & Lamm are too smart to actually violate the Federal Act.

There are some loopholes that have been exercised in Brooklyn and probably also Upstate. But no one is going to find out what those loopholes are to pressure legislators to ban them, unless that is there is a "Shmarya Jr." who leaves the fold and goes on a binge to damage his former friends & beneficiaries.

Jews are not the only people who prefer homogeneous neighborhoods. There are some Italian & Irish neighborhoods in NYC where laws are actually broken to preserve the status quo.

There are WASP enclaves around the country who have methods of keeping outsiders as outsiders.

There are wealthy beachfront communities that keep out Black residents AND visitors by imposing hefty tolls on bridges as well as at the beaches themselves. Greenwich CT Police trail & harass these kind of people who pass through.

But hey, Shmarya smells Hasidic Jewish blood & thus leads the feeding frenzy against Satmar.

Context-Please tell me the neighborhoods in NYC where Italian and Irish break the laws to "preserve the status quo".

Stabbing Youssef Hawkins to death in Bensonhurst.

A Howard Beach mob armed with baseball bats & tree limbs chasing another Black guy into oncoming traffic on the Belt Parkway.

Those are the worst two examples and simply because Blacks wandered in.

There are lesser infractions in many other neighborhoods down to the non-illegal Blackface parade in Beach Channel.

There's this article linked on the Lev Tahor article.

But the only time we hear about Muslims 'round here is when Shmarya squawks phony outrage that Jews are supposedly mistreating them.


"Many also voiced concerns about the ISIJ’s initial plan to make the development open only to Muslims."

Shmarya Rosenberg, your story is right on the mark.

In fact, most local papers are afraid to state the very facts that you have researched and reported on.

In response to a report in Vos Iz Neias, I wrote the following:

Mr. Lamm's representation of residents of our area as "idiots" or "anti-Semites" is nothing more than one of the tactics he uses to intimidate and misdirect attention from the fact that he is an arrogant and lawless person. As I type my comments, he is impeding the efforts of the local building inspector to do his job.

Mr. Lamm is operating an illegal Mikvah, Shul and possibly an educational facility that has not received any legal approval for such operations. No Planning Board approval has been granted, no health, safety, electrical inspections have been done and drivers passing through have no signage to indicate the activities taking place there or the routine presence of children.

If Lamm and his Hasidic friends consider themselves God's chosen people, does that mean they don't have to obey the secular laws where they want to settle? Then don't settle here. If they feel that they have more entitlement to civil rights than everyone else, settle somewhere else.

Lamm has lied, cheated, bribed, bullied and terrorized his way into the Bloomingburg Community, and has conspired with dirty money to destroy the lives of the residents and the community loved by many. End of Vos Iz Neias Comment.

Perhaps his source of financing should be investigated.

• Is he syphoning money out of Ambit Energy, or using it to transfer money to bribe public officials?

• Has he arranged to have a secret flow of money from the israeli Government. They would love to get rid of some of their Hasidic population. Lamm has been to Israel numerous time, and recently with Moses Kestenbaum.

• Is Moses Kestenbaum illegally funneling money supplied by the U.S. Federal Government meant for ODA in Brooklyn to Lamm. Kestenbaum seems to have more than a casual interest in Lamm's project.

• Is Jerrold Rosen, AKA Pine Bush law suit, AKA KJ Aviation Services, AKA Infinity Aviation Capitol, arranging secret financing for Lamm?

• Finally, given Lamm's utter and complete moral bankruptcy, could he be laundering money from one of the international organized crime entities through his cash purchases of property and residences?

Bloomingburg is being slapped around on multiple fronts with the illegal operations at the former auto storage facility and with the proposed sale to him of the historic Bloomingburg Methodist Church which has been hosted by the Village of Bloomingburg for well over 150 years.

Lamm's arrogance is astounding!

As I have learned more and more about that sale, I see the DIRTY hands of Shalom Lamm in consort with Harold Baird and his wife and Pastor Rob to facilitate the liquidation of the Bloomingburg Congregations assets to move a grandiose consolidation plan forward that would impose massive debt on a shrinking ministry at the same time it profits the most lawless and unethical person living in this area.

Whether or not the consolidation plan which was formulated around the time that Lamm stepped up his efforts to decimate the village is connected is somewhat speculative, but both activities coincide. The consolidation is the vision of one person who is not from the Bloomingburg Congregation, but is part of the larger Mountain View United Methodist Church.

The other churches in MVUMC would reap the benefit of the sale while the local Bloomingburg Congregation will lose their church, a beloved place of worship, and have to travel much greater distances to practice.

Even if there was no collusion or connection around the time the consolidation plan was voted on, there is a very serious moral and ethical dilemma surrounding the sale of the church and the vote this Thursday evening.

Does a group of people who profess Christian values vote to sell their house of worship established over 150 years ago and supported by the entire population of Bloomingburg either by direct contribution or support of their tax exemptions over the years to apparently the most corrupt and disreputable person now residing in the area to further assist him in the total destruction of the Village of Bloomingburg, or do they keep the church and the ministry here to serve the immediate community and those in their broader service area? Do they show loyalty to the community that hosted them for all these years, or do they take the dirty money and run?

Should a religious institution professing Christian values take Shalom Lamm's blood money, knowing what his is and will continue to do, and knowing the destructive and illegal manor in which he operates, in order to advance the MVUMC ministry by helping this vial person?

On the two issues outlined above, from Pine Bush, Crawford, Mount Hope, Mamakating, Wallkill and any other nearby area, there should be massive outrage and opposition expressed by joining in massive Direct Action in Bloomingburg.

Even as I am writing this an organized local group is in Sullivan County Supreme Court challenging the voter registrations of those that Lamm had brought in without the required 30 days of residency to register to vote in order to fix the upcoming election in the March for officials of Bloomingburg.

Over the last 2.5 to 3 months Lamm has engaged in a vicious effort to evict those living in housing stock that he purchased. he has evicted the elderly, the handicapped and veterans, and in the dead of night filled those units with fanatic, activist Hasidic expansionists who would break any law to advance their goals.

Lamm and his Satmar friends and patrons are a disgrace to all other Jews and the Jewish Faith.

Loony Bin-su is completely delusion to think the Israeli govt is in on a conspiracy with Satmar. And the way this crackpot anti-Semite speaks of "blood" money, he may make accusations next of blood for Passover matzos.

It seems that Mr. CONTEXT is, as most hasidic commentators, completely out of context and as morally bankrupt as Lamm.

I am not Hasidic but you are a delusional hick. Go huddle with the KKK in Pine Bush.

As far as the United Methodist Church in the Northeast:


Four United Methodist annual or regional conferences (New England, Minnesota, Pacific Northwest and Upper New York) have voted this month to divest or have their funds divested from companies involved with Israel’s "occupation" of "Palestinian land". They joined five other conferences (West Ohio, New York, Northern Illinois, California Nevada and California Pacific) which had already taken similar action, bringing the total to nine regional bodies representing thousands of churches.

The companies targeted in the recent resolutions included Caterpillar, Motorola Solutions, Hewlett Packard and, in one case, General Electric. All play significant roles in the "occupation".

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