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January 05, 2014


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@Ruthie, you are a smart and pertinently observant woman (observant of reality, that is).

How I WISH Shmarya would put THUMBS UP and THUMBS DOWN buttons on FM. Some really good comments. FM is often like an oasis, providing relief from the primordial ooze of European smile pretending to be Jewish.

Hey! It's "TORAH", not "Toyyyyyyyyrah," just as we say "CHOCOLATE," not "Choyyyyyyyyycolate." Stop bragging about your illiteracy!


Oh, this is too funny for words!

One of NY's premiere slumlords, whose entire fortune is based on his father being one of the five most heavily-fined slumlords in NYC (was this the son who was disinherited, but stole 200+ million anyway, or the brother who most ardently embraces a slew of child rapists?)... and this glatt slumlord is crying over the loss of someone more evil than himself? What a larf!

How is it that not one "rebbe" has NOT ONCE spoken out about child molesters and worse, who define "predatory" in its purest form?

How cool it would be if Jews could take back their religion from these fundamentalist gangters, much as most Islamic people wish someone would take back THEIR religion from those who put faith in books written centuries ago.


Satmar are a mentally depraved scourge on Judaism. They are shylocks.

Moshe Levy

This is HaShem's reponse to the Satmar communities for the horrific Chillul HaShem they enacted last week by protesting in midtown Manhattan against the State of Israel and the Israel Defense Forces.

Midah k'neged midah.

WoolSilkCotton; I must be seen to be believed

He lived and died like a piece of chometz.

Yochanan Lavie

"Jimmy" (sic- probably Shloimie or some such):

Mafioso and nazis also had families and loved ones. That doesn't mean we should mourn their deaths.

Yochanan Lavie


..she has been stiffed too many times in her little prostitution ring she has going on, machsheifa bitch what she is..

Chareidim should know, since they are prime customers of prostitutes.


mr. barron,

in all due respect, maybe the perpetrator has been found
and brought to justice. we don't know what he did.
maybe a baby died because it was cold in the apt.
maybe a beloved mother died because it was cold and her
heart just broke.

Robert J. Barron, Attorney-at-Law

I'm going to defer to Barry on this one, b/c it sounds like he knows what he's talking about. I've never defended or dealt with OC (Organized Crime) figures, but my impression of everything I've read is that when they have business disputes with someone who owes them money, and the dispute does not get satisfactorily resolved, instead of engaging some of my brethren in the civil litigation arena, they tend to use (what could be called) "extralegal" methods.

And that's the problem with being a lying and scummy businessman. In some cases- not all- but some- its' going to catch up to you. (Not that I have a clue as to this person's business doings- I don't- I'm just saying that generally).

But it's fascinating how many millions and millions of legitimate businessmen never suffer the same fate as this guy. If they have bad luck, or if business goes bac, maybe they get sued, maybe they go bankrupt, maybe they have to go out of business....but they usually don't end up burnt and in a trash can.

That said, for reasons I have stated before, I hope the perpetrators are quickly found and brought to justice.



every word you just wrote is complete truth


WoolSilkCotton;--You are right on my next door neighbor a hassidishe guy in his 40 s who himself is in real estate just last night came over to use my computer and he tells me he knows personally 100 s can you beleive it 100 s of similar guys to this stark i am not kidding,they all want to make it big overnight without working for the money ne my neighbor is one of them he did make money years ago but in todays economy it is hard to make a killing he is pretty well of of course he is on all the goodies like sec8 and food stamps and has hidden money.


The comments about a murdered man , father, husband, son are so vile that I truly believe that even the lowest of the low could not be so heartless.
Either the comments here are from lonely people with no loved ones in their lives and are so terribly hurt that they make these comments
We are dealing with psychopaths.
I fear the latter



..she has been stiffed too many times in her little prostitution ring she has going on, machsheifa bitch what she is..

Go wash your brain out with lye soap.


he was a pillar of the community.
a criminal pillar of the community and
as long as he was giving money to his community
he was a "good" jew.
but g-d forbid a woman wears a shirt and the sleeves are a bit above
the elbow...
not a "good" jew.
he lost it on the argument .....to be truly holy all three must be as one...thought, speech, actions....
he was not religious....just dressed for purim


NYTimes depicts Stark as a pillar of the community. Doesn't even mention his business dealings.

WoolSilkCotton; I must be seen to be believed

So many other frumma crooks out there doing the same dirty dealings this guy was.


As you make your bed, so you must lie in it.
This is a no brainer





you sound like a happy person.


Please don't blame ruthie for her anger, she has been stiffed too many times in her little prostitution ring she has going on, machsheifa bitch what she is



Posted by: jimmyInBkln | January 05, 2014 at 01:08 AM

Interesting choice of words, Jimmy, as a robot is an automaton that cannot think for itself.

I'll say it again. Fundamentalists have no sense of irony.

Mark H. Jay

jimmyinBkln @ 11:08:

Just because someone was brutally murdered is no reason to mourn for him. The people you address possess deep human feelings. Based on the way he acted, it was Max Stark who lacked them.


Hareidi leaders are usually very careful not to risk losing Mafia money laundering business through their fake charities even to the extent of serving extended prison sentences for not informing. For that they must vouch that Mafia money is safe with them and guarantee repayment. Stark may well have obtained Mafia funds on the basis of such a 'Satmar' guarantee.

Zalman may be crying because he knows that despite Stark's murder, Satmar must compensate the Mafia for what Stark lost (either by selling property, waiving commission for future laundering money, withholding grants to Eida Haredit yeshivos, or God forbid, withdrawing funds from his Swiss bank account). If he does not do so, not only will he lose future Mafia business, but his life and his children's lives will be in danger as Stark's murder proves that they mean business and he cannot be sure on Zionists rescuing him from his own foolishness as they did his grandfather some 70 years ago.

It is one thing to defraud the gentle folks at First Bank Capital like Rubashkin did to fund Chabad, it is quite another to play the same trick on the Mafia so as to fund Satmar. Linda Reade does not act on the basis that "Kol Yisrael areivim zeh ba-zeh”. The Mafia, however does.


What a bunch of heartless thugs.
A man has been brutally murdered!!

"he's crying because the guy used to give him money."
Ruthie, you are a heartless individual
You have no human feelings.


but not one peep from this "holy" man asking his landlord flock to treat their
tenants as human beings.
he's crying because the guy used to give him money.


I don't wonder at all. Isn't this the same Teitelbaum who called Webermans' victim a prostitute- or was it his brother? These scum are what too many think of when they think of Jews: grasping, venal, vicious, dishonest and amoral people.


He should be crying for the countless victims of this man. And we Jews wonder why there is anti-Semitism?

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