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January 03, 2014


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It comes to show you that life will catch up with people doing bad things to other people!!! I have nothing to do with this family or know this family. Commenting on my opinion and what I'm reading in the news and other people posts.

I do have a soft heart for humans beings (people) and animals, but with this case I do not! THIS PERSON DESERVES WHAT HE RECEIVED! He was a scammer and evil to his tenants (he should have been happy with his tenants) as they made his bank account grow into the BILLIONS of $$$'s he had! On the other hand…he also made money from his shabby real estates scams by defaulting on his MILLIONS $$$'s mortgages and home improvements loans, not paying contracts, etc., for work done to his real estate empire. He was able to give to charity (Max's JEWISH empire) money he stole/scammed from other financial institutions and people. This is the reason why he was able to give to the poor Jewish empire. He stoled from his tenants, contractors and his business associates to give to the poor. As many can see he made poor choices or should I say GREED and $$$'s got to his head? Whatever it was he was a totally scammer. NOW THE FEDS SHOULD INVESTIGATE HIS ENTIRE REAL ESTATE EMPIRE, HIS FAMILY AND BUSINESS ASSOCIATES!!! I smell a similar scam like Mr. Madoff's case!!!

Max you should have know if you play hard you will die hard!!! No Italian mafia was involved with this case…MAX F _ _ ed so many people over and the last one that he f__ed was the last time he would ever do this evil deed.

Now if I was one of many people that he owed money too, I would be upset how can you collect money that is owed to you from a dead person (it will take time and lots of efforts). It's time to start putting liens on every property he owns and work on freezing all his banks accounts…hurry he has $500,000.00 currently not being used. LOL

Working in the legal white-collar compliance areas…I would love to work on this investigation with the NYPD, FBI and the SEC from start to finish. Do you need a hand or two….please let me know???

To the NYPD, FEDS, FBI, SEC and others….GOOD LUCK with this investigation. Lots of billable hours and plenty of working hours :)


thank you


Really ruthie, wow words of wisdom


some of the times are off or theres more to this.

+++The NYPD is not officially calling Stark’s sudden disappearance an abduction. But they reportedly did confirm that security camera footage shows Stark leaving his office at 2:30 a.m.+++


++The victim identified by sources as Menachem Stark,38, was last seen leaving Southside Associated on Rutledge St. near Penn St. at 11:45 p.m Thursday when he was approached by an unidentified man, the sources said.+++


+++. The victim’s wife called Shomrim neighborhood watch when he didn’t come home around midnight. But after a two and a half hour investigation, they called the NYPD who took over the case.+++

so when was he abducted? 11;45 pm or 2:30 am ?

wife must have expected him well before midnight if she was so concerned by then to call shomrim. if the security cam showed abduction at 2:30 am, what was he doing inside office for those hours and why didnt he call home to say he'd be late? and of course shomrim would have found him still in office.
it must be that police FOUND the footage at 2:30 but he was taken at 11:45 .



you are probably more stupid than you look!


No, actually, I know a lot. I discussed this with police when Leiby Kletzky was kidnapped.

There's a different standard for police involvement when the missing person is a vulnerable adult or a child.

Otherwise, the standard is reasonable suspicion that a crime has been committed.

This same situation is common in the vast majority of jurisdictions in the US.


Ok St Paul man you know nothing


No, little man. You're wrong. They do not need "proof."

What they need is reasonable suspicion that a crime has been committed.


Dip shit scum bag prick, also known as Shamarya, stay the fuck out of shit you know nothing about, you are as much of a journalist as anyone at the NY post, I would call you a little man but you are nothing but large fat douche bag, again they will not consider an adult missing without proof, and the Shomrim provided it.


If the gangsters whose money Stark 'lost' believe that this money was passed up to fund Satmar then it makes sense killing him so as to encourage Satmar to return it or at least not repeat this stick. Both Zalman and Aron may have good reason to be fearful. They are not dealing with the gentlemen of First Bank Business Capital whom Rubashkin defrauded to fund Chabad. There are some nasty people about who make Linda Reade seem soft.


“He’s a Hasidic Jew from Williamsburg, and we think he’s a scammer,” said one law enforcement source. “And he f—ed over a few people.”


WoolSilkCotton; I must be seen to be believed

He owed a lot of money to banks. Who knows how much he owed to gangsters. But they would have beaten him, or kidnapped one of his kids, and kept him alive, to get the money.
I'm inclined to believe APC; he must have had information that someone was willing to kill him in order to silence him. So many shady business dealings he was involved with. Who knows what else.

May he rest in peace. BDE.

old time brooklyn

Ruthie and apc - good points all around. if this was done by pros the body would not be found unless a vivid message to others who may now not have a word to say.

ruthie ty for you reply to tlc:)



that's a good point


Who burns people besides Satmar?


I loved his glossy curls , his shinny fur hat and dark blue shinny garb . R I P , buddy !


he had info that could implicate others and one of them wasn't going to take the chance of him talking. thats my guess.


@ ruthie,

no reward , no money . he is dead . done !


no most jews don't...
and those that do because you are christian are idiots.

about the guy:
1. i find it suspicious the $100,000 reward money. if it were my brother and i had their money....the reward would have been more. something doesn't feel right. staged.
2. it could be someone from one of his buildings. let's say someone's relative got really sick because of the sub standard living conditions and died. there you have it....they went and found the person they deemed responsible and killed him for revenge.
these are just two thoughts....



police found the BURNED body of dummy max stark , Friday night in a dumpster on LONG ISLAND !


I know this is off topic but if someone could help me out. Please forgive me if this sounds insensitive, I am just wanting an honest answer and anonymity builds courage. I am a 40 year old wife and mom. Do Jews hate me because I am Christian?


he was involved in something serious.
they didn't even wait to be paid. just killed him.


I wonder if there is more to the story than meets the eye. Like if a a simple robbery why kill him, why kidnap him


Now I am sorry I wrote the above statement. Please forgive me. They may have found his burned body in a dumpster.


A man’s badly burned body was found on Long Island and authorities fear he could be the Brooklyn business man kidnapped Thursday.

The victim was found in a dumpster at the Getty gas station on in Great Neck just before 4 p.m. Friday, according to Nassau County cops.

Read more: http://www.nydailynews.com/new-york/nyc-crime/man-body-found-long-island-feared-abducted-brooklyn-landlord-article-1.1566192#ixzz2pSRgggjw


We're all smart here and should be able to solve this ourselves.


One man's slumlord is another man's Hasidic real estate developer (how the JTA describes him). Even a slumlord deserves his day in court. Of course, if the justice system is seen to be corrupt, the locals may take matters into their own hands.


The NY Post is reported that his burned body was found in a dumpster in Great Neck, which is not generally known as a repository for the victims of mob hits.

I can only conclude this guy killed himself.


What kind of kidnappers drive a Dodge minivan, especially during a snowstorm?

Posted by: WoolSilkCotton; I must be seen to be believed | January 03, 2014 at 08:03 PM


WoolSilkCotton; I must be seen to be believed

What kind of kidnappers drive a Dodge minivan, especially during a snowstorm?


wow either these people re antisemitic or people really do not like him





people work late sometimes no big deal

this is weird I think

Stark’s business partner Sam Perlmutter declined to comment on the incident.

WoolSilkCotton; I must be seen to be believed

Will the kidnappers be serving kosher cholent for Shabbos?

The whole thing sounds like phoney baloney, it's all staged, meanwhile he is already on his way to a foreign country to escape the people that he owes millions of dollars


Unfortunately I now think that anything to do with the frumma has to be suspicious. This won't be some random kidnapping.

Secondly, I find it extraordinary that they did not tell the police immediately and furthermore are conducting their own "investigation", possibly interfering with police.

Finally, as mentioned by Shmarya, despite their 24/7 "learning" it is remarkable that they are not sufficiently knowledgeable of Halacha to realize that all Shabbos activities can, and indeed must be suspended in order to save a life. The coming of Shabbos should be no impediment to their amateur Keystone Cops investigation nor should it interfere with any requests by the real police if they ask to see security camera footage on Shabbos (and let's hope their is no chillul Hashem like telling police to come back after Shabbos when they are conducting a kidnap investigation).


leaving his office at 2.30 am by himself ,
in williamsburg ! this guy must be out of his mind , knowing how much he was hated by so many ppl . he should have been more careful and not leave his office at tan hour where the streets are deserted .

those satmar might have torah knowledge but they are not able to think logically .
they certainly do not have an idea how to protect themselves . that's the big problem of ppl who believe that g-d will protect them all the time , anytime .
they r dead wrong . they should use their common sense .

they gonna find him dead , for sure . or someone will demand a ransom for his release .

if he wasn't kidnapped , he would have contacted his fam by now .


Maybe his cousin Tony Stark can help him out.

David Foreman

This whole thing smells on one hand you have planning and premeditation (the duct tape, the van sitting waiting) on the other hand who abducts a guy using only one individuale? (Too big a chance chance in a 1:1 that he can break away and run, anyone using their head would send at least two). Also what kidnapper would know is victim was in his office at 2:00 AM in the middle of a blizzard and what kidnapper wouldn't worry about his getaway and postphone?

This looks pretty staged to me, a way to disappear from creditors or law enforcement that may be closing in

Pearl of Wisdom

It would be a better world if these kidnappers rounded up all the slumlords in NY. Maybe slumlords would think twice about preying on innocent people!


The NYPD will consider a person missing and presumed kidnapped IMMEDIATELY if there is any evidence or suspicion that is, in fact, the case.


The NYPost are a bunch of idiots, NYPD will not consider an adult missing for up to 48 hrs, unless there is proof, and the proof of video was in fact obtained by Shomrim and NYPD was notified as soon as it was obtained, the Post is nothing more then a tabloid magazine. But then again so I this blog

Bas Melech

Why was he in his office at such a late hour, 2am?

Bas Melech

Frum but-

How was jansci's comment Nazi-like?
I thought he looked untrustworthy too but not because of his streimel.

Ruthie, I agree that the "abductors" targeted him..

In the past frum Jews have staged kidnapping or disappearances and later surface in Eretz Israel or another country. Based on previous incidents, readers may be skeptical about this being an actual kidnapping.

Does anybody know if there has been a ransom demand?


@ Ruthie....usually I think you are wrong....but here I think you are right


His brother hazen shtark is fantastic he is in my oppinion one of the best chazunem around today i was amazed how good he is when i first saw him i would say he is one of the top 5 chazunem today .


Frum but farrik--I grant you this, i do have a love hate relationship with the chassidim.


Frum but farrikt--But i love the chassidim they are my buddies grew up with them they are very enterteining create lots of gossip and chillel hashem now eat youre heat out:))


One of the few times I agree with you. He looks like a crook.

Frum but normal

Again with your vile Nazi antisemitic remarks,
Just remember if god forbid another Hitler will arise in America,the fact that you were a nazi kapo who hated his brothers will not help you at all,
You will be the first one to be sent to the gas chamber,because even the Nazi"s hate traitors


there is a reason he got kidnapped.
there has to be a reason.
he knew these people. and they want their money.


"Note that it took Shomrim at least 2.5 hours to call police. A similar problem hindered the Leiby Kletzky investigation, as well."

One would think they learned a lesson the first time.

(The other) Eli

Seems like he probably deserved it

Bas Melech


Maybe the kidnappers or their employers already do live in one of his buildings.

Yochanan Lavie

Sentence the kidnappers to live in one of his buildings.


I meant to write that his slanted shtreimel on his head gives his crookednes away, just like the shtreimel is crooked on his head so is his buisssness dealings.

Bas Melech

Were the abductors dressed frum?


Note that it took Shomrim at least 2.5 hours to call police. A similar problem hindered the Leiby Kletzky investigation, as well.

was just about to post same thought


His shtreimel gives him away it looks on him like he is a major crook:))

rebitzman - $101 to read my posts

Whatever else he is - at the moment he appears to be the victim of a crime. I hope they find him.

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