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January 25, 2014

Haredi Newspaper Hamodia Apologizes For Saying Ariel Sharon's Memory Should Be A Blessing

Hamodia apologizes for witing Zichrono L'bracha (may his memory be a blessing) about Ariel Sharon 1-2014"…I was astonished and astounded to see that [Hamodia] honored Sharon with a very undeserving title "z"l" [zichrono l'vracha; may his memory be a blessing.) Even though the writer attempts to describe him as a very proud Jew, it seems to be quite irrelevant when the proud one is actually not practicing what he's proud of. Hamodia, being an orthodox paper with Torah values should of [sic]not honored an unorthodox person with this title.…"

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Hamodia apologizes for witing Zichrono L'bracha (may his memory be a blessing) about Ariel Sharon 1-2014

[Via: Jewish Outreach/Stop Kiruv Now.]


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They think that only they have a place in the world-to-come. A sick religion.

They regret the error, yup they sure are a sorry bunch.

and you, shmarya should not have referred to hamodia as a newspaper. at best it's a rag.

This is a bit much coming from a rag that can't even bring itself to publish pictures of women or girls, no matter how modestly dressed, lest their entire male readership suffer from a collective priapism.

How many of their readers even support Israel?

What an utter disgrace that a supposedly "religious" newspaper can treat an Israeli hero in this way.

Oh, and I love Y. Friedman's and Hamodia's ahavas yisroel.

The whole idea that someone need to have been practising Orthodox or even Jewish, for "for their memory to be a blessing", is new to me!.

This is who they are. I'm tired of hearing that it's only a few hard-liners, that the majority of Haredim aren't like that, etc. I don't believe it; I come across too many of them online, on a regular basis, to accept that these are isolated phenomena.

In nthe same issue of Hamodia there was also this letter:

" Whether one calls it a disengagement, a deportation, an eviction, a pogrom, or an ethnic cleansing, Ariel Sharon's forced Hitnatkut dislocation of 10,000 Jews by other Jews in front of a gloating world media, and the handing over their bulldozed homes and enterprises to their enemies, dealt a body-blow to the morale of the Am Yisrael, and only helped to install Hamas who have now fired rockets almost as far as Tel Aviv.

Sharon was raised on a radical left-wing moshav, a descendant of Subbotniks, and some unconfirmed rumors have been made that he may not even have been halachically Jewish. He was already renowned for his brutality against Etzel fighters in the 1940s. Already back in 1977, even while Sharon was the darling of the settlers in Gaza, Judea and Samaria, right-wing leaders warned "Do not trust Sharon - he will betray you: he is a left-wing plant who has been emplaced in the right-wing camp", and he proved this in 1982 by ruthlessly levelling the Jewish city Yamit.

To Ariel Sharon can be applied the verse: "All the righteousness which he did will not be remembered" (Yechezkel 18). Despite their previous heroism, self-sacrifice and good deeds, Rambam states that for wreaking such damage to Jewish property and morale, some men can lose everything and end up getting no credit, it being the way of Hashem that they not even be remembered in the Afterlife (Mishneh Torah, Hilchos Chovel U'Mazik) "

>> Posted by: Wirbelwind | January 26, 2014 at 08:02 AM

Screw them.

As I keep saying, we now have two distinct religions - liberal Judaism and a Haredi-comandeered Orthodoxy. The schism is irreparable. I don't even *want* it repaired.

I've come to feel so strongly about the separation of the two camps that I'd be interested in starting a movement to acknowledge and enforce it publicly. It's time to go our own separate ways. We need to stop looking to them as a source of "authenticity", and their kiruv operations, including their predation upon our children, need to stop.

If the left wing Modern Orthodox want to come along with us for the ride, they're welcome. If not, fine. It's their funeral.

You avoided answering to Wirbelwind by simply stating "screw them"? How manly of you.

Sharon although far from a saint is now dead. May he rest in peace.

>>You avoided answering to Wirbelwind by simply stating "screw them"? How manly of you.

What does that even mean?

You're a worthless imbecile. It's people like you we from whom we need to separate ourselves. Crawl back into your ghetto and inbreed yourselves into oblivion.

What you so eloquently state is the state of affairs in Judaism. Our former cousins are not Jews. The religion (if that is what it is) they practice is a jury rigged version of the former orthodoxy with halacha cherry picked to suit the designs of a leadership that is both out of control and in need of exerting even more control.

Ariel Sharon acted in what he believed to be the best interest of the country. Because his actions negatively effected the haredim, they bristle at any honours given to him, even in death. I agree, SCREW THEM. They are not jews and the sooner that we realize this, the better. Best that we expel them for turning our religion into a cult with designs on changing Israel into a theocracy.

Not mention from the owners of the paper who are documented slumlords whose building fire killed firemen in Philadelphia.

The problem is that for the lust for power, the Israeli government keeps supporting these hareidim who are dangerous subversives. All financial aid to institutions that do not abide by the law, and curriculum setup by the government (with monitoring to make sure they're not lying) must be closed down and deprived of all government funding including tax breaks.

Is the editor of the Hamodia - Lichtenstein - "practicing what she's proud of"? Slumlord family is just the beginning of the kind of life she lives. They are ruthless Hasidim who will do anything for a dollar.

Since we don't know if a person repents before his death, we add z"l after his name. Or so I was taught. These rabbis disregard their own teachings.

Jeff and Alter Kocker's statements eloquently reflect what so many of us feel- that Judaism has been split into two factions- liberal Jewry (despite the Reform/Conservative/Orthodox divisions) and then the Haredi/Frum/Hasidic faction.

Again, I'm taking some solace from Jeff's previous prediction(s) that the Haredi lifestyle has less than a couple of generations left. But at the same time I wonder- dysfunction does not easily fix itself. When you look at some minority populations in America's inner cities, and when you look at the generational poverty that has gripped some Appalachian communities...you really have to wonder.

I mean, look at the inner cities of Baltimore, Detroit, and New York City. What is wiping out poverty in places like Brooklyn and the Bronx was not any kind of "outside intervention"....it was gentrification. Places that were once urban war zones are now turning into Yuppie enclaves. Now, I don't know how long that's going to take in Baltimore or Detroit...or if they are simply going to stay war zones....but all that aside...what to do about our brethern in these dysfunctional communities?

Well, as was discussed in another thread here, I think there needs to be some kind of effort to help haredi/frum people who chose to leave that lifestyle transition into the "real world".....the only trouble is, I don;'t have a clue as to how to get that up and running.

Does anyone? If so, let's hear from you.

The question of the day is whether stark deserves to have his Z"L removed from his name too? We know that someone who causes a chilll hashem looses his olam haboh. I guess time will tell whether the hamodia will regret using Z"L after people like stark.

Settlers and their supporters, who overlap a lot with right-wing Orthodox Jews, seem to be very hard on Sharon, posthumously, for pulling out of Gaza. This puzzles me. Why can't these people give credit a celebrated and experienced general for doing what he felt was right? Sharon was no softie. If he saw the need to get out of Gaza, could it not be because he saw that the alternative would be worse?

@Meir- that's b/c the groups you are talking about do not think (for lack of a better term) "strategically".

In terms of both boldness and strategic vision, Ariel Sharon was one of the 20th Centuries' greatest armored generals- not in the same class as Field Marshal Rommel or General Patton, but close. Sharon saw the strategic necessity to withdraw from the Gaza Strip.

But the haredim cannot think beyond 1) their religious beliefs, and 2) what their rabbis tell them to think. To them, to give up any land that Jews live on is a unforgivable sin. That is why they are so hard on Sharon.

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