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December 04, 2013


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Yosef ben Matitya

Auerbach is the guy Kanievsky wanted stoned 2 weeks ago.


probably he wanted to use a stoning venue in Afghanistan and they didn't let him. maybe! no?


Moisheb-- I didn't know that he doesn't have kids. His father was a special man.

Account Deleted

and in other news: http://www.dnainfo.com/new-york/20131204/crown-heights/councilwoman-blames-knockout-attacks-on-tension-between-blacks-jews


Zingvort- I was going to write the exact same comment .his father was totally for getting along with one another and not to judge he was always smiling I don't know what happened to this shmuel -he doesn't have kids most probably he's just angry at the world


"""I DO believe that Kahane OBM was 100% right"""

For all his faults... kahane said that if you were not a full time student studying 8 hours a day then in the army you go.
Also ALL would be taught a trade so at least the heredim could earn a honest living



Israel doesn't have the luxury of having an all-volunteer army. It has too many hostile neighbors. What will the religious do if young secular Jews start leaving Israel in large numbers? If you want to help destroy your country, you are on the right path. The fat cats at AIPAC won't tell you the truth. I just did.


JekylJ -

Regardless of whether or not you think israel should nuke every neighbor into non-existence to where you believe they wouldn't need an army, the fact is they have not. An army IS needed. So now please answer the questions.


JekylJ, every breath you take is due to the heroism of chilonim and goyim who are better than you. Every bite your litter steals from the mouths of the children of working people is because we are better than you. Every divot your ass wears in the kollel bench is because your betters - aporikosim, idolaters, seculars, Christians and Muslims - pay for it.


Tough question...
I DO believe that Kahane OBM was 100% right.
הבא להרגך, השכם להרגו -- BEFORE he strikes...
We would not be having this conversation now and you'd have to find some other fault with Haredism.


".....Does being charedi entitle you to sit in a room studying books while others die for your protection?..."

Apparently yes unless and until some way of dealing with them is agreed upon. Cutting of their funding is the best way. Let the diaspora Haredim fund them if they will. That'll drain their coffers which is a good thing.

There's no serious hope of an Israeli "people's army" ever actually being able to integrate the most insular of the Haredim. Bad enough that they're physically present in Israel. At least let them not be a drain on the economy.


+++Let the bastard Regev and all his followers go fight the front lines and become martyrs...

Posted by: JekylJ +++

Please explain. Do you agree that SOMEONE has to be on the front lines? If so, do non-charedim not have parents, friends, siblings, grandparents who love them dearly? Does being charedi entitle you to sit in a room studying books while others die for your protection?

Frum but normal

Any rabbi telling his student's to disobey the law of the land,is guilty of insurrection,should be put on trial for treason,and if found guilty,lock him up behind bars for a long time
There is no rational reason why anyone has the right not to share the burden in defending his family and country


zingvort -

it doesnt matter whether theyre 'full-time learners' or not. They must join the army like everyone else.

(The other) Eli

Let the bastard Regev and all his followers go fight the front lines and become martyrs...

Posted by: JekylJ | December 04, 2013 at 11:17 AM

Yeah, God forbid anyone would expect frummas to share the burden or promote policies which stop the parasitic behavior of your clan

rebitzman - $101 to read my posts

I find it odd that there is always at least one frum troll at all times posting to this board. Currently it's Frum but Normal and JekylJ - they will be gone in a few weeks and replaced by newer versions of the same things. Same arguments - same language - same TOTAL lack of knowledge of anything Jewish........

Seems coordinated to me.


JekylJ --Oh yes you think the populace is stupid they will fight and die and you guys should just fortz a gantzen tug in yeshiva fart all day and suck up the goodies from the hard working people,youre way is the sure way of making lots of enemies.

Account Deleted

I wonder if the spiritual influences in prison are considered to be better than those in the Army. Pretty dumb plan.

Alter Kocker

I agree with Regev, but extend the whole thing to the yeshiva. If you counsel a bochur to dodge the draft, your yeshiva loses funding as well. A few shuttered yeshivas and they will tell their members that the draft isn't such a bad thing.


I don't know what happened to Rabbi Shmuel Auerbach. His father, Rabbi Shlomo Zalmen, was not a fanatic and it's hard to believe that he would have prevented yeshiva boys who are not full-time learners from joining the IDF. Rav Shach and Rav Ovadia Yosef said the same: Join the IDF if you're not a serious full-time learner.


Let the bastard Regev and all his followers go fight the front lines and become martyrs...

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