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December 02, 2013


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Yochanan Lavie

Silly rabbi. The Hebrew word for prostitute is "zona" not "zumba". (humor)


as long as we're talking about prostitution,
Silly Rabbi! Tricks are for Yids.


I found his rant to be (unintentionally, I presume) hilarious. Sounds like zumba and it's goyishe music could lead (gasp!) to mixed dancing, the worst sin of all.

rebitzman - $101 to read my posts

Maybe he lives in Alfred, Maine?


Zumba is good for the circulatory system it makes you feel younger and healthier:)

Yochanan Lavie

Good one, Sarek. Or Silly rabbi, shiksas are for Yids.


he really and actually says "zumba will become pole and pole will become prostitution".

brilliant! but these women started with jewish dancing so that's the REAL problem. and jewish dancing is a result of jewish simachas. so jewish weddings and bar-mitzvahs lead to prostitution. they should be banned.

Alter Kocker

Another intellectual giant. How proud we are! What would you like to demonize next? Take your ignorance and your intolerance and your hate and keep it to yourself.


This is what happens when a kid goes into daddy's business where the daddy was really really good at what he did. His father was a wonderful melamed; whose name is still passed around favorably 40 years later. Junior would have been better off becoming a shochet.




ah-pee-chorus--I like youre deductive reasoning:)

Flatbush Gal

He's right!! All those women who do zumba in this video look like prostitutes!! Especially the ones under 60!! Lol! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u6mYtbBBZCA


What's wrong with a rebbetzin pole dancing?

I'd like to see yourwife and daughters above the age of consent pole dancing.


What's next, Twerking With Tovah?

Sarah D,

actually, i agree with him.


"...Maybe he lives in Alfred, Maine?..."

Kennebunk, actually. I bet someone could adapt Hava Nagila for zumba purposes.

This rabbi's Noo Yawk accent makes me chuckle, and I'm from Brooklyn originally. That aside, who cares what he says?


Hah! I knew it! Hava Nagila Zumba, and most of those chicks doing the dance don't look Jewish to me....though you never know....



This one's better. Will send this rabbi into a fit of apoplexy -


Account Deleted

I am Hispanic, and not offended a bit. Let me tell you why.If you tune in to any Hispanic Evangelical Christian pastor in Miami, Dominican Republic, Venezuela or Puerto Rico they will have the exact same opinion, so this is barely news for us in the Latino community, and it certainly does not surprise me. Actually there were 2 or 3 very extreme right wing Puerto Rican Evangelists, in a time not so far away, Eugenio Rodriguez Lopez and Yiye Avila, and I beleive Jorge Rashkie who used to say the same thing during their marathonic services about salsa and merengue dancing. Too bad they did not get to see zumba dancing.

Account Deleted


So does most if not all Hispanic Evangelical Christians who have the same opinion about urban music.

Chicago Sam

Where did the rabbi learn about pole dancing?

(The other) Eli

Where did the rabbi learn about pole dancing?

Posted by: Chicago Sam | December 02, 2013 at 10:24 PM

Probably from a 10 year old boy


I could have
I could have
I I I I I I I I I could have stopped it.
What arrogance!
He could have stopped all those kids from going off the derech.
And yet...here is the video of him coming out of... ok, well, not yet...let's give it a few months....


Nothing new about this. Back in the 1950's, Christian fundamentalists railed about rock 'n roll, calling it the "Devil's music" and Elvis Presley the reincarnation of Lucifer himself.

Talentless and soul-less singers like Pat Boone, Teresa Brewer (of "I Love Mickey" fame), Gale Storm, and Lillian Briggs have the Christian counterparts of this estimable rabbi to thanks for giving them a career in the music business, although these days, thankfully, the only versions of "Long Tall Sally" you hear on the radio are Little Richard's original and the King's terrific cover.

Yochanan Lavie

Chi Sam: They think pole dancing is same sex dancing wearing Polish clothes.

Chicago Sam

Yochanan, you're a really hoot! I am surprised he hasn't come out with a decree on same sex dancing for men or women!

Frum but normal

hey,Shmaryah is this the best you can come up with today,it must be a very slow day in the sewer of yours,only a criminally insane diseased mind would not understand why we would not want our daughters to be involved with this filthy disgusting jungle music,ever listen to the lyrics of some of those rap songs,"rape,murder,mayhem.
but of course someone who is holed up in his mothers filthy dark basement 24 hours a day,doing nothing but looking for filth on the web this would not bother him.
Shmaryah,i do feel sorry for you,please go get a life,get out of that filthy sewer of yours and get a job,do something with your empty and miserable life.

Yochanan Lavie

Thanks, CS.

(The other) Eli

Sounds like hassidic behavior. Seems like rap music just needs to write more about extortion, pedophilia and fraud so you frummas will eat it up


Frum but normal
If Shmarya gives this up, who will keep the pack of angry wolves entertained?


And this SHPOS actually promoted Lucille Roberts in the video.

How much is his cut?

Frum but normal

They will move to the other numerous neo Nazi Jew hating websites

Frum but normal

The other Eli
If your daughter had to marry either a ghetto rap artist,or a frum chareidi jew,what would be your choice?
I think I know the answer


If you think that's bad, check out what he says about Hurricane Sandy and it's relationship to gay marriage in New York State. Truly a neanderthal!


Those who are not happy with their own lifes try to dominate others behaviour.


Like you.


JekylJ-It takes one to know one:)

Minna Roisa

His sermon reminds me of the "We've Got Trouble" scene in The Music Man! Instead of kids playing pool in River City, Rabbi Wallerstein is arguing that poker and zumba are destroying the moral fabric of Brooklyn.


I left Georgia Gibbs off my list of bad white cover artists. Gibbs' real name was Lipshitz.

Michael from Lakewood

I know 2 Lipshitz's that aren't related.

On an unrelated note:

They will move to the other numerous neo Nazi Jew hating websites

Posted by: Frum but normal | December 03, 2013 at 11:37 AM"

Ehhhh. I wouldn't bet any real money on that. This place is special.

Michael from Lakewood

Forgot. I know 3 that aren't related.

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