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December 17, 2013


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Ben Yomo

I believe it's the place of the prosecutor to notify the victim under certain circumstances and then if the victim has filed an Article 11 request for notice with the prosecutor. (it's invariably used when a defendant is incarcerated and is being released that the defendant might appear either in person or as a representative. My sense is that the victim's camp was informed but they knew they were beating a dead horse and declined to get involved.
As far as bar admission, the likelihood is that he'll have some explaining to do, but under the totality of circumstances, he's most probably getting admitted (I've seen guys get admitted with far, far worse items on their resumes - far, far worse.)


Also: state bar examiners are very intrusive in terms of their investigation of applicants for licensure. There's about zero chance of his being able to conceal this chain of events.


I can't imagine professional schools don't Google applicants routinely and look at their Facebook posts, etc. They'd almost be remiss not to. He'll need to come clean about this up front.

Chaim Z

If it makes you feel any better, he will still have to put it on his Law School Applications. Almost all applications ask for detailed lists of any proceedings, violations, citations, etc. Many even ask for traffic tickets. If he mentions the assault trial, he will inevitably have to write a short statement about what happened. Other than showing that the judge found more room for leniency, it doesn't gain him anything in secrecy.

Yosef ben Matitya

please, please somebody, tell me that Judge Pamela J. White is not jewish!


Oh. Well, then, nevermind.


The VICTIM and HIS attorney were *not* in court today.

The perp and his attorney *were* in court today.


Um, say again? Neither he nor his attorney were in court today, but he told "the White" today? You must mean he told her via his book report or whatever that was the prosecution expected after spending all that money prosecuting. Well, hmph, mighty White of them. Yay Baltimore. Geez.

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