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December 05, 2013

Ad Agency Cleverly Turns Tables On Haredim

Violence against women ad Bnei Brak 11-2013Rather than accommodate haredi modesty demands, Twisted bought outdoor ad space in the haredi city of Bnei Brak and put up an ad featuring a beautiful woman with a bare neck and bare shoulders.

Violence against women ad Bnei Brak 11-2013

Ad Agency Cleverly Turns Tables On Haredim
Shmarya Rosenberg • FailedMessiah.com

Haredim are infamous for the exclusion of women in the public sphere and for forced gender segregation on public buses and even on public sidewalks.

And despite Israel High Court of Justice rulings against it, haredim continue to deface billboards and ads that depict women – no matter how modestly those women are dressed.

Enter the Israeli advertising agency Twisted and its campaign for the International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women, which this year was held on November 25.

Rather than accommodate haredi modesty demands, Ha’aretz reported that Twisted bought outdoor ad space in the haredi city of Bnei Brak and put up an ad featuring a beautiful woman with a bare neck and bare shoulders.

Almost immediately, haredim defaced the ads by ripping off the woman’s face, neck and shoulders.

But Twisted wasn’t upset this happened. In fact, it had planned on it.

And when haredim ripped off the woman’s face they revealed a message that read, "International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women 25.11.03” – completing the ad and driving home the message (at least to some) that exclusion of women and forced gender segregation, bad in its own right, can also lead to violence against women.

A similar campaign was reportedly successfully staged in Tunisia, where the advertising agency Memac Ogilvy posted an ad depicting ousted President Zine el-Abidine ben Ali.

Tunisians ripped off the hated former dictator’s image only to find a message underneath encouraging them to vote in the upcoming democratic elections.


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This is just....brilliant!!!!!

Anything that pushes back at them is a positive in my book.

A bit too clever. It would have been spot on if the message was in Yiddish. Then most folks there could have read it.

They are homophobic yet misogynistic. It's like Oceana's anti-sex league in 1984.

As the saying goes,midah keneged midah,

I still don't get why segregated restrooms are in place. C'mon, we're all one happy family; male, female... who cares. There should be no separation between the two sexes ever. Ever! Every man should be allowed to flirt with every gal he meets in the street and if he so chooses should engage in sexual activity. So should every gal who becomes aroused at the sight of any lad heading in her direction. Should be OK as long as both parties consent. Heck, what is actually wrong with a wanton lifestyle? Ah, just imagine, the world would be a much better place...
Get a life you bunch of creeps.

JekylJ--Before you mock the non hasidim or seculars look into the mirror di shoite, with all youre toreh and holliness in youre neck of the woods we see the ultimate evil of rape abuse molestations from youre most respected rabbis there you are pathetic,ignoring the basics in a civilized society.

Posted by: JekylJ 08:13 AM

The JekyiJ post is spot on evidence of EXACTLY what is wrong with the Hareidi education. That education flies in the face of the Torah's requirement of understanding moderation.
Because the Torah encourages drinking alcohol twice a year on holidays and for Kiddush all year long, every Jew walks around totally drunk all day, every day. Exactly...

Ignore the trolls

They should have concealed a picture of a infant's penis. That would have appreciated that.

" It's like Oceana's anti-sex league in 1984."


Perfect, as always !


JekylJ--You would be better of not writing here,youre mental disturbance shows up clearly in youre rantings here.

Would be funny to video the response from across the road once the ad had been posted, and even funnier if there were multiple layers, each one with a more revealing picture, the last one being the message.

To Hekly Jekly-You just described many of your rabbonim!

The ad agency tore it. I've seen vandalism like this in Jerusalem. And the agency did puy up a different one just to photograph and juxtapose. But haredim, especially in B'nei Braq, are literate and astute. Not only could they not rely on this happening there, if vandals did it they'd quickly tear down the second layer as well. A little too perfect. The ad agency is boasting its speciality and some lower-level media outlets are giving them free coverage without doing the basic research.

But, all in all, it is still a clever ad.

It is long overdue that somebody or a business stood up to these thugs.

And you know this how, Maskil?

Thanks, Luke.


Spot on. You don't feed them, they leave........

.......pick a new name, come back. (The circle of life..........for trolls)

Even without the picture, the poster would have been torn down. Charedi men don't want their women to know that a recourse exists to violence against them

They should have concealed a picture of a infant's penis. That would have appreciated that.

Posted by: FlatEarth | December 05, 2013 at 08:47 AM
Then you would have a lineup of black hatted and bearded men wanting to lick the picture.

JekylJ -

Why don't YOU get a life? The time you spend posting comments here would be better spent learning Toyreh. You know you aren't supposed to be here - yet you return, day after day, like a moth drawn to a flame. The reason is that this site terrifies you, so you lash out at it in reaction - but I don't expect you to understand that. You and your evangelical counterparts are the least introspective people on the planet.

I knew my rantings will hit home.
Why don't you let the troll go unanswered? Well, you know...

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