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December 09, 2013


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This report makes little sense.

Grynhaus entered Israel from the UK without a valid passport and as he has no rights of residency in Israel he can be put on a plane and sent back to the UK for that reason alone without the need for formal extradition.

Just as you must not enter Israel without a valid passport, you must not leave Israel without a valid passport.

To leave Israel for a third country, Grynhaus would need to obtain a passport from a country which has diplomatic relationship with Israel and is happy to grant citizenship to applicants sitting in an Israeli jail and wanted in the UK for sex crimes. That is some challenge.

Grynhaus only hope is to obtain Israeli citizenship by overturning the High Court decision as otherwise he faces deportation back to the UK by reason of illegal entry without the need for formal extradition.


I wish it were just economics. After all British subjects were allegedly abused by a British Citizen in Manchester. This is a major city - in Jewish population terms the second biggest in the UK.

It is just that what irritates much of the authorities and governing classes in the UK is when Israel is shown in a good light. It is that they do not want to show Israel as being civilised. To get a person extradited from most of Israel's neighbours is almost impossible.

If an application for extradition were made it would show the efficiency and relative fairness of the Israeli judicial system which would allow reasoned argument and various appeals.

Perhaps I should not be so cynical. It could just as easily be argued that it is perceived here, in the UK, that Israel would not allow Jews to be extradited for crimes elsewhere. Whilst that was true a few years ago I believe that Israel will allow its citizens to be extradited where there is compelling evidence that a serious crime has been committed.

It would be a costly matter, for sure.

And so another person taking the law into his own hands walks free. The UK taxpayer may have saved a few pounds but possibly (and probably)some unfortunate children in another jurisdiction could now be at risk. So much for the UK's government's posturing about stamping out child abuse worldwide.

Bas Melech

I understand why Britain did not request extradition. Economics. A trial and possible incarceration cost a lot of money. At present, Gyrnhaus no longer presents a danger to the British public.

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