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November 15, 2013


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>he supposedly looks into peoples hearts not the future

Why do I sense he's looking into their wallets instead?


And the Lord shall take away from thee all sickness. -

Said Rab: By this, the [evil] eye is meant. This is in accordance with his opinion [expressed elsewhere]. For Rab went up to a cemetery performed certain charms,and then said: Ninety-nine [have died] through an evil eye, and one through natural causes.

Bava Meziah 107b

Now give me a tax funded school voucher


He's called the x-ray rav only in translation, in Israel he is called "the Rontgen" (discoverer of x-rays) for 2 reasons, the "gen" at the end of his surname ifergen conjours up the rhyming roentgen, and he supposedly looks into peoples hearts not the future


if those VIP rabbis have admor and can go in and out airport with no check and immune from security in Israel , they don't have admor in the country they r flying to or they r flying from .

they should be thoroughly checked in the country they are coming from so that if the customs find something illegal , like half a million dollar cash or drugs , they will be detained in those countries .


avoiding the normal customs process might also explain how some of these rabbis become filthy rich. who knows what they bring in? of course their gullibly foolish followers donations also help.

+++You know over 999 out of 1000 deaths are from the evil eye, as it says in the talmud.
Posted by: Pard+++

I'll have to look that up but sounds like something it might say. i wonder why the evil eye didnt work against hitler. he must have had the anti evil-eye amulet.

Account Deleted

Good thing his holiness is also able to repel the evil eye people give him resulting from their jealousy over his ability to skip the que.

You know over 999 out of 1000 deaths are from the evil eye, as it says in the talmud.

(The other) Eli

X-ray=see into the future?
..............so can someone remind me about how Toyreh and Gemooreh are all you need for a well balanced education?

WoolSilkCotton; I must be seen to be believed

Ironically, he avoided going through the x-ray machine.


> so the rabbis do not have to go through the indignity of dealing with customs officers

Is this some new kohen thing I'm unfamiliar with?


If he could see in to the future, would he not have known that there was going to be a problem?


I am very curious what if i put on a leaded jacked will he still be able to see my future?this x ray rebbeleh.

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