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November 25, 2013


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Yikes, "tenty five," ok then, that's a lot! Definitely, don't stoop, and thanks for playing with good humor.

old time brooklyn

dh - I can name tenty five but as I gentleman I do not stoop to conquer


Okay, name two.


name one: ruthie

prefer circumcised but will not throw the love of my life
out of bed because of it.
and if a guy really loves a girl....he'll get circumcised for her.
but really! i, for one, am happy i've had the experience. very.
again, this woman should not be forced.
it's between her and g-d...
not a bunch of rabbis who probably, to give them the benefit of the doubt, mean well....i tend to give her the benefit of the doubt here.


" lots of Jewish girls have no issue at all with uncut." Name one.


let them fine her.
does she have to pay?


leave her be
to fine her is criminal
this is between her and g-d
not between her and rabbis

circumcised or uncircumcised
i'll take both...lol

old time brooklyn

@james deen - so what kind of research have you done - I would love to see the out takes - and for an fyi without tmi - lots of Jewish girls have no issue at all with uncut.

I know several Jewish families who decided not to have their sons mutilated


Thank you YL

It puts the Challah in the basket

James Deen,
porn and sex are your favorite topics, aren't they? It is about a human's inherent right of self-determination and physical integrity, not about PORN AESTHETICS. The vast majority of adult movies are US-produced, anyway, so the male performers being circumcised is more probably attributable to the human raw material. BTW & TMI: As a German woman, I do not consider a scarred and dead-looking penis more attractive. No insult, just my objection to your generalizing out-of-place statement.

Surgery does not replace personal hygiene. Women produce more smegma than men due to the larger intertriginous areas of their genitals. Would you endorse a partial vulvectomy as a prophylactic surgery for baby girls? I mean, if you are to be believed, we might finally get the cunnilingus crossfire that we rarely see in macho-centric gonzo porn. But wait, the female genital mutilation under the pretext of religious law and an alleged culturally universal ideal of beauty is reputed to be inhumane.

Circumcision also does not prevent HIV, as proven by the prevalence of HIV in the US and East Africa (level with uncircumcised India). Only abstinence and condoms protect against HIV.


. . . are there relevant Torah passages to support or deny this kind of ruling. . . something that may give us a clearer insight and understanding of the court's ruling. . . , aside from the stated fear of the eventual demise of Zionism.


my first reaction to this kind of ruling is whether the court's jurisdiction and authority permits this kind of ruling. After all, it does require the spilling of blood. My concern is whether this would set a dangerous precedence and to what ends can such rulings reach. For example can the court rule that the most useless toe or finger be amputated for what ever reason it deems necessary.

and James Deen . . . it matters not how you wear your hair, just to be fair . . .

Yochanan Lavie

Sarek: nice.

Freedom of conscience is paramount.

Manuel Ferrara

Circumcision is one mitzva the Rabbinate does not force on the seculars, that’s the reason it is so popular. Now it will become part of the public discussion such as civil unions, public transportation on the Saturday which is not necessarily a bad thing at all.

In the States uncut penises considered unattractive, you would not find many adult movies with uncut penises (or female pubic hair), also, girls do not like to give oral sex to uncut penises and the reason for that (so I heard) is that many folks do not clean well the inside of the foreskin and there is dirt and unpleasant smell there.

So if you seek a career in the Valley or want to increase your changes of oral sex, circumcision is the way to go.

Incidentally the WHO (the health organization not the band) recommend circumcision to prevent HIV


old time brooklyn

When I worry about your dick - you can
worry about mine


I'd tell the rabbinical court to go straight to hell, and if that doesn't work, I'd start them on their journey.


"This is what comes of living in a Taliban state. Israel is finished."

A Jew is less free in Israel than anywhere else in the Western world.


It's sad she won't circumcise her son but forcing the issue like this is just goint to turn her further away from Judaism. Of course, the bris should be done WITHOUT mbp.

Office of the Chief Rabbi

It's hard to be respectful of the sign of the covenant between the Creator and the People of Israel when these guys are turning Judaism into a penis cult.

Alter Kocker

The rabbinic courts stick their noses where they are not wanted. They keep doing that and someone might just perform metzitzah b'peh on their probosces.

(The other) Eli

Stuff the court order in a dirty diaper and throw it at the rabbis. Give them a taste of their own medicine while turning a nose up to their judgments


I've also changed my mind about it, although I'd had misgivings about it for years. It was actually a mutual friend of Shmarya's and mine who convinced me.


This woman is a true hero and pioneer in the battle against involuntary male genital mutilation. ( No offense intended to the parents who still believe in this ritual – I used to myself, but changed my mind based on my readings). If her son still decides at age 18 that he is in violation of “Torah Law” and wants his foreskin removed he can have the procedure at that time with full informed consent. Hopefully more men will be given the option to make their own choice. The rabbis’ attempt to force the mother’s decision with fines is outrageous in a so-called democracy.

It puts the Challah in the basket

A mother gets punished with a fine for acknowledging her son's bodily autonomy and integrity? The Tallitban are taking over! If I was in her spot, I'd rather flee that theocracy than allow my son to be genitally mutilated by a Herpes-infected Mohel. HaSchem gave you this piece of skin, he's cool with it.


The entire Court is invited to get their Frum on by performing metzitzah b'peh on me.

Steven W

No "discretion of any person" because the concept of free will is foreign to Judaism. And clearly, it will lead to mixed dancing.


("Duke of Earl", Gene Chandler)

Snip, snip, snip, schmekeleh
Snip, snip, schmekeleh
Snip, snip, schmekeleh
Snip, snip, schmekeleh
Snip, snip, schmekeleh
Snip, snip, schmekeleh
Snip, snip, schmekeleh

Even though this bris is in turmoil
Nothing can stop the Duke of Mohel
No divorce can foil
The claim that it hurts you, oh no

Yes, I’m gonna snip you
C’mon let me hold the straw
‘Cause I’m the Duke of Mohel
(yeah yeah yeah yeah)

And when I hold you
You’ll join the chosen
Chosen of Israel
You’ll walk without foreskin
And the Jewish girls will swoon

Yes, I’m gonna snip you
C’mon let me hold the straw
‘Cause I’m the Duke of Mohel
(yeah yeah yeah yeah)

Snip, snip, snip, schmekeleh
Snip, snip, schmekeleh
Snip, snip, schmekeleh
Snip, snip, schmekeleh
Snip, snip, schmekeleh
Snip, snip, schmekeleh
Snip, snip, schmekeleh

Account Deleted

And they still call themselves a free country?


"Devoutly secular." Excellent turn of phrase.


This is what comes of living in a Taliban state.

Israel is finished.

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